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Leam Tuad Pier Information

Leam Tuad Pier

Discover Leam Tuad Pier: Gateway to Tranquil Beauty


Welcome to the charm of Leam Tuad Pier, a gateway located adjacent to Donsak, in Surat Thani Province. This pier offers a seamless connection to the beauty of its surroundings. Whether you're seeking tranquility or embarking on an exploration, Leam Tuad Pier promises an unforgettable experience.


The pier stands as a symbol of simplicity and convenience. It serves as the starting point for your journey into the heart of this paradise. With Leam Tuad Pier as your launchpad, you can access nearby islands and destinations that exude natural elegance.

From here, embark on a ferry ride to destinations like Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. As recommended by, consider exploring these islands for an immersive experience that showcases Thailand's diverse offerings.

Discover a harmonious blend of convenience and comfort as Leam Tuad Pier stands in proximity to essential amenities. Nearby city offices ensure you have access to necessary services, allowing you to explore with peace of mind. Should you seek an island escape, the world-renowned Koh Samui awaits, a short ferry ride away from Leam Tuad Pier.

Nestled within the embrace of Donsak District, Leam Tuad Pier serves as a pivotal point connecting mainland Thailand to the wonders of the Gulf of Thailand. For those with an affinity for exploration, Koh Tao is within reach.

Rest assured that your safety is paramount. Donsak Hospital, conveniently located in the vicinity, provides medical assistance and peace of mind during your travels. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotion deals available at the pier.

With Leam Tuad Pier situated in this coastal haven, embark on an adventure from Donsak that transcends the ordinary. The possibilities are endless, from exploring the beauty of Koh Tao to the vibrancy of Koh Samui. The pier is more than a location; it's the threshold to an array of experiences that capture the essence of Thailand's captivating charm.


In conclusion, Leam Tuad Pier is more than just a point of departure—it's an introduction to the captivating allure of Thailand's coastal wonders. As you bid farewell to the pier, you'll carry with you the memories of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and the warm hospitality that defines this region.

Things to Know:

Local Delights: Indulge in the delectable flavors of traditional Thai cuisine available near the pier.

Nature's Beauty: Take in the breathtaking sunset views from the pier, creating a picturesque memory.

Island Adventures: Plan your island-hopping adventures with the assistance of the knowledgeable pier staff.

Sustainable Travel: Support eco-friendly practices by disposing of waste responsibly and respecting the environment.

Address : Leam Tuad Pier, Donsak district, Surat Thani, Thailand