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Ferry Destination : Mae Hong Sorn

Mae Hong Son is a secluded province full of mountains and located in Northern Thailand. It’s perfect for whoever that is in search of clarity and a new perspective thanks to its remote location in addition to its breathtaking landscape. Due to it being an isolated province, there aren’t many options when it comes to transportation. Mae Hong Son doesn’t have a train station, the closest station to it is in Chiang Mai. One of the recommended options is traveling by bus or minivan, both minivan and bus services are... Read More

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Mae Hong Son Information

A mountainous province offering a serene experience along with an incredible landscape and friendly locals, Mae Hong Son is a much-needed experience for those who seek a freeing getaway and witness a beautiful connection to nature. The province borders Myanmar (Burma) and located in northern Thailand. A lot of hill tribes such as Hmong and Shan call it home and its population is ethnically diverse. While you’re there, you’ll notice a heavy Burmese influence in the architecture.


  • Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

    Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is perhaps the oldest and most iconic monument in the province of Mae Hong Son, a highly revered temple situated on a hill that’s overlooking the town. The view from the temple is breathtaking and so worth the climb. The temple contains a beautiful golden Buddha statue and 2 chapels or Chedis. There’s a small café at the hill offering delicious hill tribe coffee that you can enjoy while reveling in the incredible vista. Its location is in Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District.

  • Salween National Park

    An oasis of idyllic possibilities, Salween National Park is a great place for a day trip whether you’re alone or with some company. Its location is in Sop Moei and Mae Sariang Districts. The park’s terrain includes a fascinating mountainous forested area and it also features an impressive collection of flora, containing the second largest teak tree in all of Thailand. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, adding more value to the already luscious park. One of the activities you can enjoy there is camping in the jungle or rafting down the Salween River.

  • Wat Chong Kham

    Magnificently lighting up the Jong Kham Lake, Wat Chong Kham is an impressive Burmese Shan temple that offers stunning visuals and has high cultural value. The temple Is accented with golden pillars and contains hundred-year-old paintings called the Jataka Paintings. One of the interesting things about Wat Chong Kham is that it has a small museum featuring Burmese wooden dolls that is aged 150 years old representing the wheel of life. You should know that same as most Burmese Shan temples, there are some areas in the temple that restrict women entering.

  • Natural Attractions

    Mae Hong Son has an amazing set of natural attractions that would be a waste not to pay a visit. One of those attractions is Tham Lod, which is a cave system containing attractive formations of limestone stalactite that you can glance at while rafting along the river. Referred to as the Grand Canyon of Thailand, Pai Canyon is yet another great attraction you can add to your Mae Hong Son, most tourists rave about the view of the sunset from the canyon. If you are a fan of waterfalls, then you’re in luck, because Mae Hong Son has got some beautiful waterfalls like Mae Yen, Mae Yoi, Pombok and more.

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