Phuket Street Food Festival 2017 : Phuket
Phuket hopes to draw more tourists with a street food festival and promote itself as a more gastronomic island.

Provincial Governor of Phuket, Norapat Plodthong, held a press conference on the launching of Phuket Street Food Festival 2017 at Central World shopping center in Bangkok, reported Thai News Bureau.

The event, to be held Sept. 16-17 in Phuket City, is aimed to promote the island resort as one of the 18 gastronomic destinations of the world.

Phuket Street Food Festival 2017 will present the food history of Phuket, featuring health food, seafood, creative food, and rare local delicacies influenced by Thai, Chinese, and Malay cultures from hotels, restaurants, food stalls, and flea markets.

Hotels and accommodations are offering special deals to attract more tourists to the city during the festival, which is still considered a low season.

Date: 16-17 September 2017
Location: Phuket Town