Xterra Langkawi Malaysia 2017 : Langkawi
XTERRA is an international race format that gives endurance athletes around the world a chance to experience some of the most diverse, spectacular and challenging natural environments on the planet – from tropical jungles to snow-capped mountain ranges. Professional triathletes compete for more than US$458,000 in pro prize monies while amateurs age group "Warriors" race for national and regional titles and coveted slots to race at the de-facto off-road World Championships in Maui, Hawaii.

Another factor that makes XTERRA extra special is the fact that it’s not just about one race. It’s about a series of races. XTERRA’s history is that it started 20 years ago with a single off-road race in Maui but now has almost 40 National Championship events and 100’s of Trail Running races around the globe. These are packaged into regional tours in North & South America, Canada, and, the latest edition to this World Tour family, is the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour, which is in Japan, Philippines, Saipan, New Zealand, Australia with the finale happening in the majestic island of Langkawi in Malaysia. This creates a strong bond and a wonderful sense of cohesion and togetherness of common values that are encapsulated in the Xterra mantra of “Live More” similar to how a family that has scattered and now lives in various continents in our little global village, gets the most out of life but are still connected and caring towards each other.

As well as this special feeling that the Xterra “family” has each individual event is very unique and special with its own character and challenges. The diversity of the physical locations helps to ensure this but so does the mindset of the organisers that put on an Xterra event, as they are always looking for ways to enhance this individualism to the extent that if they were putting on a musical event they would be responsible for not just a single concert or performance but a full on musical festival which may have a common theme but with a lot of variety of stages and genres to keep everyone stimulated and excited.

Date: 28-30 April 2017
Location: Langkawi, Malaysia