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How to get from Koh Kood to Bangkok


Koh Kood to Bangkok by Ferry and Bus: A Capital Journey


Embark on an exciting journey from Koh Kood to Bangkok, an adventure that combines ferry and bus travel. This route will take you from the tranquil shores of Koh Kood to the bustling streets of Bangkok, offering a unique travel experience.

How to Get to Bangkok

Your journey begins at the Ao Salad Pier, a charming spot on Koh Kood's east coast near a traditional fishing village. Here, you'll board a ferry operated by the boat company Boonsiri High Speed Ferries. Enjoy the stunning vistas of the Gulf of Thailand and the serene beauty of the island of Koh Kut as you travel.

After the ferry docks at Laem Sok Pier in Trat, the next phase of your trip begins. An air-conditioned bus service awaits to take you to Bangkok. This part of the journey is comfortable. Crucial during Thailand's high season, when temperatures rise.

Things to Know About Bangkok

Bangkok, a city teeming with life, is a stark contrast to the quiet islands. Here, you can explore lush national parks, dive into the local food scene, and visit historical landmarks.

Things to Do in Bangkok and Around

In Bangkok, there's no shortage of activities. You can take a boat to explore the city's waterways. You can use a taxi service to navigate the streets. Or you can simply walk around to soak in the vibrant atmosphere.


The journey from Koh Kood to Bangkok is an exceptional adventure. It blends the serenity of island life with the vibrant energy of a bustling city. This trip begins with a ferry ride from Ao Salad Pier.

Ao Salad is a picturesque location on Koh Kood. This place is known for its scenic beauty and proximity to quaint fishing villages.

As you set sail with a reputable ferry company like Boonsiri High Speed Ferries, you'll be treated to the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand, including the serene vistas around Koh Kut. The ferry journey is an experience in itself. It offers a chance to witness the tranquil waters and the diverse marine life of the region.

Essential Travel FAQ

What is the total number of service providers operating on this route? 1 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 1 departure(s) per day.

What is the scheduled departure time for the initial journey of the day ? The first trip leaves at 9:00 AM.

At what time is the departure time for the final journey of the day ? The Last trip leaves at 5:30 PM.

What is the duration of the briefest journey available on this route ? The shortest trip time is 8 Hrs 30 Mins.

What is the cost associated with undertaking this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 1,100 THB.

LiVa Tips

Pre-Booking: Reserve your ferry and bus tickets early, especially in the high season.

Comfort Essentials: Carry sunscreen for the ferry ride and a sweater for the cool, air-conditioned bus.

Hydration: Keep a bottle of water handy to stay hydrated.

Local Explorations: Take the chance to explore around the ferry piers and bus stations.

Photographic Journey: The route offers numerous picturesque moments, so keep your camera ready.

Choosing a ferry company: For your trip from Koh Kood to Bangkok, research and compare options like Boonsiri High Speed Ferries. Ensure reliability and comfort during your sea journey.

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