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Destinos de Ferrys : Koh Kood

Getting to Koh Kood has become much easier in the recent years. The only way you can reach Koh Kood directly is if you take a boat from Laem Ngob Pier or Laem Sok Pier. The nearest airport is in Trat with mostly Bangkok connections, Trat Airport is 30 km from Laem Sok Pier which is the departure point for most trips to Koh Kood, so you will have to manage a transportation to get you to the pier whether it was a private car or bus. If you happen to be in Bangkok, you can get a bus transportation to Trat and then get another... Leer más

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Koh Kood Information

Koh Kood is the southernmost island in the archipelago of Koh Chan and the 2nd largest island after Koh Chang. It is definitely a captivating island in every type of way, it is known for its amazing and breathtaking beaches as well as its chill and calm atmosphere that will make all your troubles go away. It is less developed and less populated than Koh Chang, and its landscape is to die for!


  • Ao Noi Beach

    I think we can all agree that Koh Kood has some of the best beaches in all of Thailand. One of them is Ao Noi beach, which is a small beach that contains only one resort. It has a very picturesque setting and has a lovely bay with beautiful white sand. You can get to the beach via dirt track or you could get a kayak and head north of Klong Chao beach and you will eventually find it.

  • Fishing Villages

    Koh Kood contains 2 fishing villages that are set on both ends of the island. There is Ao Yai in the south and Ao Salad in the north. They are both great places to spend your time, Ao Salad is considered the central pier where boats usually arrive in the low season. it is very vibrant and more crowded than Ao Yai, which has gorgeous panoramic views and delicious seafood.

  • Makka Tree

    Also known as Sai Yai or the 500-year-old tree. Makka tree is an amazing tree found deep in the jungle. Once you get to the jungle you will find 2 huge trees close to each other. One is 200 years old and the other one is 500 years old, you have to be at least 20 meters close in order to see the trees due to the incredibly dense jungle.

  • Big Buddha Statue

    If you are coming from the mainland, then you will definitely see the beaming Big Buddha Statue as you approach Koh Kood. The statue is perfectly located at Ao Salad Temple and it is about 20 meters tall overlooking the fisherman village. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you, because you will need to take some pictures while you’re there.

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