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Foreign Tourists in Thailand: New Rules for Domestic Flights

Foreign Tourists in Thailand: New Rules for Domestic Flights
19 Февраль 2024

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced that the name on a passenger's boarding pass must match exactly with the name on their official identification documents. This rule, enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) since January 16, 2024, applies to both the boarding process and identity verification procedures.

Boarding Pass Requirements

Passengers have several options for their boarding pass, as outlined by the Tourism Authority:

  • A paper boarding pass obtained from an airline's check-in counter, a self-service kiosk, or the airline's online check-in website.
  • A PDF file sent by the airline to the passenger, which can be displayed on a smartphone or other electronic devices.
  • An electronic boarding pass accessible through the airline's mobile app or email.

It's important to note that a boarding pass captured on a mobile phone or other electronic devices is not acceptable unless verified through an airport's passenger validation system, a boarding pass barcode reader, or a boarding pass scanner.

Identification and Emergency Documents

In addition to their boarding pass, travelers must present a valid identification document, such as a passport. For those who have lost their passport or identification documents, a non-Thai passenger must provide an original emergency passport or emergency travel certificate to board their flight.

These new measures aim to enhance security and streamline the boarding process for international travelers in Thailand. It's crucial for all foreign visitors to comply with these requirements to avoid any travel disruptions during their stay.