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Ко Самуи

To Koh Samui Island Speedboat & Ferry Services from Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi

Ко Самуи Information

To Koh Samui Island Speedboat & Ferry Services from Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi

Why fly when you can sail for a third of the price! Trips to Koh Samui from Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Krabi, and Railay are fun, incredibly scenic, and great value. They are also entirely possible with The bus/ferry package consists of an enjoyable bus trip across the narrow width of south Thailand to Donsak Pier. Here you will be guided to your speedboat & ferry by the speedboat & ferry operating staff. The whole trip is really pleasant, just sit back and enjoy the countryside views with your favorite music on or a book in hand. Please make sure that you print out our Travel Tips so that you are prepared well. All ferries traveling to Samui Island are large, comfortable and very safe speedboats & ferries - all safety checked by the Thai Navy ( also check randomly for your assurance). They carry all the necessary onboard safety equipment and lifejackets. Sit up on deck or in a comfortable inside cabin seat and watch the awesome seascape as you make your way to amazing Samui!

Koh Samui Information

The locals simply call it "Samui", the name drawing its roots from either the native "mui" tree or the Malay word "Saboey", (meaning "safe haven"). Samui is an island of great beauty and variety, and also highly accessible by sea, which we love of course! The popular beaches are well connected by a great 55km long road that circumnavigates the island; the dazzling shorelines laced with palm and fruit trees making for a delightful beach-seeking journey.

Koh Samui Highlights

Ко Самуи Samui Eating

Samui Eating
Eating in Samui is always a great tastebud experience. There are many classy restaurants, especially around Chaweng and Lamai beaches, but it's amazing how you can be driving along the road and a quality restaurant appears that's both busy and enjoyable. Thai food options are aplenty of course, and not overly expensive, especially when away from the resort locations. And with the influx of European expats to this wonderful island, there are some nice bakeries and flavors from Italy, Scandinavia, and Mexico to tempt the tastebuds. Eating in Samui is fun and satisfying.

Ко Самуи Samui Beaches

Samui Beaches
Oh, the beaches of Samui are splendid, and very popular with such exquisite diversity. Chaweng beach is the one that the tourists flock to. It's got top hotels, restaurants and bars that populate the very extended beach promenade. Come evening, Chaweng is Koh Samui's big party zone! In contrast, Lamai Beach is a beach for the family, with a long, sweeping, golden sands that go on and on up to a rocky headland. In the day it's ultimate relaxation, though at night it springs to life. Bang Rak Beach is a little cheaper than Chaweng or Lamai, but it's great and contains all the necessary shops and eating places nearby. Bo Phut Beach is a gem and still authentic and traditional. Finally, Mae Nam Beach is fantastic and recently received the accolade of Asia's 9th best beach!

Ко Самуи Samui's History

Samui's History
Samui Island has been lived on for around 1,500 years. Originally, the island was found by Malay and South Chinese fishermen en route to other waters. Officially, Samui was placed on its first world map in 1687 and was then known as "Pulo Cornam". Samui was literally car-free till the 1940's and was so laid back, with local industry keeping the island self-sustainable. Backpackers and adventurers rolling up in wooden coconut boats were delighted by this paradise. Samui got much more accessible from 1973 when a perimeter road opened up all the beaches to new resorts and international tourists, and now its famous. Samui is now Thailand's second most popular island after Phuket. It's awesome!

Ко Самуи Getting Around Samui

Getting Around Samui
There is an abundance of public taxis on Samui, mostly running on meters for your piece of mind, although it is possible your driver might not be using it! Just negotiate your prices and don't catch a cab too close to the beaches or main tourist areas - you'll find them less expensive. You can hire a motorcycle or a car on a daily rate and the roads are quite good so you'll be able to get around Samui nicely, covering more ground and getting to more places on the map. Make sure the vehicles carry insurance and bargain a bit to get a preferable price. If you're going to use a motorcycle, please be careful, wear your helmets at all times and don't drive when drunk. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

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