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Koh Bulon’s Overview
Located nearby the Tarutao National Marine Park, there is a hidden paradise that comes in the shape of a beautiful island. Travel to and from Koh Bulon in a speedboat is just amazing, the breathtaking landscapes during the trip will prepare you for the natural beauty you are about to see in Koh Bulon. The island is still unspoiled; it is the perfect spot for backpackers and families looking for an isolated place, flawless to stay away from hundreds of tourists. Even though this dreamy island is rarely known among travelers, it is one... Подробнее

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Koh Bulon Information

Koh Bulon is a small and idyllic island of the Andaman Sea, right in the west coast of South Thailand. On this wonderful island, the best thing every traveler can do is precisely doing nothing, just relaxing. Koh Bulon is not exactly a place that attracts tourists; however, local Chao Ley people are kind and gentle and will show you the real face of Thailand that many other places have lost because of tourism. The beach is absolutely stunning, perfect to spend the day enjoying the turquoise water and golden sands.

Koh Bulon Highlights

  • Lovely nature

    The island is very calm; there are no vehicles in here which helps with the cleanliness and the environment conservation. The island has a stunning beach: white sands and crystal blue waters; rocky coves, a lovely fishermen village and a bit of forest. Everything is perfectly combined in a charming place. The main attraction of Koh Bulon is undoubtedly Koh Bulon Lee Beach, it is a unique combination of soft and fine sand and sheer water; the bay has the shape of a boomerang surrounded by trees and lush forests.  

    As the island is small enough to walk from any point to another, every travel will be self-delighted with the amazing views of limestone cliffs emerging from the sea as he walks through the island.

  • Eating out

    Food in the island is just incredible! Special dishes include seafood, of course. Fresh plates are served everyday as a product of early fishing labor locals do. There are a few restaurants spread over the island, some of them in the street, some others are a part of a resort. In Koh Bulon, food screams Thai tradition everywhere, each plate is prepared in the original way which makes it an amazing opportunity to get to know the Thai culture through your taste buds. 

    In case you were looking for something more occidental, there is a small pizzeria and a couple of classic cafés where you may find something international.

  • Chao Ley heritage

    This lovely island is inhabit by this ancient community called Chao Ley; as they are not used to receive big numbers of travelers to their shores, they continue practicing their traditional lifestyle. Getting along with this rich and maintained culture is completely easy in Koh Bulon, they are gentle and kind, will offer you everything to make your days in the island an unforgettable experience. Also, Chao Ley people has no problem about tourists staring at them as they practice day to day activities such as fishing, join them for a couple of hours and thank us later.

  • Nightlife

    There is no way to expect crazy and wild parties like the ones that occur in other islands of the Andaman Sea. The entire island is quite, calm, and the laid back vibe is in the air. However, it does not mean going straight to bed after dinner. In Koh Bulon, you will find few yet interesting options: a reggae bar, a beach bar and some others that belongs to resorts; all of them are incredible places to grab a drink while listening to music. The island is very safe; there is no need to worry about walking on the streets at night. 

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