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From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta

Ко Ланта
Lanta is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. There is a different explanation about the origin of the island’s name. Some people say that the Malay ancestors used to call it “Pulau Satak” meaning “long beach”, which makes sense as its coastline is very long and has almost a dozen beaches which some of them are considered to be the most amazing in the country. Another explanation is that it may have been originated from the word “Lantas” a Javanese word, which means “fish grill” which also can make sense since the island is famous for the breathtaking underwater life and the coral reefs.

Koh Lanta is less popular than the famous Koh Phi Phi yet, it has one of the best spots for swimming and diving just like the rest of Krabi’s islands. It is known for snorkeling and diving.

The island is not crowded nor too developed but the facilities and the services Lanta offers are enough to live in comfort.

Koh Lanta doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airports are in Krabi, Phuket, and Trang. Krabi’s airport is the most popular to travel to Koh Lanta since the island is part of Krabi’s province and it’s approximately 70km away from Krabi Town.

From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta by boat

The ferry is always the best option when it comes to price, quality, and not to mention the view of the Andaman sea and the famous limestone cliffs of Krabi rising above the water.

From Nopparat Thara Pier to Saladan Pier

The ferry will make it sail from Ao Nang’s pier “Nopparat Thara Pier” which is located west of Nopparat Thara Beach and it’s also Ao Nang’s main ferries port, to reach Saladan Pier in Lanta which is located north of Koh Lanta in a small authentic town. This trip takes around 2 часы 15 мин and it costs 525 THB.

There are 1 companies operating on this route from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta, offering up to 1 trips per day.

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Best time to visit

From November to February is the perfect time to visit the island as it’s the driest months of the year and also the busiest. The rainy season (green season) is during May all the way to October and there is an increasing number of travelers visiting the island during this season also.

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