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From Koh Lanta to Railay

Railay is a large peninsula located between Ao Nang and Krabi. People come to Railay from all over the world to climb its limestone cliffs that are protruding from the water and to visit its beautiful relaxing beaches. The accommodation on the peninsula ranges from bungalows, that are very popular with backpackers and climbers to the luxury resorts located on the west side of Railay. It is a great destination for adventures seekers, you get to see monkeys, wild caves, sea cliffs, and not to mention taking unforgettable photos for unforgettable moments.

How to get to Railay

The peninsula is accessible by boat only due to the high limestone cliffs that cut off the access to the mainland. The nearest airports are Krabi and Phuket as Railay doesn’t have an airport. There are no cars on Railay, the main way of transportation is by foot. There are few motorcycles and bicycles on the peninsula. So basically getting to Railay from Koh Lanta will be by boat.

From Saladan Pier to Railay Bay

Railay doesn’t have an actual pier, there is no concrete on the beach, there is only the sea, the boats, and white sand.

There are two different trips available to travel from Saladan Pier in Koh Lanta to Railay Bay. The first one is you’ll hop on a ferry from Saladan Pier to reach a near place to Railay, then a local longtail boat will pick you up and drop you off on the bay. This trip is around 1 часы 45 мин and it costs 550 THB including the longtail boat fare.

The second one is a joint minivan + longtail boat ticket. from Saladan Pier you’ll get on a minivan to reach Ao Nam Mao Pier in Ao Nang in 1 часы 45 мин and from the pier, you’ll take a longtail boat straight to Railay and it will take only 1 часы 45 мин to reach the beautiful peninsula. This whole trip costs 550 THB.

There are 1 companies operating on this route from Koh Lanta to Railay, offering up to 1 trips per day.

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Best time to visit

From November to April starts the high season on Railay, the sky is clear and blue, the sea is calm, and you get to enjoy the warm sunny weather. From Mid-December to Mid-February is the peak season, Railay becomes crowded with different people from all around the world and the accommodation prices become higher.

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