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Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival 2024

Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival 2024 Festival

Songkran is surely the most fun, amazing festival in Thailand!

Running on 13th April every year, it actually represents the old Thai New Year till the international calendar was adopted in 1940. Coming toward the end of the dry, hot season in Thailand, what a perfect opportunity to absolutely soak, drench, and saturate everyone you see with water by any means necessary! It's awesome fun, and there's not many ways to escape the action - so why not join in!

Thais and foreigners alike all get involved by filling up buckets, recruiting water guns and hoses, and setting up little soaking stations alongside roads and pathways. Groups of people get up into pick-up trucks with huge buckets and parade the streets splashing anyone within splashing range.

Everyone has great fun doing this, but actually there is some significance to the soaking. Thais believe that the washing represents an end to the previous year and an entry into a fresh and more prosperous new one. In small family gatherings, the water is much more gracefully imparted and received as a blessing from one to another.

Celebrations are everywhere, the event will be hard to miss. A word of caution though, the people will not hold back in drenching passing motorcyclists so we highly recommend you give your bike a miss over this period for your safety. Also, protect your valuables and electronics with waterproof bags, better to be safe than sorry. Don't forget that the sun is mega strong this time of year so keep topping up on sunscreen and hydrate yourself on the inside (aswell as on the outside)!

Finally, enjoy the all-round camaraderie and festivity - you are going to make a whole load of new friends. And learn the Thai phrase "Sawasdee Pi Mai" which means "Happy New Year", as you'll be giving and receiving that one very frequently.

This is going to be one day that you are sure to never forget!

Dates: 13-15 April 2024
Location: All Locations

Дата 13-15 Апрель 2024
Время 08:00-24:00
Locations Все места назначения
Цена N/A