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Ao Nam Mao Pier Information

Ao Nam Mao Pier

The Ultimate Gateway: Ao Nam Mao Pier, Near Ao Nang


Welcome to Ao Nam Mao Pier. This vital hub bridges travelers to incredible destinations. With ferries, buses, and vans lined up, the promise of an adventurous journey lies ahead.

Among the myriad operators, Lomprayah stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring every traveler’s journey is smooth and hassle-free.


Ao Nam Mao Pier is more than just a transport hub. The pier stands at Ao Nam Mao beach, close to the famous Ao Nang. It captures the essence of Thailand's beauty, connecting travelers to its many wonders.

The serene backdrop of the sea provides a tranquil preview of the majestic landscapes Thailand has to offer.

Walking around the pier, one can often find locals offering authentic Thai snacks. These delightful treats set the mood for an upcoming journey or welcome weary travelers back. As the sun goes down, the pier becomes a beautiful sight. The sky turns orange, and many people come to see it and remember it always.

Near the pier, small shops invite tourists to see souvenirs and items that show parts of Thai culture. For those with an appetite, the local cuisine around the pier is a gastronomic adventure. With fresh seafood and an array of delectable Thai dishes, it promises a feast for the senses.

Daily, the pier resonates with vibrant activity and narrates tales of its visitors. Local fishermen get ready for their day while excited tourists talk about their adventures. There's a feeling of excitement in the air.

When people begin a trip or remember past trips, Ao Nam Mao Pier is a special spot for them. Here, they make memories that they will remember for their whole life. Everyone has a story to tell about the pier, and these stories become lifelong memories.

From Ao Nam Mao Pier, travelers can embark towards the esteemed Mae Haad Koh Tao. This island paradise boasts clear waters and lively marine life. A ride away lies Na Thon Koh Samui, where pristine beaches framed by swaying coconut trees offer solace and relaxation. For those seeking a livelier atmosphere, Thong Sala Koh Phangan awaits, renowned for its full moon parties and luminous shores.


Ao Nam Mao Pier stands as more than just a point of transit. It's an embodiment of shared stories, experiences, and heartfelt smiles. Every person who comes here feels a special link. It might be the beautiful sunsets, the friendly people, or the excitement of a new trip.

The pier serves as a silent witness to countless tales of exploration and wonder. Day after day, night after night, the pier gets ready for more travelers. Every trip, short or long, has special moments at this pier.

Things to Know:

Lomprayah, known for its timely service, is a trusted operator at the pier.

Check the ferry and bus schedules a day ahead.

Partake in the local culinary offerings, notable for their exquisite taste and economical value.

Arriving a tad early at the pier can provide a chance for some leisurely sightseeing.

Keep a vigilant eye on your belongings.

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