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Travel from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi: Ferry, Speedboat, and Transfer Options

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Travel from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi: Ferry, Speedboat, and Transfer Options

Koh Phi Phi

Travel From Krabi to Koh Phi Phi: Your Island Escape

Nestled between the coast of Phuket and the western shores of Malacca lies the Phi Phi Islands. It is a cluster of six isles that are an integral part of Krabi province.

When planning your journey from Krabi to Phi Phi, you'll find a wide range of transportation choices available. These options encompass both ferry rides and speed boat transfers. It ensures you can select the mode of travel that suits your preferences and schedule.

Phi Phi Don is now a flourishing coconut plantation. As a result, you'll discover an abundance of coconuts and tempting coconut ice cream available across its shores. It adds to the island's charm and culinary delights.

While exploring the Phi Phi Islands, you'll discover an abundance of banks, stores, pharmacies, and ATM machines. Yet, one notable absence on these islands is the lack of cars or tuk-tuks.

It makes traveling on foot the predominant mode of transportation. Bicycles, while less common, can also be encountered. It adds a touch of leisurely charm to your island exploration.

Krabi Airport offers convenient access for travelers looking to fly from Krabi to various destinations. It includes domestic and international flights. Airlines such as Bangkok Airways serve as vital connections. It ensures seamless travel experiences from this gateway to beautiful destinations.

You can explore Koh Samui from Krabii. We provide convenient bus and ferry joint-ticket options for your trip. However, it's important to note that the distance between these two destinations makes it impractical for a day trip. Even when opting for a speed boat for the maritime portion of the journey.

What to Expect of Krabi or the Phi Phi Islands

From Krabi town, Krabi bus terminal, Krabi airport to Klong Jilad Pier

You can easily book a private taxi/minivan or shared minivan from our website. Departing from Krabi town, Krabi airport or Krabi bus terminal, it will take you straight to Klong Jilad Pier. From the pier, you will hop on your ferry to Phi Phi islands.

From Krabi to Phi Phi by boat

Koh Phi Phi has two piers. The first is Tonsai Pier. The main pier of the island is located here. The other one is Laemtong Pier.

It only serves four resorts. They are: P.P Erawan Palms Resort, Zeavola, Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island, and Phi Phi Natural Resort. Several Ferry Operators from these piers.

From Klong Jilad Pier to Tonsai Pier

Krabi’s main pier is Klong Jilad Pier. It connects the town with the nearby islands such as Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, and Koh Lanta. You can book your ferry tickets on our website.

Things That Travelers Should Know

Best time to visit

Phi Phi enjoys a climate akin to summer throughout the entire year. But the most favorable period for a visit extends from November to April. During this time, the islands see less rain, lower humidity, and plenty of sunshine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can you book ferry tickets from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi? Click to Show Click to Hide

A: You can book ferries or speed boats from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi through deal-finding services like Check out their pages for the latest ferry or speedboat offers.

Q: How long is the ferry crossing time from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi?

A: The ferry crossing time from Klong Jilad Pier in Krabi to Koh Phi Phi's Tonsai Pier is estimated at 45 minutes to 1 hour. Sailing durations will vary depending on the season, the operator, the weather, and so forth.

Q: How far is Krabi from Koh Phi Phi?

A: Travel from Krabi to Phi Phi Island takes an hour or so across 40 kilometers or 25 miles of turquoise waters. How long it takes varies from factors like type of transportation (speedboat or ferry), delays, and the weather conditions.

Q: What's the price of a ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi?

A: The price of a Krabi to Phi Phi ferry can vary from ฿450 ($13) to ฿1,150 ($34) depending on the season, operator, pier, or how far in advance you've booked the ride.

Q: Can you travel as a foot passenger on the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi?

A: Yes. By the way, a foot passenger is simply a ferry passenger who travels "on foot" to the island or without a vehicle.

Q: Can you take your car on the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi?

A: No, only foot passengers can travel by ferry. This goes double for the smaller speedboats.

Q: How early should passengers arrive for their ferry or speedboat ride?

A: It depends on the terms and conditions of the operator and the route. Some need you to be there 30 minutes before departure. Others just require you to get there on time. Read their T&C to be sure.

Q: Can you bring pets along when traveling from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi by ferry? What about speedboats?

A: No pets are allowed onboard the ferries or the speedboats.

Q: Are food and drinks allowed on the ferries?

A: Even though the trips are mostly short, some ferries include food and beverages in their package deal. You can also see food venders near the port so that you can buy snacks you can bring onboard.

Q: I want to get from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi quickly. Can I take a speedboat instead of a ferry there?

A: Yes, but there are limits. Only able-bodied adults are allowed on speedboats. Speedboats aren't recommended for use by children under three years of age or infants, pregnant women, and handicapped people.

Q: Which ferry companies operate between Krabi and Koh Phi Phi?

A: It includes Andaman Wave Master, ChaoKoh Travel Center, Kanichta Speedboat, or U-Rip Tour. It depends on when you book and what's available on that date.

Q: Where's the meeting points for Krabi and Koh Phi Phi?

A: The meeting points for Krabi are either Klong Jilad Pier or Krabi River Marina. As for Koh Phi Phi, it's Tonsai Pier.