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Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Speedboat & Koh Lipe Ferry

Koh Lipe Information

Koh Lipe Speedboat & Koh Lipe Ferry

Speedboat & Ferry travel to and from Koh Lipe is amazing, and due to the surrounding seascapes and scenery, the experience of life on the ocean wave, and the unsurpassing beauty of the surrounding islands - taking the simple Koh Lipe ferry trip has GOT to be on your vacation priority list! The majority of these ferries are 130-plus passenger ferries that sail from shore to shore majestically and so effortlessly. It truly is a joy to experience.

Koh Lipe has developed slowly but surely into a major tourist island now - it is a beautiful place, and coming in by speedboat & ferry is awesome. Your sense of anticipation heightens as you begin to make out the landscape, and the great thing about Koh Lipe is that everything is so accessible. 

Each speedboat & ferry selected by us at is strong and fast, and contains all up-to-date navigation and passenger safety equipment. On the day of your ferry journey either to or from Langkawi, make sure that you are at your pier at least 45 minutes before departure. This is an important request from the speedboat & ferry operators. Make sure that you have printed your e-ticket, so that you can show to the speedboat & ferry staff, and the rest will be plain sailing! 

From Koh Lipe via speedboat & ferry to Langkawi takes around 2 hours. Going the other way, your speedboat & ferry will take you to Trang (2 hours), Koh Mook (3 hours), Koh Kradan (3:30 hrs), Koh Ngai (4 hrs), Koh Lanta (5 hrs), Phi Phi Island (6 hours) and all the way to Phuket (7hours).

There's nothing more amazing than to sit upon a speedboat & ferry and witness the beautiful archepelago that contains the islands. You have options of sitting on comfortable chairs inside with air conditioning, or up on the ferry deck where the sun is (make sure you wear your sunscreen). Be sure to take note of our Travel Tips so that you are well prepared for the journey. And have a great time! This is one experience to never forget!

Koh Lipe Information

Koh Lipe, a jewel in the Andaman Sea, Thailand's southernmost island, home to just over 500 Chao Ley sea gypsies, full of near-perfect beaches and waters, and a joy to behold for any inquisitive island traveler who finds its shores. The name "Koh Lipe", given by the Chao Ley people, means "Paper Island" though we're unsure why - however, the diving, snorkeling and sailing are definitely worth writing home about! Koh Lipe has some great reefs and wrecks just offshore to explore, and all types of accommodation from five-star to wooden chalet. Close to the wonderful island of Langkawi too, we think Koh Lipe should definitely be on your "amazing island" shortlist!

Koh Lipe Information

Koh Lipe Koh Lipe Beaches

Koh Lipe Beaches
Four main beaches grace the coastlines of Koh Lipe. The best known and most populated beach is Pattaya Beach, which is 1.5km of white sands and turquoise waters. Pattaya Beach is also close to Walking Street in Koh Lipe's town center, which offers lots of potential accommodation options, shops, bars and restaurants. The less touristy and aptly named Sunrise Beach (check out the early morning views) is 2km of similar quality, with lots of sealife to swim and snorkel around. Sunrise Beach runs up the east side of Koh Lipe to the north tip - right into Karma Beach, which faces the nearby island "Koh Adang". Finally, on the west side of Lipe is Sunset Beach, 500m of serenity, soliture, and magnificent sunsets. 

Koh Lipe Koh Lipe Diving & Snorkelling

Koh Lipe Diving & Snorkelling
Koh Lipe is teeming with spectacular coral reefs and tropical fish, and there's a great chance of you spotting turtles, dolphins, barracudas and whale sharks too. The waters are crystal clear, owing to the fact that Koh Lipe sits inside the Koh Tarutao Marine National Park, a protected archipelago of around 45 special islands jutting out of the Andaman Sea. Underwater, you'll find a beautiful and unique reef to explore, and the area is known for its high visibility in clear conditions. Popular tours will take you around 4-5 memorable islands. Advanced divers will enjoy 8 Mile Rock or Yong Hua (The Shipwreck). Beginners will enjoy checking out the brilliant waters of Koh Chabang or Koh Sawang. 

Koh Lipe Koh Lipe Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife

Koh Lipe Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife
Dining in Koh Lipe keeps getting better, with lots of nice variety. The excellent Thai cuisine for all price points has long been available, but now there's great Italian, Indian, halal, and vegetarian options to add to the delicious mix. Of note, is Jack's Jungle (try the fried chicken!) with great food and service, just 200m from Sunset Beach. Or OMG Sports Bar & Restaurant on Walking Street, with its coctails, comfy pillows and lots to see on the TVs. There's lots of nice bakeries such as Elephant Books & Coffee (150m off Pattaya Beach) - coffee, snacks, books for buying and selling, and board games (nice). Of course the bars and nightlife are an eclectic mix, from reggae to sunset beach bars. You'll be delighted. 

Koh Lipe Staying in Koh Lipe

Staying in Koh Lipe
Koh Lipe became popular as a great place for intrepid backpackers to discover and delight in. Yet, while there are still great options for the low budget traveller, Koh Lipe is developing into a really nice upscale island also, with good quality resort hotels to choose from. Backpackers can find a room for around 500 THB per night (try the Moonlight Resort near Pattaya Beach or Coco Bungalows just off Sunset Beach). Some of the more expensive/luxurious hotels include the Serendipity Beach Resort with great service and food, located on the corner of Sunrise Beach with incredible views, especially early in the morning - nothing like a spectacular start to your days! 

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