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Ferry Destination : Trang

Trang Speedboat & Ferry Travel to the Islands
Speedboat & Ferry travel to and from Trang is amazing, primarily due to the wonderful seascapes and scenes, the experience of life on the ocean wave, and the unsurpassing beauty of the surrounding islands. Most of the ferries are 130-plus passenger ferries that sail from shore to shore majestically and so effortlessly. It truly is a joy to experience. Trang is like an amazing island hub, linking wide-eyed travellers to all of Thailand's best islands via ferry. Each speedboat & ferry selected by us at is strong... Read More

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Trang Information

Trang must be one of Thailand's best kept secrets. Almost 200km of Andaman coastline, and an archipelago of some of Thailand's most wonderful islands are just a speedboat & ferry ride away. Trang is filled with cultural heritage, and peppered with mountains, jungles and wateralls. Yet even with such diversity to offer, Trang doesn't feel the need to put up neon signs to attract floods of tourists, but the smart traveller will always find his way here for the purpose of discovering a place as beautiful as anywhere in Thailand with an experience that's the real deal. Travelling around the attractions, the word that springs to mind is 'authentic'. Traditional influences from Malaysia and China are evident in the shops and restaurants, the landscape is about as unspoilt as anywhere in Thailand, and the beaches are good. 

Trang Highlights

  • Activities in Trang

    There's no shortage for activities in Trang, and this is because of the province's great landscape. Lush rainforest, tall limestome cliff faces and over twenty rushing waterfalls make Trang a fantastic trekking and kayaking zone. Local tour companies have identified some great trails to take you on, with local guides highlighting the diverse wildlife and natural features so that you don't miss a thing. At the Tone Teh Waterfall in the Palian district, the water falls up to 320m and makes for a great experience. Trang waters also make for amazing kayaking, with many of the awesome limestone mountains having wide open caves and interior lagoons to paddle through amidst deep and tranquil waters, led by experienced guides. Khao Kop Cave contains fascinating stalactites and stalagmites! Finally, just 10km from Kantang is a 60 degree natural hot spring that's worth a visit. 

  • Trang - Hub to the Islands!

    In this age of tourism, it seems like remote, unspoiled islands are becoming fewer and far between. However, hidden inside a pristine archepelago are found forty-nine incredible islands, some with National Park status - and they are as beautiful as ever. Perhaps the most beautiful is Koh Kradan, a pretty, picturesque island with white sands and coral reefs. Koh Mook has soaring mountains and cliffs that house the amazing "Emerald Cave". Many of our customers love Koh Libong for its rustic, authentic, local island charm. Koh Ngai is the most upscale of the islands with some beautiful beaches hosting some fabulous resorts. Slightly further afield, just past Koh Lanta is the awesome Koh Lipe that's becoming more famous by the year. So how about taking a trip around these amazing places?

  • Eating in Trang

    Trang is famous for its cake and its sold everywhere! Trang also has some great little restaurants and Thai markets to discover. How about some traditional Thai coffee - or kopi? Well it's time to head over to Mr Thanu's Kopi Shop, a 70 year old establishment with old grey-blue folded back doors that's just a couple of streets away from Trang's train station. The locals love it, and you will too. And how about some Chinese-style dim sum at the Ruan Thai Dim Sum restaurant - you know its good because it is so busy. Take a seat and watch the staff load up your table with all kinds of edible and tasty dim sum treats. Don't worry, you only pay for what you eat. Make sure also to check out the Trang Night Market that starts up at around 5pm. All kinds of Thai food varieties to try for the first time, and all very good! 

  • Trang: Staying Over, Moving Around

    A lot of the accommodation in Trang is located around the area near the train station on the city's main road. Most of the accommodation is functional and basic, but make for a restful nights sleep and a great source of local wisdom. If you are looking for budget guesthouses, you're in luck because there's a good supply and they are more than ok. We'd suggest the Sri-Trang Hotel for the budget traveller. It's comfortable, traditional, the rooms are nice and they come with free WiFi. Going a little more upscale (at least for Trang), try the Rua Rasada Hotel, which has good reviews for service, cleanliness and good food. We picked a noisy night in the resturant when a fairly large meeting group was given free access to the kareoke machine, but we have to say the restaurant was good for service and tasty food! 

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