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Railay Ferry Travel to Phuket and Other Destinations

Railay Information

Railay Ferry Travel to Phuket and Other Destinations

Speedboat & Ferry travel into Railay is about as exotic as it gets. Speedboats & Ferries travel to Railay from Phuket, Lanta Island and Phi Phi Island and of course back again. Each speedboat & ferry is very safe, well maintained and carries all the necessary safety equipment and lifejackets. As your ferry approaches Railay Bay, it'll pass by the majestic limestone cliffs to your left that make road access into Railay totally impossible. Yes, coming in by boat is the only way, and what a way! Your speedboat & ferry will take you close to the bay but not all the way in. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that there is a little handover and you'll need to transfer from ferry to a Thai-style longtail boat just a little way out from the shore. These authentic wooden sailing taxi boats then carry you all the way to the white sandy shores of Railay Bay. Coming out of the boat, you'll be planting your feet into ankle-deep crystal water, but it really is quite a simple process. In our opinion, everybody's got to experience this if they possibly can - this is island travel at its most authentic! One thing to note; your departure point from Railay Bay will be just outside the Sand Sea Resort. Please be gathering there at least 30 minutes before your ferry departure time, you will likely see other travelers gathered there too. Don't worry, you can find some shade and it's an awesome place for some last minute photos. The speedboat & ferry staff know us at and our customer service processes well. Simply take your printed e-ticket and show it to them. The boat staff will take your e-ticket and give you a destination sticker. You'll be guided to your longtail boat, which will travel out to reacquaint you with your nice big passenger speedboat & ferry again so you can pack your journal with some fantastic memories as you travel to your next amazing place. Don't forget to check our speedboat & ferry Travel Tips page before your trip. Bon voyage!

Railay Overview

No exaggeration, this is one of THE best beach locations in the world. This writer has traveled the world on cruise ships to most of the world's finest beaches, yet Railay's beaches are jaw-droppingly stunning! Pure white sands and a beautiful seascape, right next to the most awesome rock faces! Consider your best image of an idyllic tropical beach scene, multiply it and you'll have an idea of Railay. Naturally, we think you have GOT to check out Railay for some amazing experiences in this amazing place!

Railay Information

Railay The Journey In...

The Journey In...
Railay is actually not an island. It is a peninsula of Krabi that is unreachable by road because of the high limestone cliffs that cut off access from the mainland, so it sure feels like an island! Nope, this amazing place can only be reached by boat, which is actually perfect. There is no better way to touch down in Railay than with your first step sinking into shallow crystal clear water and a soft sand bed. Paradise!

Railay Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
With over 700 different climbing routes ranging from total beginner to pretty advanced, the limestone rock faces of Railay are outstanding. With the stunning scenery to match the terrific climbing environment, it is no wonder that climbers and backpackers of the world unite for wild vertical adventures. Be assured also, that the good professional climbing companies her ensure safety and success!

Railay Staying Here

Staying Here
Honestly speaking, the sunrises and sunsets are so phenomenal that it is worth staying over for at least a night or two. Accommodation ranges from inexpensive bungalows that are popular with backpackers and climbers, to the classic six-star honeymoon/superstar hideout the Rayavadee.

Railay Railay Nights

Railay Nights
Night swims are sensational in Railay; brilliant-blue neon bioluminescence light up the water beautifully - an ocean neon show! Or just bring yourself and a towel and camp down on the sand under a cathedral of stars sandwiched between stunning rock faces like bookends. Night time cuisine is exotic and the seafood is so fresh, its a tropical wonderland…

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