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Ao Nang Information

Ao Nang

Discover Ao Nang Bus Stations: Your Gateway to Paradise


Ao Nang is a beautiful resort town located in the south of Thailand, specifically in the Krabi Province. Many people start their journey here because it's a great stepping stone to other popular spots in the region. So, if you're looking to explore some of the region's most loved places, starting in Ao Nang is a fantastic choice.

If you're planning a trip to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, or Koh Samui, you're in luck. Buses can pick you up right from your hotel in Ao Nang. They'll first head to Krabi Town and then continue on to Tapee Pier. It's a hassle-free way to jump from one stunning location to another.

For Koh Lipe enthusiasts, a bus whisks travelers directly to Pakbara Pier. If you're the type who likes to kick off adventures on your own schedule, no worries! Just head over to the bus collection point near McDonald’s on Ao Nang beach road. It's super convenient and lets you start your trip whenever you're ready.


Ao Nang Bus Stations, nestled in the heart of Ao Nang, are much more than just transit points. They are the very beginning of countless adventures that await in Southern Thailand.

Krabi Bus Station perfectly connects the lively town of Ao Nang to some of Thailand's coolest spots. If you're looking to hop from the beach vibes to other amazing places in Thailand, this station's got your back.

Buses from Ao Nang make journeys to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui, some of the region's top destinations, remarkably seamless. The bus departs right from their hotel doorstep, first to the bustling Krabi Town and then onward to the Tapee Pier. The transition from land to sea, bus to boat, is effortlessly orchestrated, providing travelers with a holistic experience.

For those with Koh Lipe in their sights, Ao Nang Bus Stations provide an even more direct connection. There's no pit stop at Krabi Town; instead, buses from Ao Nang journey straight to Pakbara Pier. This streamlined saves time and gives passengers a longer span to enjoy the beaches of Koh Lipe.

However, not all journeys start with a hotel pickup. The truly adventurous, or perhaps the spontaneous, often prefer to find their own way to the bus station. For them, the main collection point of Ao Nang Bus Stations stands near the McDonald’s on Ao Nang beach road.

It's a spot that's hard to miss. It is surrounded by the buzz of eager travelers, local vendors, and the rhythmic backdrop of arriving and departing buses.

Yet, the services of Ao Nang Bus Stations extend beyond just the famed islands. The stations serve as a portal to mesmerizing destinations like Pai Plong Beach and Tonsai Beach. Both beaches, with their unique allure, are easily accessible through terrestrial transportation.

Pai Plong, known for its tranquil ambiance, beckons those looking for a peaceful retreat. Tonsai, on the other hand, with its towering cliffs, draws rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world.

The route between Ao Nang and Krabi Town is one of the most traveled. It is showcasing a transition from a serene beachside setting to a lively urban landscape. The journey is short but scenic, with glimpses of Thailand's varied topography.

Krabi Bus Station is a major hub for folks looking to dive into Thailand's stunning scenery. It's the spot to catch a ride and start an adventure!

Situated in a strategic location, it effectively connects the town to various parts of the country. It makes it easier for both locals and tourists to move around. From this station, one can board buses to bustling cities, serene beaches, and even remote villages.

Krabi Bus Terminal is the go-to spot if you're looking to get around the region. In Krabi, it's evident that they've made bus travel super user-friendly. There are so many routes to choose from, and buses are always on the move.

Whether you're traveling alone or with a bunch of friends or family, getting around Thailand is a breeze when you start from this busy spot. It's like the whole system was set up to make sure every traveler, no matter their experience level, can easily find their way to their next adventure.

The boat from Ao Nang offers travelers an immersive experience into Thailand's unparalleled coastal beauty. Departing from the pristine shores of Ao Nang, these boats glide over the turquoise waters, granting passengers breathtaking views of limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and distant islands.

Many opt for these boats to reach destinations like Railay Beach, Phi Phi Islands, and other secluded spots. With the gentle sea breeze, the rhythmic lapping of waves, and the horizon stretching endlessly ahead, a boat journey from Ao Nang is more than just a mode of transport; it's a scenic adventure that etches lasting memories on the heart of every wanderer.

And for those intrigued by the mention of longtail boats and Railay Beach, Ao Nang doesn't disappoint. Close to the bus stations, longtail boats are often seen docked, ready to ferry passengers to the captivating Railay Beach. This beach, with its limestone cliffs and clear waters, is a must-visit, and the boat ride there is an experience in itself.

Nopparat Thara Beach, located in Krabi, Thailand, is a serene coastal gem that attracts visitors with its pristine stretches of golden sand and azure waters. Lined with scenic trees and interspersed with limestone karsts rising from the sea, this beach offers a tranquil respite from the more crowded destinations in the region.

As the tides recede, they reveal a pathway to smaller nearby islands, making it an enchanting spot for explorers and nature lovers. Whether it's to catch a mesmerizing sunset or to embark on a leisurely beachside stroll, Nopparat Thara Beach promises a memorable experience for every traveler.

As the high travel season approaches, the stations become even more pivotal. They handle increased passenger traffic with efficiency, ensuring smooth travels to destinations like Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi, and beyond. And for ventures into other regions, such as Khao Lak or the famed Monkey Trail, the buses from Ao Nang provide the perfect starting point.

Things to Know:

High Season Surge: During peak times, consider booking in advance to ensure your travel goes smoothly.

Nearby Facilities: The area around the bus stations boasts numerous restaurants, shops, and essential services.

Fare Clarity: Always double-check the "baht per person" rate prior to your journey.

Timings: Buses usually adhere to a schedule, but occasionally, minor delays can occur.

Local Insights: When in doubt, turn to the friendly locals. Their advice can often lead to some of the best travel experiences.


Ao Nang Bus Stations, beyond being mere transit hubs, serve as the heart of many adventures in the vibrant Thai landscape. They echo the spirit of Ao Nang – connecting, welcoming, and unfolding tales of the land, sea, and the in-between. Whether you're setting off on a planned trip or impulsively chasing the horizon, these stations guide you forward.

So, as you stand at Ao Nang, with the promise of endless beaches, bustling towns, and hidden trails ahead, know that the journey has just begun. And with every bus ride, a new chapter of your Thai escapade comes to life.

Address : Across McDonalds, 459, 2 4203, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.