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Ban Hua Hin Pier Information

Ban Hua Hin Pier

Welcome to Ban Hua Hin Pier: Gateway to Koh Lanta


Discover the charm of Ban Hua Hin Pier, your gateway to the stunning beauty of Koh Lanta. Nestled in a serene coastal corner, this pier holds the key to memorable adventures. Whether you're new to traveling or a seasoned explorer, Ban Hua Hin Pier welcomes you, encouraging you to keep exploring.

Imagine pristine white sands meeting crystal-clear waters, and you're envisioning Ban Hua Hin. This pier is not just a place; it's a starting point for dreams of tropical paradise. With easy access to Koh Lanta and the wonders beyond, you're in for an experience like no other. Traveling from the pier to Koh Lanta’s points of interest is very easy.


Ban Hua Hin Pier, located in the heart of a captivating landscape, is your passage to Koh Lanta's magic. As you step onto the pier, the sea breeze gently tousles your hair, and the sound of waves serenades your senses. This tranquil haven boasts a seamless blend of nature's beauty and modern convenience.

Near the pier, Ban Hua Hin village invites you to indulge in authentic Thai culture. The locals' warm smiles create an inviting atmosphere, and the vibrant markets offer a glimpse into daily life. A short walk from the pier leads you to Ban Hua Hin's heart, where traditional crafts and sumptuous street food await.

Looking for a day of exploration? Consider a trip to the nearby Ban Hua, where history comes alive. Old temples share tales from the past. The smell of incense drifts around you as you stroll through streets that have stood for centuries.

For those seeking relaxation, Ban Hua Hin's beaches are an oasis of serenity, perfect for unwinding under the sun's gentle caress.

Prepared to embark on a voyage? suggests a voyage to the alluring Koh Phi Phi. Only a quick boat ride away, this paradise island features wonderful coral reefs and splendid green hills.

As you gaze across the sparkling waters from Ban Hua Hin Pier, your journey to the enchanting Koh Lanta Yai begins. The larger of the two main islands in Koh Lanta has a mix of landscapes, from lush rainforests to untouched beaches. If you love adventure, you can go on jungle treks. If you're looking for peace, you can relax under the sun on its calm shores.

Just a short distance away from Ban Hua Hin Pier lies the bustling Saladan Pier, the heartbeat of Koh Lanta. Here, life moves at its own leisurely pace, and you can immerse yourself in the local rhythm. Take a walk along the pier, where fishing boats sway gently. Or dive into the lively markets exhibiting local crafts and delicious street food.

Ko Lanta's essence extends beyond its sandy shores. Delve into the heart of the island and discover the captivating Old Town, a testament to the island's rich history. Its eclectic mix of cultures is evident in the Sino-Portuguese architecture that lines the streets. As you wander through its narrow alleys, you'll find charming boutiques, art galleries, and inviting cafes.

While Koh Lanta is a world of its own, venturing out to neighboring attractions is a breeze. Hua Hin, a coastal district in Krabi Town, invites you to explore its wonders. This lively destination boasts a range of water activities, from snorkeling to kayaking, ensuring a great experience for all. The azure waters and vibrant marine life make it a must-visit spot for water enthusiasts.

If you're traveling with a vehicle, the car ferries between Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi provide a convenient way to move between the islands. These ferries are an important part of everyday life here. Watching them in action gives you a peek into the islanders' daily rhythm. The journey across the calm waters offers a unique perspective of the islands’ beauty.

As you wrap up your exploration of Koh Lanta, take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of life around you. Ban Hua Hin Pier and its surroundings are a testament to the harmony that can exist between humans and nature. From the tiniest fisherman's boat to the biggest ferry pier, every piece contributes to the beauty of this coastal sanctuary.


Ban Hua Hin Pier is more than a passage; it's a beginning filled with endless possibilities. As you bid farewell to its picturesque shores, you'll carry cherished memories of its tranquility and the adventures it unlocked. Whether you seek exploration, relaxation, or a taste of local life, this pier has it all.

With its strategic location, Ban Hua Hin Pier bridges the gap between dreams and reality. Its inviting atmosphere, local charm, and access to captivating destinations make it a gem awaiting your discovery. Make Ban Hua Hin Pier your starting point, and let your journey unfold with each passing wave.

Ban Hua Hin Pier embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery. Beyond its wooden planks lies the entrance to Koh Lanta's treasures. It encompasses the lively atmosphere of Saladan Pier and the peaceful charm of Koh Lanta Yai. It's a journey that captures the essence of Thailand's coastal charm.

Before you head back, consider continuing your adventure to Krabi Town or the nearby islands, each offering its own special charm. As you say goodbye to Ban Hua Hin Pier, remember that the memories you've created will stay with you. The pier will be here to welcome you back warmly whenever you return.

Things to Know:

Tropical Timelessness: Ban Hua Hin Pier's timeless beauty resonates through the ages, a testament to nature's artistry.

Cultural Connections: Ban Hua Hin village welcomes you with open arms, offering an authentic Thai experience.

Gateway to Koh Lanta: This pier opens the doors to Koh Lanta's treasures, from stunning beaches to vibrant markets.

Island Escapes: Follow's advice for island-hopping adventures to Koh Phi Phi and the Phi Phi Islands.

Oceanic Wonders: Beneath the surface, a world of marine marvels awaits, perfect for snorkelers and divers alike.

Address : Ban Hua Hin Pier, Koh Klang, Koh Lanta District, Krabi, Thailand