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Bang Rong Pier Information

Bang Rong Pier

Discover Bang Rong Pier: Your Gateway to Phuket's Wonders


Welcome to Bang Rong Pier! It's a small, lively place connected to the amazing Phuket. This pier isn't just a stop; it's where your journey starts, connecting you to Phuket's beauty and excitement. Walk on the pier, enjoy the mix of cultures, and start a unique adventure.

Bang Rong is a small Muslim fishing village making Phuket's culture richer. The pier is busy and friendly, blending Thai and Islamic traditions. In Bang Rong, meet nice people, see great markets, and feel calm by the sea.


A Vibrant Place: Bang Rong Pier is a small Muslim fishing village that makes Phuket more interesting. The pier is full of life and welcomes everyone.

Different Cultures: Bang Rong is where cultures meet. Muslim and Thai ways come together quietly. Visit the lively market and talk to nice people.

Floating Restaurant: Try delicious food at a floating restaurant near the pier. Enjoy yummy flavors while the sea is calm around you.

Easy Travel: Bang Rong Pier is close to Phuket Airport. It's easy for travelers to start their adventure right after landing.

Boat Adventure: Get on a longtail boat and enjoy the sea. Feel the fresh wind and see beautiful coasts.

Island Exploration: From Bang Rong Pier, visit Koh Yao Yai and Koh Naka. Each island has its own special charm.

When you visit the rubber plantation, you'll see how rubber is made and learn about the process. You'll also find out how rubber tapping works and why it's important for the local economy.

Destinations to See:

Koh Yao Yai: An island near Bang Rong Pier with peaceful beaches and island life to experience .

Koh Naka: Take a short cruise to Koh Naka for diving and colorful marine life.

Koh Yao Noi: is a calm island. Reach it with a short boat ride from Bang Rong Pier. Relax on clean beaches, enjoy green nature, and feel happy.


When you're done at Bang Rong Pier, you'll realize it's part of what makes Phuket cool and fun. Every time you do something, like eating at a floating restaurant or going to islands, you'll remember it happily from this awesome place.

Things to Know:

Cultural Respect: Show kindness and consideration as you explore the Muslim village. It's important to be polite and understanding of their traditions and way of life. Being polite makes your time better and helps you have good interactions with the local people.

Travel Made Easy: Phuket Airport is really close to Bang Rong Pier. This makes going to and from the pier super easy for you.

Insider Insights: Engaging in conversations with local fishermen and experienced boat operators can provide you with valuable knowledge about the island. These people know a lot and can tell you their own stories, cool secret places, and things that make your exploring more interesting.

Talking to them will give you special viewpoints that make you understand the island's history, culture, and natural beauty better.

Natural Splendor: The beauty of Bang Rong is truly captivating, with its lush mangroves and a rich variety of colorful sea life. While you explore this beautiful place, you'll feel calm from nature, hear leaves rustling gently, and see colorful things under the water.

Address : Bang Rong Pier, Phuket 83110, Thailand