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Koh Jum Beach Jetty: Tranquil Escapes and Island Marvels


Step onto the welcoming Koh Jum Beach Jetty, where the journey into serenity and exploration unfolds before you. This simple but important starting point marks the way from peaceful Koh Jum Beach to the exciting adventures that lie ahead. Brace yourself to traverse through vibrant tropical gardens, savor the enchantment of sunsets, and create memories destined to endure.

Embarking from Mutu Pier: Initiate your island odyssey by boarding a boat from the bustling Mutu Pier. Experience the fusion of mainland vitality with the island's soothing ambiance. Guided by the Koh Jum Jetty, traditional longtail boats carry you gracefully across the pristine sapphire expanse of the Andaman Sea. While you sail, a world of discovery and amazement unfolds, inviting you to welcome the adventure that awaits.


You have plenty of options: Koh Lanta's peaceful shores or the enchanting scenery of Ko Phi Phi. Each island holds its own special charm, just waiting for you to discover.

Embracing Koh Jum's Tranquility: Koh Jum, lovingly known as Koh Pu, extends an open invitation to embrace its tranquility. Walk leisurely through lush tropical gardens on Koh Jum. Nature's colors and scents fill the air, making your senses come alive.

As you wander, time slows down, inviting you to enjoy the easy island life. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty that envelops every corner of Koh Jum. As you walk, the air carries flower scents, and palm leaves rustle in the breeze, creating calm. This place is serene, each step drawing you to nature's embrace.

Explore Koh Jum and Beyond: Take a captivating cooking class that reveals the secrets of Thai cuisine. As you go out from Koh Jum, Krabi Airport becomes your starting point. From there, you can reach the markets of Krabi Town or the beaches of Ko Lanta. Each of these destinations holds its own unique piece of paradise, waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

Uncover Koh Phi Phi: No discussion of the Andaman Sea is whole without a tribute to the enchanting Koh Phi Phi. This island paradise, with its dramatic limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life, beckons adventurers and leisure seekers alike. Dive into the waters of Maya Bay or have a great time on Long Beach. In both cases, Ko Phi Phi's enchanting charm continues to captivate you, staying in your heart even after your journey ends.

Experience Gorgeous Sunsets: When day becomes night, Koh Jum transforms into a stage for nature's incredible show - the lovely sunset. At the beach, sense the ocean breeze, and watch the sky transform into a blend of warm gold, deep orange, and soft pink shades.This mesmerizing sight is more than just a view; it's a moment to treasure, a memory etched in your heart.

Koh Jum Hotels: Amid the island's beauty, there are lovely Koh Jum hotels for a comfy and luxurious escape. These peaceful havens match the island's calmness. From stylish beachfront stays to cozy bungalows nestled in lush greenery, Koh Jum hotels guarantee a serene experience where ocean waves and palm trees lull you to peace.

Laem Kruat Pier: A Glimpse into Island Life: Laem Kruat Pier serves as a window into the island's soul, where the perpetual dance of life's rhythms is in perfect harmony with the melody of the sea. As local fishermen return with their daily catch, you become a witness to a tradition that has woven itself into the fabric of Koh Jum's identity. For those eager for exploration, a ferry ticket to Ko Phi Phi reveals a world of dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Golden Pearl Beach and Ko Lanta's Charms: Unearth the treasure that is Golden Pearl Beach, where sands shimmer like precious pearls beneath the warm embrace of the sun. Nearby, Ko Lanta invites you to explore pristine beaches and immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere that defines island living.

Indulging in Luxury Villas: No island getaway is complete without a touch of luxury. Koh Jum Beach Villas seamlessly merge opulence with the natural beauty of the surroundings, providing a sanctuary where relaxation blends with the tropical ambiance. Every moment spent here becomes a cherished memory, cocooned in the lap of luxury amidst the untouched elegance of the island.

Creating Your Koh Jum Journey: Koh Jum Beach Jetty isn't just where you begin; it's the start of your island story. Amid Koh Jum's calm beauty, captivating sunsets, and comfortable Beach Villas, you'll gather cherished experiences. They'll stay with you, brimming with joy, adventure, and the magic of the island.

Wonderful Stay at Koh Jum: When you need a break, Koh Jum has many choices for a memorable stay. Pick from luxurious lodging, each with comfort and natural beauty. Relax in the peaceful setting, and feel the island's essence with you.


Your wonderful adventure starts at the welcoming Koh Jum Beach Jetty, where you begin by securing your ferry booking. From there, set your course towards the inviting Koh Jum Beach Villas. As you embark on this voyage, the mesmerizing colors of the Andaman Sea are ready to greet you.

Take a moment to explore, your gateway to uncovering the allure of Koh Jum and its neighboring havens. These destinations are ready to carve indelible memories in your heart, providing experiences that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Things to Know:

Pack Smart: Don't forget swimwear, sunblock, and an adventurous spirit for your island journey. Connect Locally: Dive into the culture, engage with locals, and become part of Koh Jum's story.

Capture the Moments: Have your camera ready to capture sunsets and the special details that make the island unique.

Protect Nature: While enjoying the island's beauty, be a guardian to keep Koh Jum a pure haven for the future.

Embrace Every Moment: Whether gazing at the horizon, enjoying local cuisine, or simply being in the now, relish each instant throughout your stay.

Address : Koh Jum Beach Jetty, Ko Jum Island, Krabi Province, Thailand. (Southern beach on Koh Jum.)