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Center Point Pier Information

Center Point Pier

Embark on New Adventures from Center Point Pier, Koh Chang


Welcome to Center Point Pier, your gateway to the enchanting island of Koh Chang! Nestled along the tropical haven's coastline, Center Point Pier invites global travelers to immerse themselves in Koh Chang's beauty and culture. With its strategic location and diverse offerings, Center Point Pier is a vibrant hub of exploration and relaxation.


Center Point Pier, a jewel in Koh Chang's crown, extends its warm embrace as you step onto its planks. As you gaze across the azure waters, the panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding islands will captivate you. This bustling pier is more than a mere transit point. It's a place to soak in the island's essence, kickstart adventures, and create lasting memories. Immerse yourself in Koh Chang's natural splendor right from Center Point Pier. Enthusiasts of snorkeling will find themselves captivated by the lively underwater realm. They will discover a kaleidoscope of corals and extraordinary marine creatures.

For those wanting to stay ashore, the pier provides an unobstructed vantage point to witness awe-inspiring sunsets. The sky is transformed into a canvas of vibrant orange and pink tones. Photographers, nature enthusiasts, and curious souls alike will find themselves lost in the island's beauty.

Stepping away from the pier, Koh Chang's treasures await exploration. White Sand Beach, a short distance from Center Point Pier, lures you with its powdery sands and inviting waters. Dip your toes in the ocean, take a leisurely stroll, or simply lounge under the shade of palm trees. The beach invites you to unwind and rejuvenate.

For the more intrepid travelers, Lonely Beach presents an opportunity to embrace adventure. Known for its bohemian vibe, this beach offers a chance to connect with like-minded wanderers. Lonely Beach offers a plethora of engaging activities that cater to various interests.

From volleyball matches to embarking on adventures to discover concealed coves, every moment spent here contributes to a truly memorable experience. Additionally, the opportunity to relish local delicacies at charming beachside shacks further enhances the uniqueness of your stay.

Are you prepared to explore and expand your experiences beyond the boundaries of Koh Chang's coastline? Center Point Pier is your launchpad to explore nearby gems such as Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

These islands, accessible via ferry, are a testament to nature's artistry. Pristine beaches, lush jungles, and an unspoiled way of life await your discovery. recommends these excursions, ensuring your journey from Center Point Pier remains an adventure at every turn.

Enhance your Koh Chang experience with a stay at Grande Centre Point. This luxurious resort chain extends its hospitality to Koh Chang. They offer you a lavish retreat just moments away from Center Point Pier.

Immerse yourself in world-class amenities, breathtaking views, and unparalleled comfort. Whether you're indulging in spa treatments, lounging by the infinity pool, or savoring gourmet delights, Grande Centre Point elevates your stay to an extraordinary level.


Center Point Pier is the heart and soul of Koh Chang. Its role as a conduit to island adventures and its pivotal location overlooking the ocean make it an essential stop for all travelers. Whether you're seeking solace in nature's embrace, craving cultural immersion, or eager to indulge in aquatic escapades, Center Point Pier offers it all.

Things to Know:

Currency and Payment: Thai Baht is the local currency, but major establishments may accept credit cards. It's advisable to keep some cash for smaller vendors.

Language: While English is commonly spoken in tourist areas, a few basic Thai phrases can enhance your interactions and show respect for local culture.

Climate and Dress Code: Koh Chang boasts a tropical climate, necessitating the inclusion of lightweight, breathable attire in your packing list. Remember to also pack sunscreen and a hat to shield yourself from the sun's intensity. Modest clothing is appreciated when visiting temples or local communities.

Marine Conservation: Respect the marine environment while snorkeling and swimming. Avoid touching or damaging coral reefs and marine life – leave only footprints behind.

Local Customs: Removing your shoes before entering buildings and dressing modestly at religious sites are gestures of cultural sensitivity that the locals appreciate.

Address : Koh Chang, Koh Chang District, Trat 23170