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Chiang Mai Arcade 2 Information

Chiang Mai Arcade 2

Is it Chiang Mai Arcade 2 or Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2?


In the heart of Bangkok lies a transport marvel. It’s the Northern Bus Terminal, popularly referred to as Mo Chit or Chiang Mai Bus Terminal. Nestled in the bustling Chatuchak District, it's a step away from major transit points: the Mochit BTS and Chatuchak MRT stations. This terminal is not just a place to catch a bus. It offers so much more to travelers. There are ATMs for quick cash withdrawals. Hungry passengers can enjoy Thai dishes at the food courts. Various stores are available for shopping. Those tired from their journey can find relaxation at the massage shops. In essence, it's a hub filled with various amenities to cater to everyone's needs.


Chiang Mai is often described as the cultural capital of Thailand. A city where ancient temples sit beside trendy cafes. Where chiang rai forests whisper tales of the past. And where the scent of street foods tempts every passerby. With its vibrant markets and intricate temples, Chiang Mai is an adventure waiting to be explored.

Around Chiang Mai Arcade 2, life thrives. The hum of tuk tuks, the chatter of local bus services, and the aroma of nearby cafes paints a picture of an area that's always on the move. Convenience stores are in abundance, ensuring travelers can grab a quick snack or forgotten travel essentials. And for those wanting a more substantial meal or perhaps a quick massage, choices are plenty.

At the heart of the Arcade Bus station 2 , you'll find the information counter, a trove of details. It's here travelers learn about bus services, departures times, or even plan a trip to the Phuket bus terminal. Nearby, the tourist police, fluent in English, stand ready to assist. This station sees buses from various bus companies, including the established Sombat Tour. It goes from Chiang Mai to notable spots like Bangkok, Udon Thani, and many in between. The bus tickets counters are neatly organized around a sitting area. Here, the blue seats are for travelers and yellow ones are reserved for monks. The waiting area is also hot and stuffy because it’s not equipped with air conditioned. ATMs, both within and outside the terminal, cater to every traveler's financial needs. And for those wanting a quick snack or drink, minimarts dot the terminal. Though restrooms are present, carrying some toilet paper is advisable.

For those keen on routes, options are aplenty. From Chiang Mai to Pai, a favorite among backpackers, to the serene valleys of Mae Hong Son or the bustling streets of Udon Thani, choices are diverse. But, for some key routes, an early booking, at least 3 days in advance, is recommended.

The allure of Bangkok is unmistakable. A metropolis where ancient meets modern, it beckons with its skyscrapers and historical temples. Mae Hong Son, in contrast, offers tranquility, enveloped by mountains and forests. And then there's Pai, a quaint town known for its hot springs, canyons, and a vibe that invites relaxation.


Chiang Mai Arcade 2, or Bus Terminal 2, or Arcade Bus Terminal 2, is more than a station. It's a promise of journeys to remember. From the spirited lanes of Bangkok to the calming embrace of Mae Hong Son, this terminal serves as the perfect starting point. With so many services operated by both bus and minivan companies, it's no wonder it stands as a testament to Thailand's transport excellence.

Things to Know:

Routes from this terminal are extensive, connecting major cities and tourist hotspots.

Minivan services, especially to Pai, are a favorite and are often bustling with travelers.

Fast taxis are ready to go, making it easy to move on after you arrive.

On-the-go snacks or essentials? The terminal's convenience stores have got you covered.

Chiang Mai Arcade 2's connectivity and facilities make it a preferred choice for many traveling through Northern Thailand.

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