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Koh Tarutao Introduction

达鲁岛 Information

Koh Tarutao Introduction

Speedboat & Ferry travel to Koh Tarutao is by far the best way to start a wonderful vacation trip. Speedboats & Ferries travel frequently to Koh Tarutao from Koh Lipe and back again in an amazing trip of around an hour, while you travel, delight yourself with the incredible views of the Andaman Sea. All the float of speedboat & ferries and speedboats are well maintained and carries all the necessary safety equipment and lifejackets.

Given the fact that the island is located in the Tarutao National Marine Park; you will need to pay a small fee in order to enter. This incredible place is the largest island of the National Park and one of the most unspoiled ones in the Andaman Sea and Thailand, visiting it is totally worth it. The speedboat & ferry staff knows us at and our customer service processes well. Simply take your printed e-ticket to the pier and show it to the staff and they will nicely guide you. Don't forget to visit our speedboat & ferry Travel Tips page for some useful advice. Have a wonderful trip!

Koh Tarutao Information

26 km long and 11 km wide makes the perfect combination of beauty, nature, wildlife and landscapes in one place. Koh Tarutao is rich both in water and land. The island is mainly fulfilled with lush forest; around the shores, mangroves trees and limestone cliffs that decorate the bays and beaches. At the west side, the coastline is compound by white sands and green-blue water, this side of the island is a home of many species such as turtles, langurs, macaques and wild pigs. On the other hand, the east side has around 10 awe-inspiring beaches and limestone islets emerging from the sea, a complete spectacle to stare at!

Koh Tarutao Highlights

达鲁岛 Bike around

Bike around

In the area of Ao Phante Malacca, which is the one where the offices of the national park are settled, travelers can rent bikes for really good prices. Biking around the island is an amazing form to discover every corner of Koh Tarutao. This wonderful island has a concrete road that covers the entire place from north to south and from east to west. 

Moreover, biking in the route is not the whole plan, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous; dare to get into the forest in the center of the island, the terrain can get rugged and mountainous with several peaks stretching more than 500 meters high.

The best part of this plan is that when you get tired or sweaty, you can simply stop in the shore and dive into the refreshing water for a while before continuing your journey. 

达鲁岛 Enjoy the dreamy beaches

Enjoy the dreamy beaches

Undoubtedly, this incredible island is known by the gorgeous beaches that surround the land. They are particularly recognized for maintaining their natural beauty, less modified by human labor and an incredible place to relax and sunbath.

Ao Jak, Ao Molee and Ao Son are the most popular ones, pristine waters and powdery golden sands where relaxation and fun are completely guaranteed. In addition, activities in the beach not only happen during the day, visitors can even spend the night in there. 

Humble yet comfortable bungalows are available for rent, and in the offices of the National Park, camping tents can be rented to finish the day in the best spot you can imagine.

达鲁岛 Visit the ancient prison

Visit the ancient prison

History in Koh Tarutao is very interesting, around the 40’s the island had an operative prison where more than 3000 criminals from the country were prisoned. Yet, the worst season happened during World War II where the supply of food and medicines was cut and many prisoners died from malaria. Then, the few prisoners and guards remaining became pirates to be finally defeated by British troops in 1951.

Nowadays, visiting this part of the island is a must do. A giant limestone cliff emerges from the sea to show that you are near the place the old prison used to be. Locals will nicely tell you the story about the island, including the filming process of Survivor: Thailand.

达鲁岛 Swimming with tropical fish

Swimming with tropical fish

The island is blessed with clear and serene waters that make it a flawless spot to dive and swim, the vision underwater is perfectly clear using a simple snorkeling mask, complex equipment is not needed. 

Moreover, it is said that 25% of the total tropical species in the world can be seen swimming in these serene waters, what else is more appealing than that? An acute plan is to take a longtail boat to the northeastern area of the island where snorkeling is simply amazing.

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