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桐艾 Information


Trat is the biggest launching pad that travelers could use as a transportation hub for all the islands of the province, which are 52 to be exact. In order to get to this destination, you need to go through Laem Sok Pier first. As it is the best gateway to the whole province due to its proximity with the islands and has a steady stream of speedboat and ferry services going in and out throughout the day to various locations like Koh Kood, Koh Mak, and Koh Chang. From wherever you start in the city, a motor taxi, songthaew or tuk-tuk will be there to take you to the pier. You should be sure that your driver turns the meter on, just to ensure yourself a fair trip. Trat also has a tiny airport that is until now served only by Bangkok Airways.

Trat Information

Found along the Cardamom Mountains of the Cambodian borders with a coast overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Trat is the magical place in Thailand’s southeastern corner. It is used as an access point to the islands of Koh Chang, Koh Mak as well as Koh Kood. Travelers also enjoy its secluded and demure atmosphere which serves the island experience in the best way possible. One of the most enjoyable endeavors there is street food, which can be found in the shape of stalls in City Centre’s market offering you a pure Thai culinary delight.


桐艾 Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach
Trat features some of the most exhilarating beaches you could ever find like the breathtaking Kai Bae Beach. Kai Bae is a small island that consists of restaurants, bars, guesthouses, and a heavenly pure beach. It also has great viewpoints that offer tourists a view that is beyond all expectations. If you are looking for an adventure, Kai Bae will gladly offer you one with its incredible jungle paradise that contains a mystic waterfall like no other. But, the real reason why people go to Kai Bae is to give in to the allure of its amazing beach with white sand.

桐艾 Khlong Plu Rainforest

Khlong Plu Rainforest
Koh Chang, Trat’s largest island, proudly enough possesses an array of great features. Some of these features manifest themselves in Khlong Plu Rainforest which contains a spectacular dense cluster of dark green trees. But it doesn’t stop here! As in the depths of the rainforest, you will find a magnificent waterfall which is the star attraction on the island. The waterfall holds the same name as the rainforest and considered the heart of the trip. You will need to participate in a trek in the forest in order to get to the waterfall, on your way you will find many precious species of birds that consider the forest its only habitat.

桐艾 Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp
Who wouldn’t want to spend quality time with absolutely precious creatures like the elephants? Trekking with an elephant is a guaranteed mood booster and you will get to do that and more in Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp. The camp holds around 10 friendly elephants that you could take a dip in the water with and swim all day. There aren't many Elephant reserves around as they are an endangered species, they are absolutely vital in maintaining their ecosystem’s biodiversity, making them even more precious.

桐艾 Wat Salak Phet Temple

Wat Salak Phet Temple
You can’t pay a visit to Thailand without a complete tour of one of the temples, because that just won’t be right! In fact, you will find one special temple on the largest island in Trat, Koh Chang. The temple is called Wat Salak Phet Temple, which is a marvelous building that is considered an eye-catching work of art and a truly iconic piece of architecture, that is due to the specially designed appearance and the assortment of colors. Many tours are provided of the temple to wonder in its sacred atmosphere and unique character.

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