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Krabi Town: Khaotong Rd. Information

Krabi Town: Khaotong Rd.

Krabi Town at Khaotong Rd.: Gateway to Tropical Wonders


Nestled in the heart of Krabi Province, the collection point at Krabi Town on Khaotong Rd. is not just a place to catch your next ride, but a symphony of experiences waiting to be explored. As a primary gateway, it draws travelers into the rich tapestry of adventures and explorations the region generously offers. The hum of activity, the mingle of voices, and the shuffle of footsteps mirror the dynamic vibe of the province itself. This isn't just another station; it's a vibrant fusion of histories, cultures, and traditions, each echoing stories of the past and promises of tomorrow. Every corner tells a tale, every sound is a call to explore further. From the nearby food stalls selling tantalizing local delicacies to the intricate patterns of local crafts available for purchase, everything speaks of Krabi's unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair. Travelers, whether they are seasoned explorers or first-time visitors, will find that the collection point is more than just a starting place. It serves as an introduction, a prologue to the epic story of Krabi’s awe-inspiring landscapes, pristine beaches, and its buzzing marketplaces. It's here that many begin their journey, delving into the essence of Krabi, with its rich tapestry of natural beauty, culture, and warm, welcoming people.


Krabi Town at Khaotong Rd. is not simply a spot to pause and proceed; it's a vivid mirror to the very essence of Krabi Town. The vibrancy, the rhythm, and the spirit of the town resonate powerfully at this very juncture. When you disembark, it's like stepping into a world bursting with life and enthusiasm. The very air is charged with the rich and tempting scents wafting from food stalls, each promising a taste journey of its own. Spicy, sweet, tangy, and savory – the symphony of flavors beckon irresistibly. A short distance away, skilled local artisans proudly display their craft. Their stalls, adorned with handcrafted artifacts, intricate weaves, and carefully carved pieces, are a testament to the town's rich heritage and creativity. Every item tells a story, every scent and sight draws you deeper into the soul of Krabi. It's a place where the traditional meets the contemporary, where every moment holds a new discovery.

Visit Krabi Town, it’s just a stone's throw away. It is a mosaic of old-world charm and modern conveniences. It's where the locals merge with tourists, sharing stories, laughter, and experiences. The streets are a blend of traditional Thai architecture and modern establishments. The station of Krabi Town at Khaotong Rd. is not merely a place where journeys begin and end; it's an odyssey of its own, brimming with tales waiting to be told. Located a mere 15 minutes from the central pulse of the town, this station serves as a gateway to numerous enchanting secrets. As you venture a little further, you'll stumble upon treasures that might not make it to every tourist brochure but are undeniably deserving of attention.

Perhaps it's a quaint café, nestled in a quiet lane, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee blends with the soft strums of a local musician's guitar. Maybe it's a tranquil park, a green oasis amidst the urban sprawl, where time seems to slow, and nature sings its calming songs. Or it could be a craftsman's workshop, where the skillful hands of a local artisan breathe life into raw materials, crafting masterpieces that tell stories of Krabi's rich heritage and culture.

Each of these spots, hidden in plain sight, reinforces the idea that real adventure often lies beyond the main roads and crowded squares. In Krabi, every alley, every turn, holds the promise of a new revelation, a testament to the town's endless allure and the fact that the most magical destinations are those that remain untouched by the regular throngs of tourists. From the station Krabi Town at Khaotong Rd., travelers can explore a myriad of destinations. The famed Ao Nang beach is a short ride away, offering pristine waters and an array of water activities. For those intrigued by religion and history, Wat Tham and Tiger Cave Temple are close by, emanating peace and serenity.

The Krabi Town Night Market, especially come the weekends of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, transforms into a bustling epicenter of life and vibrancy. It's not just a market; it's a sensory extravaganza. The tantalizing aromas of sizzling delicacies beckon food enthusiasts, promising an authentic taste of Krabi's rich culinary heritage. Stalls brimming with intricately crafted souvenirs stand as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of local artisans, offering unique keepsakes for travelers. All around, the cheerful chatter of locals and tourists alike, the soft glow of lanterns, and the rhythm of traditional Thai music create an ambiance that's both electric and inviting.

But that's not where the allure of Krabi Town ends. Just a leisurely 15-minute walk away lies the Walking Street, a haven for shoppers and foodies. It's a parade of vibrant storefronts, each offering a unique blend of products, from trendy fashion boutiques to quaint bookstores.

Eateries serving a myriad of dishes, both local and international, invite you to savor varied flavors while bars with their lively tunes promise an evening of fun and frolic.

For those who carry an adventurous spirit, a different kind of allure awaits. The mysterious Khao Khanap Nam Cave beckons the curious and the brave. Hidden within its depths are stunning stalactites and stalagmites, silently narrating tales of ages past. The cave's ethereal beauty, combined with legends that surround it, make it a must-visit for those seeking both natural wonder and a touch of the enigmatic.

Day trips from the station can lead you to mesmerizing spots like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phi. The emerald pool, true to its name, offers a refreshing dip in crystal clear waters and is worth a visit. If you’re looking to venture further, longtail boats await, ready to whisk you away to untouched islands.


At first glance, the collection point at Krabi Town on Khaotong Rd. may appear as just another bustling transit area. But take a closer look, and you'll see it's far more than that. It's a tapestry, woven with tales of old and new, waiting for travelers like you to add their strokes of color. It acts as a living, breathing introduction to Krabi, encapsulating its essence - a harmonious blend of pristine nature, deep-rooted culture, and moments that will soon transform into cherished memories.

From this very station, paths diverge in numerous directions. Some lead to the golden sandy beaches where the sea whispers tales of the deep, while others guide you towards mysterious caves, echoing with legends of time gone by. Yet, some will draw you into the heart of the town, where markets buzz with life, offering a smorgasbord of sights, sounds, and scents.

Every step, every choice, every turn from this collection point promises an adventure, a new chapter in your travel story. It's the prelude to every tale of wonder you'll weave in Krabi. So, as you set foot in this vibrant corner of the world, let your heart be open, your senses alert, and your spirit ready. Because at Krabi Town on Khaotong Rd., every journey, big or small, finds its purpose and passion. It's more than just a waypoint; it's where your Krabi story truly begins. Every moment spent here is not just time passed; it's a memory in the making.

Things to Know:

Railay Beach, a must-visit, is accessible only by boat due to high limestone cliffs.

Weekend Night Market is best for tasting local dishes and buying unique souvenirs.

Emerald Pool is a natural hot spring, a therapeutic place to relax.

Longtail Boats are the traditional way to travel between islands and beaches.

Nearby hotels in Krabi offer a range of accommodations, from budget stays to luxury resorts.

Address : 132 Krabi-Khaotong Road, T.Paknam, A.Muang, Krabi 81000.