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Leam Sok Pier Information

Leam Sok Pier

Laem Sok Pier: Your Gateway to the Gulf of Thailand


Embark on a journey like no other at Laem Sok Pier, the renowned ferry terminal in the bustling Trat City. This pier is not just a point of departure; it's the beginning of an extraordinary adventure in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, Laem Sok offers an unparalleled gateway to island hopping and exploration.


Laem Sok Pier is a ferry terminal located in Trat. This place is more than a mere structure. It is a point connecting the mainland to the wonders of the Gulf of Thailand. From here, travelers can access a fleet of ferries operated by various ferry companies. Most operate air-conditioned vessels for a comfortable journey.

The pier, often bustling during the high season, is a testament to the popularity of island hopping among tourists. It serves as the starting point for boats to Koh Kood and other enchanting nearby islands. These islands are known for their pristine beaches and rich marine life. They are easily accessible, thanks to the efficient services of boat companies operating from Sok Pier.

Trat city is the urban backdrop to this ferry terminal. The city offers an array of amenities including taxi services and secure parking. It ensures a hassle-free experience for travelers. For those journeying from Bangkok to Trat, there are convenient bus services and flights offered by Bangkok Airways. It makes the trip to the pier straightforward and enjoyable.

Once at Laem Sok, visitors can take a shared taxi or enjoy a brief 30 minutes ride through the scenic Trat town to reach this bustling ferry pier. The journey is a blend of urban excitement and anticipation of the serene experiences that lie ahead.


Laem Sok Pier is situated in the heart of Trat. This pier is far more than a mere ferry terminal. It is a portal to the awe-inspiring Gulf of Thailand. This notable pier serves as the foundational starting point for a multitude of exhilarating explorations and peaceful retreats. It's where journeys across the azure waters of the Gulf begin, leading to destinations famed for their untouched beauty and serene landscapes.

At Laem Sok Pier, the adventure starts the moment you step onto the bustling platform. Here, you're greeted by a flurry of activity, a vivid display of the lively rhythm of Trat city. This bustling energy is a prelude to the diverse experiences that await. From the pier, a voyage across the glistening waters of the Gulf can lead you to the enchanting tranquility of Ko Kut and other nearby islands. These islands, each a hidden gem in their own right, are sanctuaries of peace. They offer a stark contrast to the spirited atmosphere of the city.

The pier itself is the starting point of seamless connections. It links the energetic streets of Trat with the calm and soothing embrace of the Gulf's islands. It's a place where the promise of adventure merges with the allure of relaxation. Whether you're seeking the vibrant street life and cultural richness of Trat city or yearning for the tranquil ambiance and natural splendor of islands like Ko Kut, Laem Sok Pier is your gateway to these diverse experiences.

Each journey from Laem Sok Pier is unique, offering travelers the opportunity to create their own path of discovery. It is a starting point that opens up a world of possibilities. From exploring the rich marine life beneath the Gulf's waves to unwinding on the pristine, sun-kissed beaches of the nearby islands. In essence, Laem Sok Pier in Trat is not just a transit point. It is the beginning of a myriad of adventures, relaxation opportunities, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Routes currently in service are Bangkok - Koh Chang - Koh Mak - Koh Kood, creating convenience as a one stop service.

Boonsiri Bus

Routes currently in service are Bangkok - Koh Chang - Koh Mak - Koh Kood, creating convenience as a one stop service.


BOONSIRI HIGH SPEED CATAMARAN provides professional maritime services. Prioritizing safety and focusing on convenience. The boat is ferry catamaran type, which is number one in terms of speed across the islands. It can accommodate tourists up to 288 seats. Inside are all air-conditioned rooms and also have outdoor zone. There are life jackets available at every seat for emergencies time.

Boonsiri High Speed Ferries: Smooth Island Connections


Welcome to the enchanting world of Boonsiri High Speed Ferries, where every journey is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Imagine me as your helpful companion. I'm not just a regular ferry service – I'm like the mastermind behind making your island adventures super smooth. I'm here to make sure you're not just traveling from point A to point B; I'm all about crafting amazing island experiences.

I'm your bridge to the incredible and enchanting beauty of Thailand's islands.With a commitment to excellence and a passion for crafting unforgettable moments, we invite you to explore the sunlit shores of Koh Mak, immerse in the tranquil charm of Koh Kood, and embark on a voyage that transcends mere transportation.

Mission: Boonsiri High Speed Ferries embodies a mission centered on transforming ordinary travel into extraordinary experiences. We work tirelessly to connect the mainland with Thailand's exquisite islands, providing more than just transportation. Our journeys blend comfort, curiosity, and the creation of treasured memories. Through our high-speed ferry services, we're determined to revolutionize travel, ensuring that each voyage becomes a tale worth sharing.

Vision: Our vision extends beyond being a ferry operator; we envision ourselves as curators of connections. We see a future where our high-speed catamarans are pathways to cultural exchanges, where every journey becomes a tapestry woven with exploration and discovery. We aspire to be a catalyst that sparks a love for island exploration, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Company Services:

Boonsiri High Speed Ferries is your partner in crafting seamless island explorations that start the moment you step onboard. Our fleet of modern high-speed catamarans is a testament to innovation and safety.

With a cruising speed of 25 knots, you'll glide through turquoise waters in air-conditioned cabins that cocoon you in comfort. But our commitment doesn't end there; we go beyond the sea to integrate land and sea travel. Our reliable Boonsiri bus services connect Bangkok to the tranquil Laem Sok Pier, making your journey not just smooth, but holistic.

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Easy Adventures: Our fast boats change how you think about fast trips, taking you quickly to your island paradise with no trouble at all.

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Boonsiri High Speed Ferries (also known as Boonsiri Ferries) isn't just about ferries. We also care a lot about making things great for you, ensuring you're really comfortable, and helping you make fantastic memories.

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