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Maphrao Pier Information

Maphrao Pier

Maphrao Pier: Gateway to Koh Libong's Serene Beauty


Nestled in Thailand's coastal charm lies Maphrao Pier, your entryway to the captivating island of Koh Libong. This pier shows a world of natural beauty and cultural wealth, where blue waters meet green landscapes, making a calm haven ready to explore. Let's embark on a journey to discover the essence of Maphrao Pier and its enchanting surroundings.


Cultural Harmony: Maphrao Pier is not only a gateway to nature's wonders but also a hub of cultural harmony. The nearby Muslim fishing communities infuse the area with a distinct local flavor. Immerse yourself in the genuineness of their way of life, as their traditions seamlessly blend with the island's charm.

Koh Ngai's Charms: As you embark from Maphrao Pier, seize the opportunity to venture into the enchanting nearby destinations, such as the exquisite Koh Ngai. This idyllic Thai island captivates with its untouched beauty, offering a glimpse into paradise with its powdery beaches and emerald waters.

Koh Libong's Grandeur: Koh Libong is the largest of Trang's islands. Its vastness holds countless treasures awaiting your discovery. For its serene beaches to its lush interior, you must explore the island.

A Must-Visit: A journey through Maphrao Pier is incomplete without a visit to Koh Libong. Both travelers and locals highly recommend this island retreat, assuring an experience that will stay with you long after you've left.

Koh Mook's Marvels: Embark on a longtail boat adventure from Maphrao Pier to the captivating Koh Mook. During low tide, you can access the awe-inspiring Emerald Cave, for which this small island is renowned. Let its beauty amaze you as you journey through the darkness to the hidden lagoon.

Embarking on a longtail boat journey from Maphrao Pier, you'll navigate across the turquoise waters to reach the sea grass meadows of Koh Libong. These lush underwater gardens provide nourishment to a myriad of marine life, offering a captivating snorkeling experience.

Spectacular Views: Climb the viewing platform on Koh Libong's west coast for a panoramic spectacle. From here, witness the mesmerizing high tides that transform the landscape, revealing the magic of nature's rhythm.

Tung Yaka Beach Retreat: Koh Libong's Tung Yaka Beach invites you to unwind in its tranquility. Spend leisurely days on Koh Libong, basking in the gentle sun and relishing the island's serene ambiance.

Unveiling Koh Kradan: Consider a day trip from Koh Libong to the enchanting Koh Kradan. This small island boasts a jaw-dropping coastline, making it a haven for snorkelers and beach lovers alike.

Stone Bridge Connection: Wander across the stone bridge that connects Koh Libong's east and west coasts. As you traverse this pathway, take in the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings and marvel at the craftsmanship that blends seamlessly with nature.

Dugong Haven: Koh Libong holds the esteemed title of being a prime point for dugong sightings. During high tide, venture to Point Dugong for a chance to witness these gentle marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Seaside Bliss: Discover the comfort of Libong Beach Resort on Koh Libong. Nestled along the coastline, this haven offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, ensuring your stay is as remarkable as the island itself.

Maphrao Pier stands as your gateway to an island paradise where Muslim fishing traditions harmonize with the allure of nature. Create lasting memories etched in your heart as you explore the treasures of Koh Libong and its neighboring islands.

Unveil the allure of Maphrao Pier and Koh Libong, where every moment is a chance to embrace nature's wonders and connect with a culture that resonates with verity. Plan your escape and let Maphrao Pier be your gateway to a memorable island adventure.

Places to See:

Enhance your adventure with visits to attractions such as Lu Du Waterfall and the local markets of Koh Libong. Discover more suggestions from to elevate your island adventure.

Things to Know:

Tidal Symphony: Maphrao Pier showcases the rhythmic dance of tides. Witness the mesmerizing ebb and flow that shapes the coastal landscape.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Koh Libong is dedicated to preserving its natural splendor. Embrace eco-friendly habits to contribute to the island's conservation.

Traditional Festivals: Dive into local celebrations like the Loy Ruea Festival, where lit boats glide on the water, showcasing vibrant culture.

Marine Conservation: Discover the island's commitment to protecting its marine inhabitants, including the endangered dugong.

Island Legends: Explore the stories of mystical creatures and legendary tales that add an intriguing touch to your island adventure.

Address : Check in point: Maphrao Pier (longtail boat station), Koh Libong., Koh Libong, Kantang District, Trang 92110, Thailand