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Maphrao Pier Information

Maphrao Pier

Koh Libong does have a pier, but it's not big enough for the high-speed ferry variety. However, what happens is that your ferry will wait just offshore for you, and the local longtail boats will taxi you to and from the island. This is a great way to get to and from the island, so have no fear, its fun! 

Checking in for a ferry departure, simply go to the longtail boat station on Maphrao Pier, and show the staff your printed e-ticket that we have sent to you. They will take this from you and replace it with a sticker that you will wear for your ferry trip. The staff are all familiar with us at and your boarding process is going to be 'plain sailing'. Once again, the local longtail boat operators will taxi you to the ferry, and the boarding process is simple and fun! 

Address : Check in point: Maphrao Pier (longtail boat station), Koh Libong.