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Nadan Pier Information

Nadan Pier

Discovery of Koh Samet’s Beauty starts at Nadan Pier!


Welcome to Nadan Pier, the key gateway to the beautiful island of Koh Samet. Nestled near Ban Phe, this bustling pier serves as the starting point for countless beach adventures. For a mere 200 baht, your boat ticket whisks you away to some of Thailand’s most spectacular shorelines.

Koh Samet is a haven of natural beauty, celebrated for its fine white sand and pristine waters. If you like swimming, love the sun, or just want to see beautiful places, Koh Samet has something for you.


Nadan Pier is more than just a docking station; it's the commencement of your tropical sojourn. Organized and bustling, the pier offers smooth travel experiences. Securing a boat ticket for your onward journey to Koh Samet is simple and quick.

A 200 baht ticket is your passport to this captivating island. The boat ride itself is not just a commute; it’s a scenic preview of the beauty that awaits you. The waters are usually calm, ensuring a peaceful journey to your beach destination.

Ao Thian, one of Koh Samet's picturesque beaches, is easily accessible from the pier. Ideal for both swimming and sunbathing, this beach sets the stage for a perfect day of relaxation. Its white sand and clear waters are mesmerizing.

Another nearby beach worth mentioning is Ao Phai. Known for its tranquility, Ao Phai’s white sand and calm waters create an ideal backdrop for unwinding. It’s like stepping into a postcard. For those seeking more luxurious lodging, Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa can be your sanctuary.

Located on Ao Prao beach, this high-end resort ensures that your stay is as comfortable as it is scenic.

If water activities excite you, head to Ao Lung for some snorkeling or scuba diving. The underwater world is as stunning as the landscapes above, offering a full circle of natural wonders for visitors to explore.

If you love nature, you definitely shouldn't miss visiting Mu Ko Samet National Park. It’s a fantastic place to appreciate Thailand’s diverse flora and fauna. The park also covers parts of the east coast, offering panoramic views.

Ao Pakarang is another less frequented beach perfect for solitude seekers. Here, the crowds are thin, allowing for a more personal experience with nature. This is where you can truly disconnect and lose yourself in the beauty surrounding you.

Khao Laem Ya Mu offers another layer of excitement. Known for its natural beauty, this site is perfect for photo opportunities. Make sure you bring your camera along to capture these moments.

Ao Hin Khok is a versatile beach that caters to various tastes. It’s a favorite among families and is rarely overcrowded, offering a balanced beach experience.

Ao Wai is a hidden gem with less foot traffic but equally alluring white sand and clear waters. This smaller beach is worth the visit for those looking to avoid the crowds.

For extended travel plans, we suggest visiting Ban Phe. This quaint fishing village offers a glimpse into local Thai life, making for an enriching detour.

Ao Phrao is another beach offering a serene atmosphere. This is your go-to destination for a peaceful, undisturbed day by the sea.


Nadan Pier serves as more than just a station; it’s the threshold to the kaleidoscopic beauty of Koh Samet. Strategically located near Ban Phe, the pier offers convenient boat tickets for a mere 200 baht.

You've got a whole range of experiences waiting for you, from Sai Kaew to Ao Prao beaches.

Whether you're looking to kick back or go on an adventure, there's something for everyone.

Koh Samet's variety ensures that every traveler finds their slice of paradise, be it through water sports, sunbathing, or nature walks. The island is rich in both activities and scenic beauty.

From Nadan Pier to the diverse beautiful beaches and attractions of Koh Samet, you're in for a memorable experience. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to maximize the potential of your journey.

Things to Know:

Boat tickets are readily available for 200 baht.

Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa is an upscale lodging option.

Sai Kaew Beach is among the most visited beaches on the island.

Mu Ko Samet National Park offers an enriching natural experience.

Address : Phe, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong 21160, Thailand