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Old City Information

Old City

Chiang Mai’s Old City: Pick-Up point at Sunny Hostel!


Nestled in the heart of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai's Old City stands as a beacon of history and artistry. Its iconic temples, art galleries, and museums offer glimpses into a bygone era. These landmarks, often adorned with intricate carvings and designs.

They tell tales of the region's illustrious past and the artists who gave them life. The Old City's rich cultural offerings attract many people. They are keen on immersing themselves in Chiang Mai's captivating heritage.

Adding to the allure, the Old City’s labyrinth of peaceful roads and alleys provides the perfect setting for exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious first-timer, the convenience of the Old City stands out. Many of its prominent attractions are within easy reach, often just a leisurely bike ride or a short walk away. The experience of navigating these streets, with the backdrop of ancient walls and the distant hum of temple bells, is magical.

Central to this experience for many is the Sunny Hostel, located strategically at 5/4 Munmuang Rd. This place isn't just for resting. Visitors often gather here, maps in hand, charting out their day's adventures or reminiscing about their explorations.

And for those looking to venture beyond Chiang Mai, the hostel serves as a key collection point. Buses, frequently boarded by eager travelers, depart from here to a myriad of destinations. The vibrant city of Bangkok is a standout choice for many.


Chiang Mai’s Old City is a living testament to its storied past. This area, encircled by ancient walls, whispers tales of history with every temple and market street. A visit here is like stepping back in time, immersing oneself in a vibrant mix of heritage and present-day life.

Chiang Mai's Old City is the beating heart of northern Thailand. It echoes tales of the Lanna Kingdom with every brick and stone. Walking through its quaint lanes, you'll find yourself stepping into pages of history. The Old City has stood as a testament to time and tales of yore.

The Walls and Moat encompassing Chiang Mai's Old City are prominently visible landmarks. These old walls around the city center once kept folks inside safe from outsiders. Today, they stand as a vivid reminder of the region's history and culture.

Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man distinguish themselves as two of the city's oldest and most respected temples. Their intricate carvings and the serene aura offer a glimpse into Chiang Mai's spiritual side. Another noteworthy temple, Wat Chedi Luang Wat Phra, beckons visitors with its impressive architecture and spiritual significance.

Near the Ping River, another side of Chiang Mai unfolds. Here, the Chiang Mai City Art and Lanna Folklife Museum showcase the artistry and the culture of the Lanna people. Every exhibit tells a tale, every artifact a witness to a bygone era.

When talking about art and history, Wiang Kum Kam is a top spot. It's an old city hidden for many years. It's close to the Old City. This place shows how people lived during the Lanna Kingdom.

In the city, the Kings Monument stands proud, reminding locals and tourists alike of the city's past. Come evening, the Night Market comes alive, offering everything from local delicacies to handcrafted souvenirs.

For those wanting a break from the urban area, Doi Suthep Pui National Park lies nearby. It’s a lush retreat that promises fresh air and breathtaking views. As you explore the city, you'll often find the chance to travel by Tuk Tuk. These three-wheeled vehicles are not just a mode of transportation; they're a part of Chiang Mai's charm.

Chiang Mai's array of temples extends beyond just the renowned ones. Their count is extensive, and every temple has its unique narrative, awaiting attentive listeners.

The Old City's strategic location makes it a key collection point for travelers. It's not just about history or commerce; it’s also about connection.

You're heading out on a journey or returning? the Old City always welcomes with its familiar, comforting embrace. It is particularly true at the Sunny Hostel collection point.

Trips from the Old City collection point are diverse. While Bangkok is a popular destination, there are also day tours offering a deep dive into Chiang Mai's beauty. From temple visits to countryside excursions, every journey promises a unique experience.

Bangkok, Thailand's pulsating capital, attracts many travelers from the Old City. The calm Old City and the busy Bangkok show two different sides of Thailand. Yet, both capture its true spirit. Many set forth from the collection point, anticipating the adventures Bangkok holds.


The streets of Chiang Mai, deeply steeped in history and culture, guide travelers on enlightening journeys. The oldest temples in Chiang Mai include architectural masterpieces, echoing tales from centuries past. Each building tells a story of the city's past. Visitors can explore and connect with the city's spirit.

In a city replete with stories, these ancient temples are the heartbeats of Chiang Mai's narrative. They have witnessed dynasties rise and fall, monks in meditative silence, and ceremonies that celebrate the cycles of life. A visit to these temples is not just about observing their grandeur. It is also immersing oneself in the very soul of Chiang Mai.

In conclusion, Chiang Mai, with its mix of history, culture, and modernity, promises an experience like no other. From ancient temples to bustling markets, every corner holds a surprise. And as you journey through, remember: the spirit of the Lanna Kingdom is with you every step of the way.

Things to know:

The Old City's square layout, defined by its moat, makes navigation easy even for first-time visitors.

Travelers can rent bicycles near Sunny Hostel to explore the Old City at their own pace.

There are direct buses from the collection point to Bangkok's main terminals, simplifying long-distance travel.

Local day tours often include temple visits, cooking classes, and traditional craft workshops.

Even though it's a main pick-up spot, the area stays chill. It gives travelers a quiet start or finish to their trip.

Address : Sunny Hostel (Old City) 5/4 Munmuang Rd., T. Prasing, A. Muang Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200.