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Pattaya Bus Station Information

Pattaya Bus Station

Rung Rueng Station Bus terminal, Main Bus Station in Pattaya


The bus terminal is located on Pattaya Road. Pattaya Bus Station, also known as Rung Rueng Terminal, is your key gateway for bus transportation. It's the prime collection point for buses moving between Pattaya to Bangkok. Not just that, buses to Hua Hin also depart from here. With amenities like air conditioning, ticket counters for bus tickets online, and a conditioned bus terminal, your journey becomes smooth. This terminal boasts minimarts, food stalls, drink corners, and spacious seating. Need to charge your mobile? Charging spots are up for grabs for a minimal fee. Positioned just 475 meters from the city core, Rung Rueng is a brief walk away. Other facilities? An ATM, kiosk, and a coffee bar. And if fast food tickles your taste buds, you're in for a treat nearby. The bus terminal Pattaya Bangkok route is a favorite, allowing travelers to move between these two cities seamlessly. Which many also refer to as the Rung Rueng Station Bus Terminal or Rung Rueng Station.


Planning a visit to North Pattaya Bus Station? You've got songthaew and taxi services at your beck and call. Songthaews, undoubtedly the popular pick, are both convenient and pocket-friendly. While Pattaya's bus service might not be as extensive as Bangkok's, you won't miss the city's charm. The Rung Rueng bus terminal is clean, well-maintained, and houses friendly staff ready to assist. Didn't book bus tickets online? No worries. On-the-spot ticket counters and stalls for a quick meal or drink are available. Do verify bus route timetables before heading out. Essentials are taken care of with nearby shops, but remember, only Thai Baht works. Cash needs? A 7/11 is just a stone's throw away. For a slight fee, the terminal's restrooms are accessible, with fans ensuring you stay cool. Top bus operators? The Roong Reuang Coach, The Yellow Bus, and Bell Travel have you covered. With the Roong Reuang bus, options are aplenty—from Pattaya to Bangkok Mochit to Bangkok Ekamai. The Yellow Bus? Think Pattaya to Mukdahan or Koh Samui. And Bell Travel? They've got a door-to-door service right from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport and hotels in Bangkok. Moreover, for those eager to explore, the nearby North Pattaya Road is home to various attractions and delights. Not just a regular station, the Rung Rueng Terminal is a conditioned bus terminal in Pattaya. It ensures comfort amidst the tropical climate.

Pattaya, a city bursting with life, offers sandy beaches, captivating night scenes, and a cultural melange. From the waves of Jomtien Beach to the sacred realms of Big Buddha Hill, Pattaya remains an explorer's haven.

Rung Rueng is your hub for varied destinations: Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Trat, Phuket, and even Utapao Pattaya Airport. Plus, services to Rayong, Surin, Nakhon Ratchasima, and more ensure you’re connected.

Bangkok is a city of contrasts. Traditional temples meet towering skyscrapers. Street vendors of Phrom Phong dish out local delights as tour buses navigate the hustle. Truly, Bangkok never ceases to amaze. In Bangkok, the sai tai mai bus terminal ensures smooth transportation. And for those who wish to take the scenic route, you might find the Pattaya to Mukdahan or the Pattaya to Koh Samui bus options to be of interest.

Koh Samui paints a picture of beachy bliss. Palm-studded shores, renowned resorts, and a nightlife that resonates with energy. It's no wonder tourists flock for a slice of this island paradise.

Trat, the eastern gateway, unfolds a tapestry of history, lush national parks, and seafood delights. With sai tai mai (bus services) ensuring connectivity, the province promises an experience like no other. The Trat bus route showcases a journey filled with natural splendors, making every moment spent on the bus worthwhile.

Phuket—a tropical jewel. Golden beaches, azure waters, and an energy that's contagious. Dive in, and you'll discover why it’s a traveler's favorite.


Rung Rueng Terminal on North Pattaya Road, isn't just a bus station. It's Pattaya's heart, pulsating with activity and connecting travelers far and wide. From the air-conditioned bus terminal to the bus route networks, your journey starts here. And with companies like Roong Reuang Coach ensuring your travel is smooth, your Thai adventure is off to a promising start. Each time you set foot in the Rung Rueng Terminal, you're greeted by the efficient bus service. There, you will also experience the allure of nearby Michelin bib gourmand eateries, offering mouth-watering delicacies.

Things to know:

The Rung Rueng Terminal is a hub for several tour bus options.

Relish in local flavors with nearby pork noodles and tom yum soup.

Many buses feature air conditioning for a relaxed ride.

Rung Rueng supports online bus ticket booking.

Michelin bib gourmand-rated eateries are just around the corner for the food enthusiasts.

Address : Pattaya Road, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province 20150 Thailand