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Pattaya Information


Pattaya’s Hotels Pick up and Drop off Services


Located on Thailand's eastern coast, Pattaya has grown into a top destination for travelers. Its proximity to Trat means visitors can easily travel to dreamy spots like Koh Chang and Koh Mak. While many use buses or vans for these journeys, Pattaya itself is a hub of activities and lodging.


Pattaya is much more than just a sunny beach destination. It captivates visitors with its famous Pattaya Beach and the bustling nightlife of Walking Street. Whether it's the vibrant markets or the alluring coastline, this city promises a mix of leisure and excitement.

For those looking to stay in Pattaya, the choices are vast. From the luxury of 5-star hotels like the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel Pattaya, to the simplicity of a 3-star hotel, there's something for everybody. Many hotels prioritize guest comfort, offering services such as pick up and drop off, making commuting hassle-free.

If you're looking for a “good for families” hotel in Pattaya, options abound. Those traveling with pets will be delighted to find a pet-friendly hotel in Pattaya. Free parking adds to the perks, making your stay convenient.

For fans of upscale lodging who have a particular preference for "resort and spa" lodgings, Pattaya presents an expansive selection. The city, renowned for its dynamic ambiance, surprisingly also boasts a myriad of tranquil resorts that offer world-class spa services.

These places mix Thai traditions with modern luxury, making sure guests have a super relaxing experience. In the busy city of Pattaya, these resorts are like quiet places to relax. Many travelers pick them because they offer both fun and relaxation.

While Pattaya itself is a gem, its surroundings further enrich the travel experience.

Trat serves as the link to islands like Koh Chang and Koh Mak. People know Koh Chang for its green and beautiful scenery. People love Koh Mak for its quiet beaches. Both are close to Pattaya.

Trat might be smaller than Pattaya, but it's the bustling gateway to some of Thailand’s most enchanting islands. Besides being a transport hub, Trat also has cool local spots to check out.

Koh Chang, often overshadowed by its popular counterparts, stands out with its unique blend of nature and adventure. Its dense jungles and beaches offer countless opportunities, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Koh Mak promises a more laid-back experience. This island is quiet and peaceful. Its clean beaches and clear water are perfect for people who want to relax and get away from noise.

The most frequently asked questions are usually about Pattaya's fun places to visit. And how the pick up and drop off services work. People want to know when these services run, how much they cost, and where they can take them.

They also often ask about the best spots in Pattaya, like the beaches or nightlife areas. As more people come to Pattaya, it's important for hotels and services to make things clear and easy for everyone.


Pattaya and its surroundings create a travel experience unlike any other. There are many hotels in Pattaya, from fancy resorts to 4-star hotels (or more), especially in North Pattaya. This is why visitors feel comfortable and welcome. Thanks to easy public transport and attentive hotel services, your Thai adventure, filled with sun, sand, and culture, awaits.

Things to know:

Pattaya's North is quieter and offers a different vibe from the central areas.

The Royal Cliff Grand Hotel Pattaya is one of the landmarks of luxury stay in the city.

Public transport is efficient, making it easier for tourists to explore Pattaya's attractions.

Shopping malls in Pattaya aren't just about retail; they offer a glimpse into the local culture.

Walking Street in Pattaya is a must-visit, especially for those looking for lively evening entertainment.

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