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From Koh Lipe to Langkawi Ferry, Speedboat or Bus

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How to get from Koh Lipe to Langkawi


From Koh Lipe to Langkawi: A Journey Across Borders

Dawn's light cascaded over Koh Lipe, tinting the Andaman Sea with hues of amber and gold. This morning, there is a change in the usual schedule. It is filled with the excitement of a journey. The plan is to move from a tranquil retreat in Thailand to the bustling beaches of Langkawi, Malaysia. Ferry tickets had been booked online, signaling the upcoming adventure.

The morning at Koh Lipe starts with the sight of long tail boats rocking softly in the water. People head to the speed boats that are ready to zoom off. When it's the busy season, this switch from one boat to another is easy and quick. Around, the noise of jet skis and the charm of beach resorts start to disappear in the background. The trip to Langkawi goes without any trouble. The ferry moves through the water, making a path from the relaxed Jomtien Beach to the energetic city life of Kuala Lumpur.

When you get to Langkawi's ferry terminal, one of the first things you see is the big Sky Bridge against the sky. At this landing spot, the lively spirit of Langkawi greets everyone. Stepping off the boat and onto the dock, visitors feel the lively atmosphere of Malaysia's well-known islands. It's very different from the calm and quiet mornings with the long tail boats back in Koh Lipe.

At the jetty point in Langkawi, the grand Sky Bridge becomes a part of the skyline, a striking introduction to the island. Here, the vibrant heart of Langkawi welcomes all who arrive. As one steps onto the dock, the energy of this famous Malaysian archipelago wraps around them, offering a vivid contrast to the gentle sway of Koh Lipe's long tails and the calm of Sunrise Beach mornings.

Langkawi, a gem on Malaysia’s west coast, unveils its charms. The lively Pantai Cenang invites exploration, promising adventures like diving into the aquatic wonders at Underwater World Langkawi. The journey can extend to the natural splendors of the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, where the landscape tells ancient stories.

This island calls out for adventure, offering experiences from the wildlife park, a symphony of nature's own, to the excitement of island hopping. On such excursions, eagles glide high above the verdant canopy of Pulau Singa Besar, completing a picture of natural serenity meeting the thrill of discovery.

Each experience in Langkawi stitched a vibrant mosaic of memories, from the cool embrace of the Seven Wells Waterfall to the romance of a sunset cruise across the tranquil sea. Langkawi's tale was not merely one of destinations but of a seamless dance across the sea and sky, an endless journey of discovery from the shores of Koh Lipe to the heart of Malaysia.

From Koh Lipe to Langkawi by boat

The only way to go from Koh Lipe to Langkawi is obviously by sea. You depart from Pattaya Beach and you arrive at Kuah Jetty. There’s at least one boat a day, operated by Bundhaya Speed Boat.

From Pattaya Beach to Kuah Jetty

Pattaya beach is the main boat terminal. From here, you will embark on a boat for a fairly short trip to Kuah Jetty. Kuah Jetty serves as the main ferry terminal for passengers getting to and from Langkawi Island. Book your ticket online for this memorable trip.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Langkawi is during its dry season. We call it the high season. It spans from November to April. It is when the weather is most stable. It offers sunny days and minimal rainfall. This period also aligns with the peak tourist season, so expect vibrant nightlife and a bustling atmosphere. For those seeking a quieter visit, the shoulder months of September and October can be pleasant, with fewer crowds and occasional showers cooling the island. Regardless of the time, Langkawi’s warm tropical climate ensures a visit is always accompanied by the island’s natural beauty.

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