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Koh Mook to Trang Ferry & Speedboat: Schedule, Prices & Tips 2024

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How to get from Koh Mook to Trang


Discover the Ease of Traveling from Koh Mook to Trang: Your Ultimate Guide

Embarking on a journey from the enchanting shores of Koh Mook (or Koh Muk) to the vibrant mainland of Trang is an adventure through the heart of Thailand's Andaman Sea. This trip not only connects you to the stunning beauty of small islands like Koh Ngai, Koh Lanta, and Koh Kradan but also opens up a world of underwater marvels like the Emerald Caves (Morakot Cave) and the iconic vistas of Koh Phi Phi. Whether you're drawn by the allure of pristine beaches or the call of adventure, choosing to travel from Koh Mook to Trang by ferry offers a seamless blend of convenience and scenic beauty.

Koh Mook to Trang Schedule and Pricing

Koh Mook to Trang speedboat services is more than just a crossing; it's your gateway to exploring the broader Andaman Sea region. With several companies operate like Satun Pakabara Speedboat Club, running regular ferry and speedboat services, travelers have the flexibility to choose a schedule and ferry operators that suit their needs. The average price of a ferry ticket offers exceptional value, considering the breathtaking vistas and comfort provided during the ferry crossing.

Departure Details:

The journey from Koh Mook to Trang begins at the island's main pier, where travelers can soak in the final moments of island serenity before their departure, with boats sealing morning and afternoon, between 10:30 and 15:30.

For those arriving from or planning to explore further afield, connections to Trang Airport facilitate seamless travel to and from the island, making it easier than ever to weave the small island experience into your broader travel plans.

Pricing Information:

Pricing for ferry and speedboat services varies, with options to suit every budget.

- Ferry Tickets: Starting from a budget-friendly price, ferry services offer an economical way to travel, including options for additional luggage.

- Speedboat Tickets: Starting from 600 THB, speedboats provide a quicker journey, with competitive pricing reflecting the convenience and speed of the service.

Check-in Instructions:

From Koh Mook: Departures are conveniently located from the main pier on Koh Mook, easily accessible from various points on the island. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to ensure a smooth check-in process. Customers can check in with e-ticket on mobile or device.

Check-in with your e-ticket here

Koh Mook to Trang Ferry

Important Travel Information

- Seasonal Variations: If you're looking to avoid the crowds while still enjoying good weather, the months at the beginning (November) and end (April) of the dry season are usually less crowded than the peak months (December to February). However, it's always a good idea to book transportation and accommodations in advance, especially if planning to travel during these popular times.

- Safety Measures: Safety is paramount. Both ferry and speedboat operators adhere to strict safety guidelines, ensuring life jackets and safety briefings are provided.

Beyond the Voyage

Arriving in Trang opens up a gateway to Southern Thailand's spectacular landscapes, from lush rainforests to majestic waterfalls. Whether you're continuing your journey or exploring Trang's rich culture and cuisine, your adventure from Koh Mook is just the beginning.