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Smooth Sailing: Koh Phangan to Hua Hin by Ferry - Your Complete Guide

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How to get from Phangan Island to Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Smooth Sailing: Koh Phangan to Hua Hin by Ferry

Travel from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin easily and without spending too much. Are you coming from a fun Full Moon Party? Or just checking out Thailand's islands? This guide helps you get to Hua Hin smoothly and enjoyably.

Going from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin? It's simple and cheap. Perfect for after the Full Moon Party or if you're touring around the islands. This guide's got you covered for a smooth trip.


Embarking on a ferry journey from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin is an adventure. It is filled with breathtaking views and a taste of the serene Thai lifestyle. Operated by the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company, this route offers a blend of speed, comfort, and scenic beauty.

Koh Phangan to Hua Hin Schedule and Pricing

Finding Tickets:

Easily find tickets that suit your schedule and budget. With departures times throughout the day, you can plan your journey with flexibility and ease.

Combination Tickets:

The journey involves a combination of bus and ferry services. It starts from Koh Phangan. Then, briefly touching the shores of Koh Tao and Koh Samui. And finally making its way to the mainland en route to Hua Hin. This mix ensures that travelers get to experience the diversity of Thailand's islands in one trip.

Schedule and Price:

The schedule and price for the Koh Phangan to Hua Hin ferry are designed to cater to a variety of travel needs and budgets. With the journey operated by Lomprayah, you're guaranteed efficiency and comfort. The ticket from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin starts as low as $38. This price is for a bus+ferry combo. It makes it an attractive choice for every traveler.

Departure and Arrival:

Your journey will kick off from the ferry pier on Koh Phangan, where the vibrant energy of the island begins to blend with the anticipation of your next destination. Departure times are conveniently spread throughout the day, allowing you to choose a time that best fits your travel itinerary.

Booking Your Tickets:

To book your tickets, simply visit our website. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons. It will ensure your spot on this popular route.

Important Travel Tips

Check-In: Arrive at the ferry pier at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure to allow ample time for check-in procedures.

Travel Time: The journey from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin can take between 8h 45m to 10 hours, depending on weather conditions and the specific schedule you choose.

What to Bring: Comfort is key for this journey. Pack light and bring essentials such as sunscreen, water, and snacks for the trip.

Why Choose This Journey?

Traveling from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin via the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company not only offers a budget-friendly option but also an opportunity to witness the stunning beauty of the Gulf of Thailand. From the legendary Full Moon Party beaches to the historic and laid-back atmosphere of Hua Hin, this journey is a bridge between two of Thailand's most cherished experiences.

So, whether you're looking to buy your tickets in advance or planning a spontaneous trip, the ferry from Koh Phangan is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Make the most of your Thai holiday by choosing the most scenic and efficient way to travel.


Embarking from Koh Phangan to Hua Hin is more than just a journey. It is an opportunity to experience the diverse beauty of Thailand's geography and culture. With the detailed schedule, pricing information, and travel tips provided, you're well-equipped to make this trip a memorable part of your Thai adventure. Safe travels as you transition from the island vibes of Koh Phangan to the serene shores of Hua Hin.