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Sail Smoothly from Samui Island to Donsak by Ferry

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How to get from Samui Island to Donsak


Sail Smoothly from Samui island to Donsak by Ferry

Embarking on a journey from Samui Island to Donsak is a great experience. You will be weaving through the scenic vistas of Thailand's enchanting seascape. This guide ensures you're fully prepared for a smooth trip from Samui Island to Donsak Pier. It covers all the important details.


This guide helps you navigate the 32 nautical mile sea journey from Samui Island to Donsak. It gives you all the info on ferry schedules, prices, and timetables for a great trip.

Samui Island to Donsak Schedule and Prices

The journey from Koh Samui to Donsak is serviced by a fleet of ferry operators. It includes the renowned Raja Ferry, Lomprayah Ferry and others. They provide a spectrum of options for every traveler.

If you want to travel without a vehicle, or if you need to take a car across, there are many ferry options available. These services are designed to meet everyone's travel needs carefully and accurately.

Departure Details:

Departure Points: Ferries embark from the Samui Nathon Pier and Seatran Ferry Pier, among others, destined for Donsak Pier.

Ferry Times: Departures are scheduled throughout the day, offering flexibility for travelers. The journey duration is approximately 1h, varying slightly based on the ferry service and weather conditions.

Pricing Information:

Ferry Tickets: The average price for a journey varies from $6 to $17 for higher-speed options. Car ferries and other services may have different pricing structures. It's advisable to consult our site for the most accurate information. Ferry operators directly update information in real time on our site.

Key Travel Information

Ferry Timetables: Detailed ferry timetables are available on our platform. It ensures you can plan your trip with ease.

Travel to Surat Thani Airport: For those looking to connect to Surat Thani Airport from Donsak, transfer options are available. They facilitate smooth progression of your journey.

Travel as a Foot Passenger: Foot passengers can travel easily between these locations. Services are designed to cater to individuals without vehicles.

Booking and Travel Tips

Advance Bookings: It is recommended securing ferry tickets in advance. Especially during peak travel seasons.

Companies Operate: Multiple companies operate on this route. They offer a range of services from basic ferries to more luxurious high-speed options. Comparing services using a deal finder can help identify the best option for your travel style and budget.

Ferry Port Facilities: Both departure and arrival ports offer amenities to travelers, including waiting areas, refreshments, and transportation links.


The trip from Samui Island to Donsak opens up the beauty of Thailand's south. With info on ferry services, times, and prices, travelers can start this beautiful trip across the Gulf of Thailand. Foot passengers and those with vehicles can enjoy a smooth journey from Samui to Donsak. It enhances their Thai travel experience