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From Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui: Ferry & Speedboat Guide

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How to get from Surat Thani Town to Samui Island

Samui Island

From Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui by Ferry or Speedboat

From the vibrant streets of Surat Thani City to the tranquil shores of Koh Samui. This is a journey filled with picturesque views and serene ocean breezes awaits. Whether you're drawn to the allure of the sea or the efficiency of a high-speed transit, the route from Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui offers a multitude of options to suit every traveler's preference. This comprehensive guide details the Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui ferry and speedboat services, including schedules, prices, and key travel tips to ensure a smooth and memorable adventure across the Gulf of Thailand.

Navigating the Waters: Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui Schedule and Price

The Journey Begins: Surat Thani City to Koh Samui

Embark from the bustling heart of Surat Thani City, where travelers can catch a glimpse of local life before setting off to the island paradise of Koh Samui. Your journey to Koh Samui can be as varied as the experiences awaiting on the island, with options ranging from the traditional ferry from Surat Thani to the swift Lomprayah High-Speed Ferry.

Lomprayah High-Speed Ferries: Speed and Comfort Combined

For those prioritizing efficiency and comfort, the Lomprayah High-Speed Ferry emerges as the premier choice. This service not only reduces travel time but also offers a smooth and enjoyable ride across the azure waters. The high-speed ferry is an excellent option for those eager to start their island adventure as soon as possible.

The Classic Ferry Experience: A Scenic Route to Paradise

For travelers who prefer a slower pace, the traditional ferry from Surat Thani offers a journey that's as scenic as it is tranquil. This route gives passengers the opportunity to revel in the breathtaking vistas of the Gulf of Thailand. The ferry service includes options for those traveling with vehicles. It makes the car ferry a convenient choice for visitors wishing to explore Koh Samui at their leisure.

Departure Points and the Ferry Port

The journey to Koh Samui begins at the ferry port located in Donsak. Here, travelers will find a well-organized departure point. You will find clear instructions. The facilities are designed to make the check-in process as smooth as possible. Whether you're boarding a speedboat or a ferry, arriving at the port ahead of your scheduled departure ensures a stress-free start to your journey.

Pricing Information: An Overview

Lomprayah Speedboat: Tickets for the Speed boat service are competitively priced at $20. It offers a balance of speed and convenience.

Traditional Ferry: For those seeking a more economical route, or enjoying a slope pace. The combined bus and ferry ticket is available for $17. It provides a cost-effective solution without sacrificing the essence of the maritime journey. It is also operated by Lomprayah High-Speed Ferry.

Important Considerations for Your Journey

Schedule and Timing: The Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui schedule varies depending on the service chosen. High-speed ferries or speedboats offer travel times ranging from 2 to 3 hours. Ferries may offer a leisurely pace that allows for sightseeing.

Booking Your Ticket: To secure your preferred departure, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak travel seasons. This ensures that your journey from Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui is confirmed according to your travel plans.

Weather and Travel Conditions: Both the ferry and speedboat services are subject to weather conditions. They can occasionally lead to changes in the schedule. It's advisable to check weather forecasts and stay informed about any updates from your chosen ferry operator.


The journey from Surat Thani Town to Koh Samui by speedboat or ferry is more than just a transit. It is the beginning of an island adventure that starts with the journey itself. Opting for the Lomprayah High-Speed Ferry offers speed and efficiency. It will swiftly take you to Koh Samui. The traditional ferry route presents a chance to enjoy the journey's scenic beauty. Either choice guarantees that your voyage to Koh Samui will be a memorable highlight of your travels in Thailand. Your trip from Surat Thani City to Koh Samui comes with options. You can pick the scenic ferry ride, soak in the views, and save some cash. Or, if you're in a hurry, the speedboat zips you there quickly. Each choice has its own schedule and price, making it easy to find one that fits your plans. So, take your pick and start your memorable journey to Koh Samui.