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Surat Thani to Phangan Island Guide: Ferry, Speedboat & Minivan Schedules and Prices

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How to get from Surat Thani Train Station to Phangan Island

Phangan Island

Surat Thani Train Station - Phangan Island: Ferry, Speedboat

Embark on an Epic Journey

Begin your adventure at the bustling Surat Thani Train Station. It set the stage for a memorable journey to Phangan Island. This guide is crafted to ensure you leverage every transportation mode available, including the speedboat, ferry, and minivan services.

We'll provide you with comprehensive details on schedules, prices, and crucial travel information. That is guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable trip to the island known for its famous Full Moon Party.

Surat Thani Train Station to Phangan Island: Schedule, Price

Detailed Departure Information:

Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. offers a premier travel experience for those journeying to Thong Sala Pier, the main gateway to Phangan's myriad attractions. Whether you're headed to the Full Moon Party or seeking tranquil retreats, Lomprayah ensures a swift and comfortable transition from Surat Thani Train Station to the vibrant life of Phangan Island.

Complete Pricing Breakdown:

Ferry + Minivan: For a budget-friendly $24, this combined service efficiently transports you from the Surat Thani Train Station, via the scenic ferry pier, directly to the beautiful shores of Koh Phangan.

Surat thani train station to phangan Island by Speedboat + Minivan: Choose the $27 speedboat service for a faster journey across the glistening waters, delivering you swiftly to your dream island destination.

Essential Check-in Guidelines:

Check in at Surat Thani Train Station’s Lomprayah counter at least 30 minutes before departure. Ensure you have your booking confirmation and a valid ID for a hassle-free start to your adventure.

Vital Travel Insights:

Travel Distance and Time: Covering 102 miles (163 km), the journey from Surat Thani to Koh Phangan typically ranges from 3 hours 15 minutes to 4 hours, for both land and sea travel.

Optimized Travel Recommendations: For an efficient and scenic route to Koh Phangan, it's advised to combine a high-speed ferry or car ferry with a minivan service. This not only offers value but also allows you to take in the stunning coastal and island views, with optional stops at Koh Samui or Koh Tao.

Journey Beyond the Basics

From the cultural richness of Surat Thani City to the strategic ferry port, your trip encompasses more than just reaching Phangan Island. It is a gateway to exploring the Gulf of Thailand’s jewels, including the serene Ang Thong Marine Park and the bustling ferry services that connect you to Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and beyond.

Whether departing from Surat Thani Train Station or Surat Thani Airport, each transport method—be it the high-speed ferry, car ferry, or the convenience of a minivan—offers a unique perspective on Thailand’s maritime beauty.

Maximize Your Island Getaway

Your voyage from Surat Thani Train Station to Phangan Island by Minivan and Speedboat is a crucial part of your holiday narrative. With all the detailed schedules, prices, and essential travel tips provided, you’re all set for a smooth and memorable journey. Phangan Island awaits with its enchanting Full Moon Party. Its tranquil beaches promise an adventure that will stay with you for years to come. Dive into the heart of Thailand’s island paradise, where every moment is a story waiting to be told.