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Surat Thani Town: Sri Raja 1 Market Information

Surat Thani Town: Sri Raja 1 Market

Raja Office, Sri Raja 1 Market, Surat Thani Town


If you've set foot in Thailand, you've likely heard of the esteemed Raja Ferry offices. One stands proudly in Surat Thani Town, ready to sweep you off to the country's renowned locales. From Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, their comprehensive ferry and minivan services cover a wide radius. Before you set off, be there 30 minutes ahead.


Sri Raja 1 Market isn't just a bustling bazaar. It's the heartbeat of Surat Thani Town, part of the vast Surat Thani Province. Explore the streets, and the daily life's rich tapestry unfolds before you.

Every corner holds a story, and every sound anchors you deeper into the local rhythm. Talad Mai Road is just a stone's throw away, unfolding more local secrets.

Nestled gracefully along the banks of the Tapi River, Surat Thani Town radiates a charm that few cities can match. With its affectionate title as the "City of Good People", Surat Thani doesn’t just win hearts with its welcoming locals. It is also because of its pivotal role as a transportation hub.

Surat Thani's streets buzz with a distinctive energy every day. Travelers from all corners of the world walk its pathways, their backpacks filled with maps and dreams. Some are lured by the shimmering beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. Others are interested in the ancient temples and vibrant markets that hint at tales of yore.

As diverse as their backgrounds may be, there's a common thread of curiosity that binds them. Together, they search for the hidden treasures of the region. They are eager to unlock the stories and secrets that this corner of the world holds close to its heart. It's a dance of discovery, with Surat Thani playing the ever-gracious host.

The city's strategic location serves as a crossroads of adventures. To the north, the ancient and captivating city of Chiang Mai beckons with its temples and mountainous beauty. To the south, the cultural richness of Nakhon Si Thammarat awaits, with its intricate tapestry of history and tradition.

Yet, Surat Thani’s immediate neighbors hold their own magnetic appeal. A stone's throw away, the sun-kissed beaches of Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan or else. Together with numerous other islands, they form a constellation of tropical paradises, each waiting to be explored.

For those with a keen sense of adventure, Khao Sok National Park is like a call you can't resist. Located in the vast landscape of Surat Thani Province, this park is a true treasure.

Imagine walking through dense, green rainforests where every turn introduces you to a new plant or animal. The sounds of the forest, the chirping birds, and the rustling leaves create a symphony of nature.

But that's not all Surat Thani offers. If you're eager to see more of what Southern Thailand has in store, Surat Thani is your starting point. The town is home to the Surat Thani train station and a bus station.

Both of these places are like gateways. They can take you to many other exciting destinations in the region. By train or bus, Surat Thani ensures you’re on the right track to experience the best of Southern Thailand.

Koh Samui is a name many have heard, but it's so much more than a simple island. Think of it as a vast canvas painted with shades of blue and gold. Here, the warm sun kisses the sparkling sea, and each morning feels like a fresh start.

When you step onto its sandy shores, it's as if every grain of sand has a tale to whisper. Some stories talk about the fishermen who have called this place home for generations. Others tell tales of travelers, like you, who came seeking peace or adventure and found both.

You can see children playing along the shoreline, their laughter echoing with pure joy. And not far off, there's the soft hum of local markets and the distant beats from festive celebrations. The trees sway with the breeze, and it's almost like they're dancing to the rhythm of life on this island.

In short, Koh Samui isn't just a dot on the map. It's a world in itself, waiting for you to explore and become a part of its ongoing story. From there, a short ferry ride can take you to Koh Phangan, globally renowned for its vibrant moonlit festivities.

Koh Samui often basks in the limelight of traveler tales. Its neighboring islands, Pha Ngan and Ko Tao, linger in the shadows. They offer an uncharted world of wonder.

Think of them as the unsung duet of the Gulf of Thailand. They are harmoniously existing side by side, yet each holding its own unique charm.

Pha Ngan, for many, is synonymous with its famed full moon parties. But delve deeper and you'll uncover a haven of pristine beaches that seem untouched by time. Envision beaches barely touched by human footsteps, offering serene solitude.

There, the hypnotic crash of waves becomes your sole companion, uninterrupted by the world's clamor. It’s a place where local fishermen still cast their nets in the traditional way. Children's laughter mingles with the melodies of the island's native birds.

And then there's Ko Tao. If Pha Ngan is the melody, Ko Tao is the rhythm. This island is a diver's dream. Beneath its waters lies a world brimming with life where vibrant coral reefs play host to a myriad of marine creatures.

Beneath the water's shimmering surface lies a realm of enchantment. Playful clownfish dance nimbly among vibrant anemones. Majestic sea turtles, age-old travelers of the deep, glide with a serene elegance.

Each movement, each flutter of a fin, paints a scene of pure magic. It's an underwater ballet, waiting for an audience to witness its beauty.

These twin islands, though lesser sung in popular songs, hold mysteries and beauty that can rival any famed destination. Together, they invite travelers to step off the beaten path, to discover seclusion and wonder in their purest forms. In the grand tapestry of Thailand's islands, Pha Ngan and Ko Tao stand out as exquisite threads, weaving stories of nature, culture, and the simple joys of life.

Raja Office doesn’t just stop at islands. Their extended services reach up to Ang Thong and the Ban Don pier. Plus, a myriad of travel agents ensure personalized experiences tailored to every traveler's whim.


Surat Thani, with its city pillar shrine standing as a testament to its rich history, is not merely a point on a map. It's where dreams meet reality, where travelers chart their own tales.

Raja Office, standing tall in Sri Raja 1 Market, is your compass in this vast expanse. Whether your heart yearns for the wild jungles of Khao Sok or the serene waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the bus terminal, the train station, and the ever-efficient Raja Office ensure your journey is nothing short of epic.

Things to Know:

The City Pillar Shrine in Surat Thani is a symbol of the town's spirit and resilience.

Raja Office's ferry services are among the most reliable in Southern Thailand.

Don't forget to visit Ang Thong Marine Park, a cluster of islands offering breathtaking vistas.

Travel agents in Surat Thani Town provide bespoke packages, making island-hopping seamless.

The bus terminal connects Surat Thani to major cities like Chiang Mai and beyond.

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