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Trang Train Station Information

Trang Train Station

Trang Train Station: Thailand's Rail Adventures!


Opening its doors in April 1913, Trang Train Station, an integral part of the trains in Thailand network. It has been a pivotal landmark in the annals of rail travel. It’s a masterpiece designed by the French.

Now operated by the State Railway of Thailand, this train station sits in Thap Thiang, heart of Mueang Trang district. The station is busiest in July and August and has all the necessary facilities travelers need. There are also kiosks where you can grab tasty snacks and treats.

With a plethora of taxis outside, moving to the town's hotels is a breeze. And from here? The world of Thai railways, from 3rd class seats to special express routes, opens up. Key journeys include routes to Bangkok, Sam Sen, Kantang, Thung Song, and Nakhon Si Thammarat.


Around Trang Train Station, the atmosphere pulses with energy. Outside, taxis await to transport you across town. Inside, travelers explore the intricacies of buying tickets, choosing between class seats, and planning their journeys.

Trang Town is an embodiment of Southern Thailand's charm. Meandering streets introduce you to local markets, captivating history, and delectable cuisines. Trang’s rich tapestry captures the spirit of Southern Thailand.

Trang Train Station is more than a mere stop; it's the gateway to Thailand's rail adventures. Whether you're hopping onto a 3rd class coach or settling into a 2nd class air-conditioned seat, the routes promise discovery. Trang Train Station provides routes to several iconic destinations, notably Bangkok. Among these, the train journey from Bangkok to Hua Lamphong stands out as a favorite among travelers.

Everyone sees and feels the charm of Bangkok. Beyond the cityscape lies Hua Hin, accessible from Hua Lamphong, a serene coastal town promising relaxation. From Sam Sen and Thung Song, the vicinity of Bangkok, a fusion of historical charm and nature’s embrace unfolds. Kantang, though, remains a traveler's dream. Its piers, such as Hat Yao and Hua Hin, act as springboards to tranquil beaches. Further adventures await with connections to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.


The Trang Train Station is a cornerstone of the State Railway of Thailand. It is more than just a station. It's a window into the diverse world of trains in Thailand.

From the hustle of buying tickets to deciding between 3rd class and class sleeper options, every journey is unique. Opt for the special express for a comfortable journey or take the north eastern line to explore more remote treasures.

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a must-experience journey for visitors. Additionally, the Nong Khai train is another popular train route among many travelers. On your journey, whether to Bangkok's lively streets or Hua Hin's peaceful beaches, each moment matters. The memories you make are just as important as the places you visit.

Things to know:

The French established the Trang Train Station, but the State Railway of Thailand now manages it.

The station experiences its peak rush during July and August.

For those new to trains in Thailand, there's a variety of options from 3rd class to sleeper trains.

Trang Train Station offers a wide range of train services, connecting travelers to various destinations across Thailand.

Connections from Trang can lead you to beach paradises like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Address : Thap Thiang Subdistrict, Mueang Trang District, Trang Province 92000 Thailand