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Ao Por Pier Information

Ao Por Pier

Start Your Phuket Adventure at Ao Por Pier!


Welcome to Ao Por Pier – the place where your Phuket adventure begins! This lively pier is your doorway to Phuket's cool island vibes and awesome sights. It's in a good spot and has tons of fun stuff, making Ao Por Pier a must-visit spot for your trip.

Right in Phuket, Ao Por Pier (also known as Ao Po Pier) is the place to be for fun. As soon as you step off, you'll feel the warm breeze and know that exciting things are ahead. From here, you can start exploring and find all sorts of cool stuff that makes Phuket special.

Ao Por Pier is the launchpad for exciting island-hopping journeys. Ferries departing from here will take you to fantastic places like the mesmerizing Phi Phi Islands.

These ferries make it easy to hop from Ao Por Pier to the captivating Phi Phi, where you can bask in stunning beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant local culture. The journey on these ferries is not just a ride, it's an adventure in itself!


Ao Por Pier is like a mix of helpful things and amazing nature. They've got all the modern things to make your travels easy and get you to cool places. It's also in a perfect spot to help you go island hopping, where you can check out awesome beaches, green scenery, and colorful markets.

The pier is right by the blue Andaman Sea. You'll see all kinds of boats and fancy yachts parked there, showing off the place's history. You can even take a boat to Phang Nga Bay, known for its tall rocky formations and beautiful blue waters. Find out more about Phang Nga Bay and get ready for a nature-filled adventure.

Ferries to Phi Phi Islands: One of the most popular routes from Ao Por Pier is to the iconic Phi Phi Islands. These ferries offer a memorable voyage to the Phi Phi Islands, including the breathtaking Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Departing regularly, these ferries from Ao Por Pier give you the chance to experience the stunning beauty of Phi Phi's landscapes and the vibrant local atmosphere.

Exploring Koh Yao Noi: Another amazing destination accessible from Ao Por Pier is the serene Koh Yao Noi. Just a ferry ride away, this tranquil island is a haven for those seeking a peaceful escape. Koh Yao Noi's unspoiled beaches, lush greenery, and laid-back atmosphere create a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle. Whether you want to cycle through quaint villages, enjoy stunning sunset views, or simply relax on pristine shores, Koh Yao Noi offers an authentic Thai experience away from the crowds.

Venturing to Racha Island (Koh Racha): For a dash of adventure and vibrant marine life, set sail from Ao Por Pier to Racha Island, also known as Koh Racha. This tropical paradise consists of two main islands, Racha Yai and Racha Noi, each offering unique experiences. Racha Yai is famous for its clear waters, making it a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving.

Swim alongside colorful fish and explore vibrant coral reefs. On the other hand, Racha Noi is less developed and offers a quieter ambiance, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility. With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse underwater world, Racha Island promises a day of exploration and relaxation.

If you're into peaceful spots, Ao Por Grand Marina is for you. This fancy marina has all sorts of boats and cool restaurants right by the water. You can take a leisurely walk, see the awesome boats, and grab some tasty food. It's a great spot for a relaxed afternoon.


So, there you have it – Ao Por Pier is your gateway to all things awesome in Phuket. With its great location, handy facilities, and nearby attractions, you can't miss it. Whether you're a sea lover or a culture explorer, Ao Por Pier is the place to start your journey.

Things to Know:

Island Fun: Use Ao Por Pier to check out nearby islands like Koh Yao Noi and Koh Phi Phi – they're super cool and offer different experiences.

Market Magic: Don't forget to explore the local markets near Ao Por. You can buy cool souvenirs and fresh snacks there.

Underwater Wonders: The waters around Ao Por are full of amazing fish and stuff underwater. You can try snorkeling or diving to see them up close.

Culture Time: If you're into culture, visit places like Wat Ao Por Thalang – it's a special temple close by with lots of history.

Sunset Show: The sunsets at Ao Por Pier are just stunning. Get your camera ready to capture the beauty.

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