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Laanta Lanta Festival 2024

Laanta Lanta Festival 2024 Festival, Exhibition

Laanta Lanta Festival is one of the nicest events you're likely to find. Set inside the authentic Old Town of Lanta Island, the festival is a rich celebration of the peaceful cultural diversity among the island's people. It's a chance for the various ethnic groups to say thanks to each other, displaying the best of their own art and customs to each other and to all visitors, who of course are welcomed with open arms. It's a very inclusive environment - there'll be stalls encouraging you to try some local "Batik" painting or other forms of art. Hey, maybe you'll discover the artist in you here!

Naturally, you are likely to find a wonderful variety of flavours and aromas as you walk around. So many tasty options to discover in festivals such as this one. You'll also find fine cultural arts such as "Toi Pa Nun", the hand crafting of Toi leaves.

The performances are magical, with the traditional "Rong Ngen" singing and dancing amidst other great traditional Thai performances. A beachside stage offers more contemporary jazz and reggae music to get that party started, and nearby the local "Chao Le" (Sea Gypsies) will conduct a special "boat floating" ceremony to promote peace and prosperity for the event and the island's coming months.

Lanta Old Town's ambience is definitely something to see with its teakwood-lined streets and stilted restaurants that stand on the water. It has a real authentic Andaman island charm about it, and during the festival its beauty is enhanced by colourfully lit lanterns adorning the streets. Its really an event for the whole family. The festive, joyful atmosphere and warm hospitality will surely touch your heart and leave you wanting to return again to this island of rich and harmonious cultural expression.

Dates: TBA
Location: Koh Lanta Old Town, Krabi

日期 1-31 三月 2024
时间 08:00-24:00
Locations 兰达岛
价格 N/A