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How to Get from Phuket Airport to Koh Lanta and Vice Versa

How to Get from Phuket Airport to Koh Lanta and Vice Versa
30 April 2018

Getting from Phuket Airport to Koh Lanta or the other way around can be a hectic process that requires some planning. But we are ready for the challenge as we ease your process, so you can focus on other things like planning your itinerary. Traveling the world is an amazing experience, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks difficulties. It requires a lot of strategizing and logistics, as you look for the most comfortable and convenient option. We are here to make your planning process much easier.

If you are coming from Phuket Airport, you should take a taxi or a minivan to Rassada Pier. The minivan is recommended if you’re looking for a cheaper option. However, if you are seeking more comfort and have a flexible budget, then the taxi will be good for you. If you are coming from Koh Lanta and get off at Rassada Pier or another one, then you will mostly be transported to Phuket Airport by a minivan.

There are a few options which you can choose from, and here is the first:


Saladan PierThe ferry option is of course highly recommended as it is a combination of all the things you may want. It is cheap, it is comfortable, and it is safe.

Ferries depart multiple times a day, you will find a ferry that fits almost every schedule and the price is affordable; it ranges from 600 THB to 1100THB. Travel time is also very flexible and differs from one time to another, and it usually ranges from 1:15 hours up to 5:00 hours (the whole trip), that is without including the travel time from the airport to the pier or from the pier to the airport.

Note that schedules include two ferry rides instead of one. As one ferry will take you to Koh Phi Phi first which takes about 2 hours to get there and from Koh Phi Phi, you will take another ferry to Lanta or Phuket (depending on your route) which will take about 1 hour, all included in the ticket. So, total travel time is about 3 hours, not including the waiting time you will spend in Koh Phi Phi which is about 1 hour.

You can check all the schedules and book right here

Make sure you have your printed an E-ticket with you when you get to the pier.

The price of the ferry does not include the entrance fee of 20 THB (which is subject to change).

Try to book ahead especially if you are booking during the high season.

There is a money back guarantee for cancellations prior to 48 hours before ferry departure.

Speed Boat

Speed BoatA speedboat is an option for those who have no time to waste but more money to spend.

Speedboats also have packed schedules and depart multiple times a day. The travel time is usually 1 hour and 35 minutes, however, it may stop between the islands. And the price is not too high, it ranges from 1000 THB to 1500 THB.

When you compare a speedboat to a ferry you should weigh your possibilities well. The speedboat is quicker and will save some of your time for activities and exploration but on the hand the ferry is less expensive and gives you time to do some sightseeing when you are on board. But the decision is always up to you!

Note that the schedules are always up for change and delay due to the changing weather conditions. This trip is not suitable for pregnant women, infants, children under 3 years of age, or people that suffer from heart or back problems or other physical impediments.

Weather Conditions

Lanta IslandIn Thailand, there are always unexpected and sudden weather changes including in Phuket and Koh Lanta. So, be prepared for any cancellations or delay in schedules.

In Thailand, there are two touristic seasons, the high season and the offseason. You probably want to know about the high season first. The high season is almost half of the year, 5 months out of 12. The driest and busiest time is from November to April, with ideal weather in February, January, and December. Anyway, Lanta is not as crowded and visited in the high season as Phuket.

Rainfall is heavy during May and June, but the rainfall slightly decreases in July and August. The rain makes a full and heavy come back in September and October, then it slows down in November to welcome all tourists coming into Thailand entering the new season.

The best thing during the low season, aside from getting the beaches all to yourself is the very cheap accommodation compared to the high season. However, there aren’t as many choices to choose from.

In the offseason the weather is very spontaneous and unpredictable. Some days there will have heavy rainfall and storms breaking, and others it will be crystal clear and dry. By the end of April, the rain will almost be over. Further, into the rainy season, unpredictable events may happen such as power cuts and rescheduling of activities, or boat trips due to dangerous storms breaking.

Places to visit in Koh Lanta

Saladan Market

Saladan Market

Thailand will never disappoint you when it comes to shopping opportunities. With that said, Saladan Market is unlike no other you have ever seen as it is perched on stilts in the water which makes it look like it is a floating market. The market is very similar to a fisherman’s village as it has many shops and restaurants that allow you to buy almost anything you want.

Saladan Market is very close to the ferries so almost everyone passes by it during their travel time, and it is very popular among the tourists. The market has everything from shops to offices and banks. What is better than chilling with the beautiful sea underneath you as it casts its waves back and forth while feasting on the most incredible seafood collection. It is definitely a must do.

Klong Chak Waterfall

Klong Chak Waterfall

Imagine yourself chasing waterfalls in the jungle and suddenly you come to witness a hidden waterfall, you will feel that you have discovered a treasure. After you pass an elephant tour you will start to walk to a small jungle that will thicken gradually as you trek deeper and deeper inside. At the end of the day you will find yourself walking alongside a stream with no choice but to walk in the waterfall, not around it.

The waterfall doesn’t have much water during the high season, but still it is very impressive and has a powerful flow that will sometimes be able to knock you over. There is a pool at the bottom end of the waterfall, which has red sand and crystal-clear water which will make you feel like you are in a surreal dream. This is a very accessible and easy adventure that you will never forget.

In Conclusion

Nothing really compares to the ferry! It is cheap and has various schedules especially in the high season along with being very comfortable and safe. Also, it has a bonus of giving you time to appreciate the islands and the amazing emerald waters and even maybe take some beautiful photos for your personal enjoyment.

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