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How to Get from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta and Vice Versa

How to Get from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta and Vice Versa
12 April 2018

The route from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta and back is one of the most important routes in Thailand. They are very different from each other though they are only 1 hour apart by ferry.

They both have their very own unique features and characters; Koh Lanta is very chill and laid back, but is also packed with natural sights and beautiful beaches. Contrary to Koh Phi Phi, it has a very impressive and wild nightlife and it has busy beaches along with being very touristic and more crowded.

Now it’s time to get to the really important question of
how to get from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi and vice versa

By Ferry

FerryFerries are a great option and probably the best one when traveling from Lanta to Koh Phi Phi and vice versa. It combines both comfort and low price and offers really high-quality service.

Here are the steps for getting a ferry:

First of all, you get the ticket at the pier or purchase it online right here at
Phuket Ferry Schedule & Prices.
Try to get the ticket a day prior to your departing date, and bear in mind that in the low season which is from April to November, there are fewer ferries that run daily because of fewer crowds. Also, unexpected weather conditions may cause it to be dangerous to travel by sea. Other than that, the ferries run daily with frequent trips.

The ticket costs about 400 THB to 800 THB at the time of this writing. The ferry ticket includes minibus or truck trip from your hotel to Tonsai pier or Saladan Pier. The ticket does not include the entrance fee which costs about 20 THB.

When you get to the ferry you will be asked to place your heavy luggage on the top so, make sure it is covered or waterproofed in case of rainfall.

The trip takes about an hour on the ferry. And don’t be surprised when you get to Koh Phi Phi and are asked to pay a 20 THB environmental fee.

By Speed Boat

Speed BoatA speedboat is a great option when traveling between Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. It is very different than a ferry when it comes to trip time and pricing as it makes it quicker to get there but at the same time, it is more expensive.

The speedboat journey takes about 30 minutes to reach your destination whether it’s Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi. And the price ranges from 20,000 THB to 23,500 THB.

The transfer usually includes a pick up from your pier whether it’s from Saladan Pier or Tonsai Pier.

A private speedboat will take you on a fantastic and exciting boat ride to your destination.

The trip takes about 30 minutes, but it depends on the condition of the weather.

By Taxi/Minivan

Taxi/MinivanMinivan and taxi are uncommon options when traveling from Phi Phi to Ko Lanta and back because there are no transports that take you directly from one destination to the other.

If you are in Koh Lanta you will have to take a van to Krabi Town and then from there, you must take a ferry to Koh Phi Phi. You will do the same thing if you take a taxi.

However, we don’t recommend this option because it is tiring and will waste a lot of your time and money.

When to go?

Viking CaveBoth Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi are gorgeous places which can be visited all year long, but that doesn’t mean that there are better times to visit than others. We will tell you that when it is the best time to go there. But, of course, it’s your call!

Traveling to Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi may be possible in the wet season but you will find many restaurants and bungalows not open for business due to the heavy weather conditions. But on the plus side of traveling in the offseason, you will have so much space to yourself with little to no distraction.

The weather is completely unpredictable and you may come across weeks when there is no rainfall, especially at the end of April. But then on the other side of the spectrum, it may rain even when there is a monsoon going on. Later in the rainy season, some accidents may happen like power cuts and rescheduling of activities like boat trips or scuba diving due to heavy storms breaking out.

You probably want to know about the high season. The high season is almost half of the year, 5 months out of 12. The driest and busiest time is from November to April, with ideal weather in 3 months which includes February, January, and December. Bear in mind that Koh Lanta is not as busy as Koh Phi Phi in the high season.

Maya BayRainfall is heavy during May and June but it becomes slightly less wet in July and August, and comes back heavily in September and October, and then slowing down in November to welcome all tourists coming to Thailand’s luscious land entering the new season.

The best thing during the low season aside from having the beaches all to yourself is the very cheap accommodation compared to the high season, although the accommodation choices are limited.

This is noticeable more on Koh Lanta as it is more chill and less populated than Koh Phi Phi with its vibrant nightlife.

Places to visit in Koh Phi Phi

Moo Dee Bay

Moo Dee Bay

Also known as Loh Moo Dee in Thai, this island has a big and beautiful sandy beach which is about 500 meters long, located in Koh Phi Phi Don, on the east coast. Snorkelers will have so much fun there, as it is home to many snorkeling spots and activities.

Loh Moo Dee is very different from Koh Phi Phi as it is more secluded and has fewer crowds, and is very quiet and relaxing. You will find a spot to get some refreshments and snacks called “Rasta Run”, which is a shack that sells all kinds of things from drinks to edible delicious treats.

Tip: the price of water there is very high due to how secluded and unpopulated the place is, so don’t hesitate to bring your own water if you want to.

Bambooo Island

Bamboo Island

One of the 6 islands in the Koh Phi Phi region located south of Krabi province and also one of the best. It is a 600m wide and 700m long embodiment of a tropical dream come to life. The island is completely surrounded by a white sand strip and the central part has vibrant looking vegetation which is filled with bamboo plants, giving the island its name.

With a great presentation of flora and fauna and deep emerald waters, it is irresistible to snorkeling lovers all around Thailand. This island is also one of the most visited places in Koh Phi Phi and there are many tours conducted to go there, so don’t be surprised when you see crowds or tourists all around, especially if you are traveling during the high season.

It also has bars that serve snacks and drinks, as well as tents if you want to stay and spend the night on this beautiful island.

Places to visit in Koh Lanta

Saladan Market

Saladan Market

Like almost all the islands in Asia, it never disappoints when it comes to shopping in a market. However, this market is unlike any other market as it is located right on the water. It is actually like a fisherman’s village with so many restaurants and shops all over, perched on stilts in the water so it won’t sink.

Saladan Market is very close to the ferries, so almost anyone passes by it during their travel time and it is very popular among the tourists. The market has everything from shops to offices, as well as banks. It offers everything and is recommended if you are craving some food in the nighttime. You should head to Saladan and pick any of the restaurants there and enjoy your delicious meal over the sound of the waves along with the ebb and flow happening beneath you.

Koh Lanta National Park

Koh Lanta National Park

This park is located in the far south of the island and offers various activities and dynamic scenery. It is a very suitable place to take a nature walk which will probably take about an hour and a half to complete. The walk will take you along the path to see many different types of plants, trees, and the infamous monkeys, along with other exotic wildlife.

The beaches on this island are incredible! It is one of the favorite things that travelers of Koh Lanta like to see. They like to relax there and hear the sound of the waves coming from the serene and calm water. There are also ravishing pathways lined with coconut trees. When anyone visits this park they never want to leave.

To sum up

The ferry is the best way to get from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi and from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta because it’s cheap and also very comfortable.

Taxis and minivans are available, but they are not a direct transport and very expensive, therefore, they are unpractical.

Speedboats save you some time however, it is also expensive and can be uncomfortable sometimes due to bumping along, and some people get dizzy from the high speed of the boat.

Because ferries are the best option, we offer you the best service in town.
Pack your bags and book with us now!

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