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How to Travel from Phuket to Krabi and Vice Versa

How to Travel from Phuket to Krabi and Vice Versa
5 April 2018

Planning a trip can be hard; booking tickets, finding accommodation, deciding on what to pack with you and last but not least knowing the best and most efficient way to get around the islands. And this is exactly when we come in to save the day, we have dug in a little deep to find a lot of information that will surely help you on your journey.

We have gathered all your questions and dissected each question precisely, and we hope we have answered them all in this article.

I know there are a lot of questions that are going through your mind right now like: How to travel from Phuket to Krabi? Or what is the best way when getting from Phuket to Krabi? And when I’m in Krabi how do I go to Phuket? And so on. These are all frequently asked questions that will be answered thoroughly in this article.

Driving/Overland from Phuket to Krabi (vice versa)

Figuring out how to go from Phuket to Krabi can be confusing as there is many options, and it’s hard to decide what is the best way. We will break down for you every option in detail to make you decision a little easier.


TaxiGetting from Phuket to Krabi by taxi is a great option, for those who prefer not to drive or afraid of car rentals but still want to travel overland, taking a taxi will be an option but expect to pay from 2500 to 3800 THB per journey that depends on what location in Phuket you are travelling from or to.

This option has a benefit of taking you from and to the exact location you intend to go or get picked up from instead of being dropped off or picked up at certain stops.

Bus/Mini Bus

Bus/Mini BusIf you are a fan of rapid change of speed and rollercoaster rides and saving some money then this transportation is the best one for you, but don’t worry accidents rarely happen in Thailand, Bus drivers in Thailand are usually slow at first as they go from hotel to another hotel picking up the passengers you will instantly forgive the slow pace at the start once the process of picking up passengers is done, because the bus driver always makes up for the start and takes on a very manic way of driving as the driver is weaving through to get you to your destination ( which is usually a bus station ) as fast as possible.

Once you arrive you will need a taxi to go to your hotel, tickets cost about 450 THB from any travel agent and the journey takes about 3 to 4 hours, you don’t need to book in advance as these services go all day – all year round.

There are cheaper governmental buses that costs about one way 200 THB, but they only take you to and from Krabi Town and Phuket Town, so put in your consideration the cost of a taxi from these locations to your desired location.

Government buses run every 2 hours till afternoon from early in the morning, you must buy tickets directly at the bus station as you don’t need to book in advance.

Rental Car

Rental CarIf you are self-dependent then why not drive to Phuket? Instead of taking a taxi or a minivan, car companies usually have pick-ups and drop offs at different places and the journey depending on the traffic and the location which you are going takes about 2 to 3 hours which is about 150 to 190km, the south road take longer than the northern one.

The road is well kept and is filled with signs as well as GPS always works all over Thailand, but sometimes they make reconstructions and improvements on many roads, so roads can be on serious delays.

Make sure of the road which you are going before you take the wheel.

By Boat/Sea

Ferry BoatIn order to get from Phuket to Krabi by sea you have to pass across Phang Nga Bay, and it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t take advantage of this by going on a cruise as you will see a number of amazing and breathtaking islands.

The trip is relatively quick however, you need to calculate your travel time from your location to or from the pier, ferry companies often give passengers a car pick up service that precedes the departure time by 1 to 2 hours.

Be careful when you book in the low season which is from May to October as the boats don’t operate as frequently as in the high season which is from November to April.

By Speed Boat

Speed BoatSpeedboats are an expensive option but as you spend money you will also save some time. Speedboats leave from north east of Phuket at Bang Rong Pier and you can also travel to Ao Nang from Koh Yao, these services are always ongoing through the year and only stopped during May to October which is the monsoon season and only if the sea and weather conditions are not safe for any journeys.

Speedboat is the quickest way to get from Phuket to Krabi, the trip takes about an hour and 20 minutes.

And it costs about 1250 THB.


FerryPassenger ferries travel between Nopparat Thara Pier in Ao Nang and Rassada Pier in the south of Phuket only once a day in the high season and three times a week in the low season on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, the trip takes about two hours and fifteen minutes and it costs about 750 THB.

If you are travelling by ferry in the low season on a Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and you want to get to Krabi Town, we have a different way for you through Phi Phi, first of all you need to book a ferry in the early morning from Krabi to Phi Phi or Phuket to Phi Phi, and once you are there take the afternoon boat, this is for travelers who have a day to waste as you don’t have time to explore Phi Phi that much because you will carry your luggage as you change from ferry to ferry and the pier has no storage for your luggage. But you can still have a pleasant lunch at the beach.

Travelling from Krabi Airport to Phuket

Krabi AirportThe easiest option is to go to the booths at the Airport and they will manage your whole trip to the hotel with some transfers in between, which costs about 500 to 600 THB or even more per 1 person. Another option is the Taxi although it is quite expensive, it is the easiest option there is as it is really quick to find because taxis are always going around the airport looking for passengers.

You can always take the Airport shuttle bus which costs about 90 THB and go for the nearest bust station and then take a bus to Phuket which usually costs about 150 THB, this is a very tiring and time-consuming option but you will save money.

Another solution for the equation of getting to Phuket from Krabi is the ferry, ferries are the best option because it is a journey in itself as you will get to see the beautiful clear waters and all the breathtaking islands you will encounter on your way.

Places to stop by along the way

When getting from Phuket to Krabi, you won’t be able to stop by any place if you choose to travel by minivan or bus, but if you choose the boat you could stop for a night in Koh Yao whether it’s a speedboat or taking 2 ferries and change at Phi Phi. And if you choose to drive or take a taxi, then there is much to do on your way there.

Monkey Cave Temple (Kuha)

Wat Suwan KuhaWat Suwan Kuha also known as the Cave Temple, is a temple near Phang Nga town, the temple is called the Cave Temple because it is built inside a complex of numerous caves and has a lot of statues including the 15-meter long statue of Buddha which is also the biggest statue there, at the entrance of the cave you will find a lot of stalls to purchase food to feed the monkeys which can be seen frequently there, but look out for your things! As these monkeys are not shy from taking what doesn’t belong to them, the entrance to the cave costs about 20 baht (which is the currency in Thailand), there is a lot of stairs leading to different caves one of the caves lead to a tiny forest that have benches so you can relax, there is lighting inside the caves with the help of the light from the openings of the cave which gives off a mystical vibe, the biggest cave there is called Tham Yai which is located at the lower level and has a great memorial, a tribute to one of the most important men in the region, the temple is a very touristic location so don’t be surprised by the crowds! It is highly recommended.

Wat Bang Riang

Wat Bang RiangJust out on the curbs of Ao Nang, lies an amazing temple complex called Wat Bang Riang, you can reach this temple on the way when you get from Phuket to Krabi. Temple means Wat in Thai, Bang Riang temple is located right on the peak of Khao Lan mountain in the area of Thap Put, it is estimated 30 km far from Phang Nga Town and close to Krabi western most district Ao Luk.

This amazing temple will leave you longing for it after you leave it, from its stunning views to the amazingly detailed statues, you will find no lack of impressive sights to behold.

The temple combines both Chinese and Thai styles of architecture, it consists of 3 areas the first one is where monks keep some of the Buddha’s remains from cremation, and in the center, you will find a giant statue of a Buddha sitting.


There are some things you need to bear in mind when you are visiting such holy places, be cautious because religious matters are sensitive topics and need to be taken quite seriously, even if you might disagree with some of the belief system.

Don’t worry though as we will guide you through all the precautions you need to take for the best traveling experience:

Never higher than a Buddha: in the Buddhist religion, Buddha's figures are the main icon; based on that Buddhist people has a tradition of never standing higher than a Buddha statue, it means you will probably have to get on your knees sometimes.

Show respect: this is very important, not just when you are visiting temples but anywhere in Thailand, Locals are very serious about their religions and they are devoted followers. You probably don’t want to offend anyone during your vacation.

Wear the proper clothing: I know that the weather in Thailand is hot and you probably want to walk around in shorts or bathing suits all day which you can do all over the beaches there, but temples have a certain discretion and you can’t just walk in wearing whatever you want, instead you should look for clothes that cover your shoulders and legs especially if you are a woman.

Smoking and drinking: as usual, smoking tobacco or any type of cigarettes along with drinking alcohol are forbidden in public spaces including temples and surrounding areas. In addition, fees are really high and may include even jailtime.

About footwear: in order to enter at some of the temples, every person is asked to take the shoes off; if it is the case, you will to let them out of the building. What we recommend is to wear simple footwear, not the most expensive one; it does not happen very often yet you definitely do not want to get out of the temple and find out that your very new fancy pair of shoes has vanished.

Ask before taking photos: in some places, sometimes locals has rules about not taking pictures, especially inside of the buildings. The best option you have is to ask one of the guides or employees before taking out your camera, better to be sure.

Other interesting places to visit on your way traveling from Phuket to Krabi

Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee (Floating Muslim Village)

Koh Panyee is a very small island, most of its space is huge limestone cliffs, all the services, houses, restaurants, shacks and huts all over the island are built on stilts inside the sea. It is seriously an engineering marvel because it is literally a floating village. At first the only industry this Muslim village had was fishing but nowadays fishing takes the 2nd place after tourism, because this wonderous village has many visitors beholding its beauty every year, the village has a mosque, a school, a health center, some big restaurants facing the sea of course and offering delicious sea food dinners and lunch and the village also contains a handful of souvenir shops and recently has bungalows which are equipped for accommodation for the price off 300 THB.

The villagers there are very simple, nice and kind, they are used to having tourists come by the village so they know how to convince tourists to come back without saying a word.

Getting to this amazing village needs a boat as it is floating in the sea, so you can rent a longtail boat from Surakul Pier for 1700 THB and you can split the check because the boat can take up to 10 passengers.

Krabi Town

Krabi Town

Home to 25,000 people, small but has a tranquilizing atmosphere despite being a huge touristic capital. Krabi is a place of many different attractions like the “Krabi Emerald Pool”: located in Thung Teao Forest Natural Park which is a rainforest that you can have a nature trek in and spot the most exotic and rare animals you could find along with its colorful flora and fauna, one of the main locations in the park is the Emerald Pool, it will take you 800 meters through the forest pathway to reach the pool and don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent along the pathway, but once you get to the emerald green clear sparkling water it is way worth it!

The pool is also installed with a ladder to help you in and out of the water.

“Krabi Hot Springs”: is a different aquatic experience also in Thung Teao Forest Natural Park as this one has healing powers beyond what you can imagine.

A wild natural Jacuzzi with mineral salts that will soothe your muscles and evaporate all your worries away.

Places to visit when you’re going from Krabi to Phuket

Phuket Town

Phuket Town

If you want to get a taste of some of Phuket's rich culture and history, then the Old Phuket Town is the first place you should see, best time to visit is early in the morning or at the end of your day, it's filled with private and public museums along with shrines, temples, shophouses and a mini ex-red light district, it's also a place for a lovely picnic, and don't worry there are cafés and restaurants to keep you refreshed along the day, you can also shop for a souvenir to keep at the Amulet Market, there is also at the Phuket Town a Thavorn Hotel Museum that is filled with antiques and photos, Jui Tui Shrine is another place to deepen your knowledge of Thailand’s culture and gain a foresight to your future and grab some fortune sticks along with fortune paper in Chinese and Thai Old Phuket Town makes everyone feel the nostalgia of the good old days even if you didn’t live through them.

Jame Bond Island (Koh Tapu)

James Bond Island (Koh Tapu)

One of the most famous landmarks of Phang Nga Bay, it first found international fame through the very famous The Man with The Golden Gun.

This bay has a very special distinction which is its beautiful limestone cliffs that come out of the blazing green emerald water, this island is under the national protection so no one can get too close to island as it is a major attraction especially after its starring role in the film.

Temples in Phuket

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is one of the most important and revered temples in Thailand and it is heavily visited by a large number of people, with its small pieces of glass that shines a holy reflecting light on the pagodas, Wat Chalong hosts country fairs on the holidays, and you can see wonderful Buddhist statues like Poh Than Jao Wat located in the old hall of the temple, you will find two statues one of them is an elderly grandpa named Ta Khee-lek who is a famous Thai that won a lot of lotteries after the blessing of the Poh Than Jao Wat statue, the temple has a grand pagoda which has been decorated by cultural paintings depicting Lord Buddha’s life story, as you can also see an exhibition home which is air conditioned this exhibition home belongs to Luang Poh Chuang it presents life sized wax figures of Luang Poh Gleum, Luang Poh Chuang, and Luang Pu Thuad, Luang Poh Cham decorated with Thai antique furniture.

If you want more of the things to do while you are in Phuket;

Check out this article here!

We conclude that

The best way from Krabi to Phuket or from Phuket to Krabi: is by ferry or by a car rental, when the weather is fine traveling by a ferry could be very special as you have a cruise down these amazing sceneries. And travelling by car will let you explore more the places you will meet on your way (some mentioned above).

Fastest way going from Phuket to Krabi or from Krabi to Phuket: is by speedboat if you are staying in the northern part of the island and by ferry if you are on the southern part of the island.

Cheapest way getting from Phuket to Krabi or From Krabi to Phuket: is by ferry or a shared minivan especially when you are travelling with a group of people.

Wondering how to get from Krabi to Phuket or vice versa? Well wonder no more as Phuketferry got you covered!

Just relax and book with us right now!