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Traveling in Phuket with Kids

Traveling in Phuket with Kids
28 March 2018

Phuket Island is such a wonderful place, it is an incredible combination of astonishing beaches, tropical weather, lovely people and a myriad of things to do. Planning a family trip to the Pearl of the Andaman Sea will leave every member of the family with the most beautiful memories.

Phuket is a diverse place; yet, different from what many travelers think, not everything is about partying and drinking, this beautiful island has space for all. However, traveling with kids needs a bit of planning and in short time the perfect holiday will be set.

It is known that kids get bored so easily, yet be sure it will not happen in Phuket, it has infinite possibilities, there are many places the family can enjoy equally both grown-ups and little ones.

In this article, we have gathered everything a traveler needs to know about going to Phuket with children; we are here to help you have the most incredible time of your lives!

Maya Bay

How to get there

Phuket is an island that has an International Airport, which means both sea and air are possible options to get into the island. Moreover, the most frequent and affordable one is by sea (and the most fun too!).

Every day a myriad of ferries and fast boats arrive in Phuket and departs to different destinations. has the widest offers of ferry tickets to get into Phuket easy and the best prices in the market.

Ferries are safe and comfortable; the float is modern and equipped with the necessary number of lifejackets and other resources. Ferries allow children, which makes it a perfect transportation to begin and end the most wonderful trip you can have as a family.

There are certain conditions that should be considered before booking, such as some trips doesn’t allow children under 3 years old or pregnant women. Moreover, it can be solved by simply asking a customer service agent.

Where to stay?

Phuket has areas for each purpose; some of them are perfect for partying, some others for shopping, maybe meeting the culture, having fun or being isolated. When traveling with kids, looking for a place to stay is an important part of the planning process.

There is a wide list of things that must be considered before choosing the right accommodation so you can ensure every member of the family has a fantastic holiday. Matters such as likes, budget, types of activities and location are very important.

Here we set up top 5 of the best beaches to stay when having a family trip, for the exact reasons that make them the acutest choices to sleepover in Phuket.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

First of all, the beach is just amazing, the purest white sand and crystal blue water looking like a postcard. Even during the high season, Kata area does not get too much crowded and both children and adults can enjoy with enough space.

At the beach, swimming, snorkeling, building sandcastles, participating in soccer or volleyball matches are some of the available options; children can splash in the water without concerning their parents as the sea is very serene in this bay.

Also, in the area you will find an excellent range of accommodation options, every budget can afford a room in this area as many hotels from different categories are settled in here. In addition, there is a good selection of restaurants and cafés from traditional Thai cuisine to international dishes.

The place is very convenient for families, especially if staying in a hotel with swimming pools and activities designed for the little ones.

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach

It is one of the most tranquil places in the island, this type of isolation is gently appreciated by families who are looking for comfort and beautiful spaces to have a good time together, it can easily happen in Kamala Beach.

About the beach, it is just flawless: the finest white sand and the most vivid blue water combined in this amazing bay. Surrounded by high palm trees, Kamala beach is a majestic place to spend the day having fun and getting suntanned.

There are various restaurants located in front of the beach, there, traditional Thai and western food is served fresh and fast daily, prices are excellent just as the meals. Hotels, stores, and even beach clubs are established in the area too.

Kamala beach is safe and serene, there are not hundreds of things to do yet it is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach without spending too much money.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao Beach

If the most important thing for you is picking the most amazing hotel no matter how much it costs, Bangtao is your zone. In the middle of Bangtao Beach, there is a group of the best hotels on the island, it is known as Laguna Complex.

Moreover, something that makes this area so appealing is the fact that you can enjoy the commodities of almost every other hotel by staying in one of the complexes, they share restaurants, bars, parks, swimming pools and activities too.

In addition, on the beach there is a lot more to do, from simply swimming to paddle boarding and kayaking too; in the sand, you will find beach chairs and umbrellas for more comfort. Even if you decide to go somewhere else, Bangtao Beach is a place you should visit at least for one day, the beach is the second largest on the island and it is perfect to entertain the entire family group.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Maybe for some families, this place can be considered too wild; however, Patong is full of life and interesting things to do, including the most popular beach on the island.

From restaurants, bars, shopping centers, the beach and many more attractions, Patong Beach is the most visited area on the island. It is true that this area is far from being qualified as a “family zone” yet its location helps a lot, it is centrally located which means you will be near almost every other place on the island.

Moreover, given the fact this place is so touristic, you may find better prices because there is more competition among hotels and restaurants, you can get the same quality in comparison with lonelier places at lower places.

Even though the majority of activities in the area are not for children, the beach is good for them and there are places nearby wherein they can have tons of fun.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the Entire Island, powdery sand, and crystal blue water make the perfect combination. Moreover, Karon Beach has much more than only natural beauty.

A great variety of activities are possible in here, from snorkeling to parasailing and beach volleyball; even though Karon beach is next to crazy Patong beach, this zone is quieter and more family oriented.

Moreover, Karon area has a very good range of accommodations, restaurants, shops, and bars. Most of the hotels are just on the other side of the road, just crossing the street and you will reach the gorgeous beach, while some beachfront restaurants and cafés are available too.

What to eat

Pad ThaiWe are aware of two important things about food. Firstly, Thai food is spicy. Secondly, children can be picky eaters; yet do not let this matter stop you from having the best time on your family vacation, in Phuket, there are options for everyone.

There is an acceptable number of international restaurants on the island. Nowadays, buying French fries or a burger is as easy as buying Pad Thai. Western chains are established on the island, and even restaurants which main dishes are Thai cuisine can serve pizza for the little ones.
Moreover, food is part of the experience and if you want your children to taste a bit of flavor from Phuket, there are some meals you can ask for them; they are not particularly spicy so they can eat them normally.

Fried rice (Khao Pad), Pad Thai (fried noodles), Gai Tod Khao Neaow (deep- fried chicken serve on a bed of sticky white rice), Chicken Satay, Noodle soup, Mango sticky rice (Khao Neaow Mamuang), Banana pancake and Dim Sum are some of the soft dishes in Thai cuisine that both adults and children can enjoy. Additionally, keep in mind that on the entire island seafood and fish is fresh and tasty, in case it is part of your kids’ diet; do not hesitate in asking those tasty dishes for them.

What to do

Once everything is solved, the day has come and you are finally going to Phuket to spend wonderful days with the family, here are some of the most interesting plans that every member of the family will enjoy the most.

Splash Jungle Park

Splash Jungle Park

Located in Mai Khao, this water park is one of the main attractions for kids yet, let’s be honest there is no age for a water park. Splash jungle has more than twelve slides, swimming pools, rides and other attractions to have fun all day long.

Tickets for entrance are completely affordable and once you are in the park, forget about the rest. Inside the park, there are restaurants and shacks to eat a snack during the afternoon. Also, you will find lockers to put all your belongings safely; yet safety is not only related to things as many lifeguards are spread all over the park.

The park opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:30, luckily for its visitors you will rarely find lines to at the attractions, if you are feeling tired, just relax at the lazy river.

Tricky Eye Museum

Tricky eye museum

This plan works perfectly for both children and adults; it is an excellent place that definitely does not fit the definition of traditional museums. This place is an interacting exhibition of paintings in real size, wherein you can take the craziest and funniest photos!

The place was an old movie theater before being transformed into a museum and it has around 100 paintings and sculptures, they are realistic and able to trick the human eye.

Paintings are bi-dimensional yet they give the sensation of 3D which is incredible to interact with the piece of art, something that does not occur frequently in classic museums. The Tricky Eye Museums works daily from 10:00 to 19:00 and it takes around 3 hours to cover the entire museum.

Upside Down House

Upside-down House

Another crazy museum, also known as Baan Teelanka and it has been just a couple of years since it opened for the first time around 2014. The name is very clear, this time the most important piece of art in the museum is the building itself: an upside-down house.

With the floor over your head and the roof at your feet, the house is an interesting place for kids; the house has everything a normal house should have: rooms, kitchen and a dining room yet the main difference is that everything is upside-down!

In here, you can take hundreds of pictures in each room, guides will show you the best spots and poses; also, inside the museum, you will find a coffee shop and souvenir stores.

Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium

Why not take the children to a place where they can have fun and learn at the same time? This is possible at the aquarium with a low amount of money, which makes it an even more interesting plan.

Inside the Aquarium, there are more than 30 tanks combining salty and freshwater ones and a myriad of species inhabiting the aquarium such as Eels, sharks, crabs, fish, turtles, shrimps, rays and several other marine animals that have this incredible place as their home.

Visiting the aquarium is such an excellent idea for the family and it gives you a new experience instead of spending another day at the beach. By far, the main attraction in the Aquarium is the giant tunnel that crosses a huge tank, visitors walk through the tunnel with hundreds of fish and other animals swimming around.

Patong Go-Kart Speedway

Patong Go-kart Speedway

Undoubtedly, it is a plan that includes adrenaline, speed and a great time for the family. Located at the bottom part of Patong hill, in Kathu’s side, there is a race track of around 750 meters long which has a series of sharp curves, a long straight lane from start to finish and smooth bends too.

The complex has a bar and a restaurant in a cool area where you can see the karts racing around. It first opened in 1991 and keeps being an amazing option to have fun away from the beach.

When we say it is perfect for the entire family, we are not lying; in here, there are many types of karts for children and adults. 140 cc is the kart for kids that can reach up to 40 km, 200 cc can reach up to 70kmh, there are 270 cc karts for two passengers and 400 cc for the highest level of adrenaline (up to 110kmh).

There is no need to be concerned about safety as the staff is here to explain every detail and supply all the necessary equipment; they also take care of the karts and the race track frequently to ensure everything is in optimal conditions.

Dino Park Mini Golf

Dino Park Mini Golf

Between Karon and Kata Beach, there is an eclectic place that combines fun and good food. It is the Dino Park Mini Golf that has an entire set of 18 holes all set in a prehistoric environment.

The place is such a good space where the kids can play for a long time while parents can relax, grab a drink and have a fantastic meal or even joining them in playing mini golf too. The scenery is so good; you will feel like you’re in a Jurassic Park movie, there is even an erupting volcano.

This amazing place opens daily from 10:00 to 23:00 and it has shown to be an excellent plan for families as they can enjoy together or separately; nothing better than a prehistoric bar to drink cocktails while the little ones are having fun and meeting kids from all over the world.

Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman

If you are visiting such a wonderful place as Phuket, the ideal plan is to take advantage of every portion of natural beauty available; this is what happens in Flying Hanuman, an eco-friendly park into the lush forest.

All the attractions are located above the jungle at different heights; moreover, there is nothing to be afraid of, as safety is a matter taken completely seriously in here, each person that is going to participate will have a personal pulley that will be attached to safety lines.

Here the adventure begins, there is a myriad of sky rails, sky bridges, high-speed zip lines, spiral staircases and many more, there is no age limit for enjoying this combination of adrenaline and eco-adventure.

If not really into the idea of being at 40 meters high, you can enjoy the restaurants and cafes inside of the park. Undoubtedly this is such a good plan to spend the day away from the beach, yet surrounded by nature.

We truly hope you and your family enjoy everything Phuket has to offer; do not forget we are more than ready to help you. Bon Voyage!

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