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Koh Chang to Bangkok

By Boonsiri High Speed Ferries
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10:00 Koh Chang, Ao Sapporot Pier


7 hrs


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17:00 Bangkok, Khaosan Road - Boonsiri Office


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Trip Information

Unlock the Wonders of Koh Chang: Start at Ao Sapporot Pier


Ao Sapparot Pier (alternative spelling) isn't just a transportation hub; it's the beginning of your Koh Chang adventure. Situated in Trat Province, this station serves as the doorway to the island's various delights. From Lonely Beach to Kai Bae and beyond, Ao Sapparot is where your tropical dreams take flight. Come for the voyage; stay for the experiences that await.


Your journey starts at Ao Sapparot Pier, the essential gateway to Koh Chang, Thailand’s second-largest island. Well situated in Trat Province, the pier is a well-organized station. It links you to the island and its surrounding locales, including Laem Ngop and beyond.

This pier is integral to the experience of Koh Chang, part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park. From here, you can explore Koh Chang’s highest peak or relax on its various beaches such as White Sand Beach.

As you step onto Ao Sapporot Pier, Elephant Island, also known as Koh Chang, immediately welcomes you. The island gets its name from its elephant-shaped headland, but it's also a sanctuary for real elephants. Here, you can get up close with these magnificent creatures in ethical elephant camps. Being on Elephant Island gives you the unique opportunity to merge beachside relaxation with meaningful encounters with the local wildlife.

One of the must-visit spots is Lonely Beach, easily accessible from Ao Sapparot. This beach offers a tranquil setting perfect for soul-searching or simply escaping daily grind. Alternatively, Kai Bae Beach provides a blend of serenity and community, ideal for families and groups.

While Bangkok Airways may bring you to Trat Province, it's Ao Sapparot Pier that truly opens the region up for exploration. Whether you're a local resident or a world traveler, this pier serves as your reliable link to the island’s treasures.

Sapparot Pier serves as a transportation nexus between the mainland and Koh Chang. It's also a starting point for trips to other places. For instance, Koh Mak is another destination accessible via Ao Sapparot Pier that offers a distinct set of experiences.

Unlike the bustling Koh Chang, Koh Mak provides a more serene environment, allowing visitors an intimate respite from the crowds. This island is ideal for those seeking tranquility and privacy.

Salak Phet is another intriguing stop you can make. Located on Koh Chang's southern side, it offers a more laid-back environment and unique water activities.

The pier is also your gateway to the west coast of Koh Chang, home to attractions like Klong Prao. Here, you can engage in various activities such as kayaking or even elephant trekking. It’s an area bursting with opportunities for adventure.

Additionally, Bang Bao is a noteworthy destination accessible from Ao Sapparot Pier. This village earns its fame from its floating markets, where commerce and tradition come together.

Here, one has the opportunity to promenade on wooden walkways suspended over the water. You can also shop for or taste authentic cuisine. From Ao Sapparot, you can easily reach this cultural spectacle. Walk along the wooden planks and discover a plethora of local goods, from handmade crafts to delectable treats.

In summary, Ao Sapparot is more than just a transportation node. It embodies the essence of Koh Chang and its encompassing areas. It connects you to the island's highest peaks, its tranquil beaches, and even the heart of Trat Province itself.


Ao Sapparot Pier is the cornerstone of your Koh Chang adventure. It serves as the crucial link to destinations such as Lonely Beach, Kai Bae, Salak Phet, and Bang Bao. When you step onto this pier, you're not just transferring to another location; you're stepping into a realm of endless possibilities.

Ao Sapporot Pier is more than a stop on your journey; it's the opening chapter of your Koh Chang adventure. Here, the island's many offerings begin to unfold before you.

Things to Know:

Ao Sapparot Pier serves as a direct entry point to the Mu Ko Chang National Park.

The pier is well-connected to various parts of Trat Province, facilitating easy commutes.

Aside from Koh Chang, the pier is also a starting point for journeys to other islands like Koh Mak.

Near the pier, you'll find various vendors offering authentic Thai food and crafts.

Ferry: Ao Sapporot Pier - Ao Thammachat Pier

Discover the Gateway to Adventure at Ao Thammachat Pier


Welcome to Ao Thammachat Pier! This station is a busy, exciting hub in Trat. It's your starting point to explore beautiful islands and local wonders. Discover your next grand adventure at Ao Thammachat Pier.


Ao Thammachat Pier is your gateway to incredible experiences. Situated in the heart of Trat Province, this pier opens doors to endless adventures. The pier is always bustling with energy. You'll see tourists snapping photos and locals with fishing rods, reeling in the day's catch.

Community-based tourism is a big part of Trat Province. You'll get to know the local culture, meet crafty folks, and even join in on some fun activities. Trat Airport is also conveniently close, making it easy to get to Ao Thammachat Pier. Fly in, hop on a shared taxi, and you'll be at the pier in no time.

Ao Thammachat Pier serves as a launching pad to some of the most beautiful islands. Picture white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and diverse marine life that will take your breath away.

One of the top destinations you can visit from Ao Thammachat Pier is Koh Chang. Just hop on the Koh Chang ferry and you're on your way. The island is famous for its lush forests and stunning white beaches.

It's also a great place for nature lovers, with several national parks to explore. Whether you're into hiking, swimming, or just relaxing by the sea, Koh Chang has something for everyone.

Ko Kut, also known as Koh Kood, is another paradise. You can easily reach it from Ao Thammachat Pier via a car ferry service. As soon as you arrive, you'll understand why many consider it a hidden gem.

Ko Kut offers beautiful beaches with soft, white sand and clear water. It's a great place to go swimming or even snorkeling if you like to see fish and coral. But there's more to Ko Kut than just the beaches.

The island is a quiet and peaceful place, not crowded like some other tourist spots. This makes it the perfect place for people who want a more relaxed and calm holiday.

Ko Mak is another island easily accessible from Ao Thammachat Pier that you'll definitely want to put on your agenda. Ko Mak offers unique black sand beaches that provide a captivating contrast to the clear turquoise waters. The island is also a haven for underwater enthusiasts, boasting vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. It's the perfect spot for snorkeling or diving adventures.

But what sets Ko Mak apart is its tranquil atmosphere. It's less crowded than other tourist destinations, giving you ample space and peace to unwind. Ko Mak has special black sand beaches where you can relax.

You can also explore the sea and see colorful fish and coral. If you just want some quiet time, Ko Mak is a good place for that too. It's a great place to take a break and relax.

Laem Ngop is another area close to Ao Thammachat Pier that you shouldn't miss. It serves as a smaller, more serene alternative to the bustling pier and offers its own set of unique experiences. Like Ao Thammachat, Laem Ngop is a departure point for some of the beautiful islands in the region.

People particularly love this area for its charming lighthouse and peaceful vibe. Whether you're waiting for a ferry or looking for a quieter moment, Laem Ngop provides a tranquil setting. It complements the energetic atmosphere of Ao Thammachat Pier.

Do not overlook the opportunity to visit Ko Rang. It's an island that offers fantastic snorkeling spots. Witness an underwater world teeming with marine life that is simply astonishing.

Ban Nam Chiao is a place close to the pier where you can explore mangroves and a unique environment. It’s also a great place for community-based tourism.

For those who love the great outdoors, the national park near Koh Chang is a must-visit. Easily accessible from Ao Thammachat Pier, this natural reserve showcases a rich diversity of flora and fauna. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Take a leisurely walk through its lush, green forests, where the air is so fresh it rejuvenates your spirit.

As you wander around, you'll probably run into some cool animals and plants. It will add an educational layer to your adventure. The park offers well-marked trails, so it's easy to navigate while you soak in the natural beauty around you. It's a fantastic opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, get active, and reconnect with nature.

Island hopping is a popular activity from Ao Thammachat Pier. You can hop from one island to another, each offering something unique and exciting.

If you’re coming from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, shared taxis are an economical option to reach Ao Thammachat Pier. It’s a straightforward and affordable way to start your adventure.

Fishing villages dot the coastline around Ao Thammachat Pier. These are great spots to get a feel for Trat Province's sea-loving culture.


Ao Thammachat Pier is more than a docking point; it's a bridge to countless adventures in Trat Province. The excitement in the air is palpable the moment you step onto the pier.

With a range of services, facilities, and nearby attractions, Ao Thammachat Pier ensures that your travels are not just comfortable but truly memorable.

You can enjoy a day at a white sandy beach or explore places like national parks and local communities. There's something fun for everyone to do.

So, when you find yourself in Trat, make sure to start your journey at Ao Thammachat Pier. This isn't just a stop; it's a highlight in your adventure-packed itinerary.

Come, set sail on a journey of a lifetime from Ao Thammachat Pier. Your grand adventure awaits!

Things to Know:

The pier is safe and well-maintained.

Trat Airport is close for easy access.

Community-based tourism is popular in the region.

Shared taxis offer a cost-effective way to get to the pier.

Various islands are accessible for great island hopping experiences.

Bus: Ao Thammachat Pier - Khaosan Road - Boonsiri Office

Khaosan Road's Prime Spot: Boonsiri Office!


Boonsiri, known since 2013 for top-notch speedboat services, now also shines in bus transport. Nestled close to Bangkok's heartbeat, their office sits near the famed Khaosan Road. Plan to reach 30 minutes before your ride.


Boonsiri isn't just about boats. They've grown to master the roads too. Boonsiri bus services are dependable, connecting Bangkok to top destinations with ease. Trust them for a smooth journey.

Khaosan Road, Bangkok's backpacker haven, is alive day and night. This area boasts a variety of shops, bars, and street food options to explore. It’s an experience in itself, and Boonsiri's office being close makes your travel even more convenient.

From the Boonsiri Office, the world awaits. There’s Bang Bao Pier in Koh Chang, a gateway to island beauty. Or perhaps the Center Point Pier, another jewel of Koh Chang, is your destination.

Journeying further? Darasakor Boonsiri in Koh Kong promises more adventures. And don't miss the Koh Chang Transfer, ensuring a seamless island hop.

Koh Mak Ao Nid, a serene hideaway, is within your grasp from here. And for those seeking underwater wonders, Mae Haad in Koh Tao beckons.


Khaosan Road - Boonsiri Office is more than just a spot to catch your ride. It's where your adventure begins, whether by road or sea. It offers a harmonious blend of urban Bangkok vibes and the promise of distant paradises.

Navigating Bangkok or embarking on an island escape, Boonsiri makes it effortless. So, the next time you think of travel, think Boonsiri, think Khaosan Road.

Things to know:

Boonsiri's office is easily accessible from Khaosan Road.

Affordable accommodations surround the area.

Numerous eateries nearby offer local and international cuisines.

People know Khaosan for its vibrant nightlife and cultural spots.

Boonsiri's schedules align with peak travel times, ensuring minimal wait.