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Koh Lanta to Koh Kradan

By Lanta Petpailin
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10:00 Koh Lanta, Old Town Pier


1 hrs 20 mins


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11:20 Koh Kradan, Beach Jetty


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Trip Information

Old Town Pier: Embracing the Essence of Koh Lanta


Discover the captivating allure of Old Town Pier, an enchanting gateway to the unexplored treasures of Koh Lanta's eastern side. This remarkable long pier, standing gracefully on stilts, beckons you to embark on a journey of natural splendor. Immerse yourself in the soulful tales of sea gypsies, vibrant Chinese temples, and the bustling shops selling local crafts. Let us delve into the story of Koh Lanta Old Town, where cultures blend and nature thrives.

A Glimpse of History: Koh Lanta Old Town Pier Beyond its functional role, Old Town Pier summarizes the island's maritime heritage. As you walk its length, the weathered planks seem to whisper stories of seafaring adventures. Old Town Pier is your passage to Koh Lanta's history, standing as a sentinel of time.


The Old Town Pier is interesting not only for its appearance but also for the activities you can enjoy there. The shops that adorn its edges tell tales of craftsmanship and heritage. With each step, the aromas of freshly caught seafood mingle with the salty sea breeze, creating a memorable sensory experience. These shops selling local crafts are a treasure trove of souvenirs that echo the island's vibrant culture.

Cultural Convergence: Sea Gypsies and Temples Venture beyond the pier's boundaries to witness the harmonious blend of cultures. The sea gypsies have deeply influenced the culture of the east coast. Nearby, a vibrant Chinese temple stands as a symbol of devotion and faith. These two worlds converge, creating an atmosphere where traditions intertwine seamlessly.

Culinary Pleasures: An Island Feast To truly experience Koh Lanta's heart, you must savor its flavors. Enter the renowned Pinto Restaurant, where culinary masterpieces come to life. The Thai cuisine is a testament to the island's abundance and culinary heritage. Every dish is an exploration of taste, connecting you with the essence of Koh Lanta Old Town through gastronomy. Eating in Koh Lanta Old Town: When you savor the cuisine there, you're right at the island's core. When you decide to eat in Koh Lanta Old Town, you're exploring the island's delicious food history.

The local eateries and restaurants here offer an array of flavors that reflect the island's diversity and genuineness. Whether you're trying traditional Thai dishes with tasty herbs, every bite helps you learn about Koh Lanta's culture and history.

Dining in Koh Lanta Old Town is more than food – it's about the story behind each dish, the hands creating them, and the community united by them. As you explore the streets, you'll find plenty of food options.

The tastes you'll find here show the island's lively history, its current success, and its future potential. When you choose to eat in Koh Lanta Old Town, you're not just eating a meal – you're tasting a piece of the island's heart and heritage.

Old Town Pier (also known as Town Pier Koh Lanta) represents Koh Lanta's culture and nature. This long pier stands on stilts, reaching over the serene waters, inviting travelers to embark on a journey. It has shops selling local crafts and is close to cultural landmarks like the Chinese temple, making Town Pier Koh Lanta a blend of history and modern exploration.

Exploring Beyond Old Town Pier is like opening a door to many exciting things on the island. If you like beautiful beaches, learning about local life, or exploring nature, this pier is where a fantastic journey starts. You'll find so many amazing things to discover on the island.

A mere 30-minute boat ride transports you to Koh Lanta Yai, a paradise adorned with pristine beaches and verdant landscapes. Or go to Koh Lanta National Park. It is a place where you can find different environments and beautiful underwater creatures. It's a spot that welcomes you to go snorkeling and see the amazing things under the water.

West Coast Delights: Nature's Symphony While the east coast weaves tales of culture, the west coast unveils nature's symphony. The golden sands meeting the azure waters create a picture of serenity. Beneath the waves lies a thriving marine world, while the rainforests whisper stories of lush diversity. Here, on the west coast of Koh Lanta, nature takes center stage, inviting you to bask in its grandeur.

A One-of-a-Kind Place: In the big world of travel spots, Koh Lanta is like a precious jewel. It's special because it gives you an experience that's totally different from everywhere else. The blend of cultural immersion, natural beauty, and friendly reception creates a tapestry that sets Koh Lanta apart.

Discovering sea gypsy traditions, the Chinese temple, and the food in Koh Lanta Old Town is like a great adventure. The east coast of the island is a special place to explore without too many tourists around.


A Journey of Wholeness Old Town Pier isn't just a structure; it's a passage to the soul of Koh Lanta. From sea gypsies' traditions to the hues of the Chinese temple, every element is a thread in the island's intricate tapestry. As you look out from the pier, remember you're at the meeting point of culture, nature, and history.

Things to Know:

Preserving Traditions: Old Town Pier stands as a testament to the sea gypsy heritage and Koh Lanta's history.

East Meets West: The east coast's cultural richness and west coast's natural beauty offer a balanced experience.

Culinary Odyssey: Dining at Pinto Restaurant is a culinary journey, an exploration of Koh Lanta's flavors.

Seamless Explorations: Old Town Pier is your doorway to island-hopping adventures, all within 30 minutes.

Nature's Harmony: Koh Lanta's coasts showcase nature's harmony, both beneath the waves and ashore.

Ferry: Old Town Pier - Koh Ngai Pier

Koh Ngai Pier: Your Simple Start to Island Hopping


Nestled in Thailand's enchanting region, Koh Ngai Pier is a gateway to some of the most beautiful islands in the country, including Koh Lanta and Koh Kradan. It's a place where travelers gather to start their journey, eager to explore the east coast's famous small islands, sandy beaches, and beautiful beach resorts.


Starting from Koh Ngai Pier, you can easily hop onto a longtail boat for a scenic journey. The waters around are dotted with islands like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lipe, each offering a slice of paradise with their beautiful beaches and clear waters. Koh Phi Phi, in particular, is a haven of activity with its vibrant atmosphere, while Koh Lipe offers a more laid-back experience, perfect for those seeking peace on a small island.

A short 30 minutes boat ride from the pier takes you to the Emerald Cave, a remarkable natural wonder that's a must-visit for anyone in the area. The cave's interior, lit by natural light, creates an ethereal and memorable experience.

Koh Ngai Pier also serves as a perfect starting point for day trips to other islands. Koh Rok, for instance, is a less crowded option, offering quiet, pristine beaches, and Koh Kradan is known for its crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and exploring the vibrant coral reefs. For those visiting during the rainy season, the landscape takes on a different but equally mesmerizing character. The rain adds a fresh, lush feel to the surroundings, making it a unique time to explore these islands.

When it comes to lodging, the area around Koh Ngai Pier doesn't disappoint. From luxury beach resorts to cozy bungalows, there's something to suit every preference and budget. Paradise Beach, highly recommended for its breathtaking views, is a spot where many travelers find themselves lingering longer than planned.


Koh Ngai Pier isn't just a departure point; it's the beginning of an adventure across some of the most stunning islands in Thailand. It's where journeys to explore sandy beaches, coral reefs, and beautiful islands begin. Whether you're looking for a quick day trip or an extended stay in paradise, this pier is your starting line.

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Ferry: Koh Ngai Pier - Beach Jetty

Koh Kradan Beach Jetty: Your Gateway to Island Beauty!


Welcome to the enchanting Koh Kradan Beach Jetty! Nestled on the shores of Koh Kradan, this gateway unveils the pristine paradise of Sunset Beach and beyond. Koh Kradan, a jewel in the Andaman Sea, awaits your discovery. From the white sands to the crystal-clear waters, your island adventure begins here.

Nestled in the heart of the Andaman Sea, Koh Kradan stands as a tranquil haven. When you walk onto the Koh Kradan Beach Jetty, you'll see the beautiful turquoise waters stretching towards the horizon.

Sunset Beach, a secluded gem on Koh Kradan, is a short stroll from the jetty. The golden sands make it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the sunset over the waves.

The jetty is your portal not only to Koh Kradan but also to neighboring paradises like Koh Ngai. Embark on a journey via a longtail boat to explore the beautiful beaches and coral reefs that grace the Andaman Sea.

For those seeking luxury, Reef Resort on Koh Kradan offers an escape into comfort and natural beauty. Indulge in stunning ocean views, beachfront villas, and easy access to the wonders of the sea.

Arriving from Trang Airport? The jetty welcomes you warmly, ensuring a smooth transition from the bustling airport to the island's serenity. Just a boat ride away are the white sands of Koh Kradan.

Paradise Beach lives up to its name with its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters. The jetty is your entry point to this paradise, where relaxation and natural beauty converge.

You'll often spot longtail boats near Koh Kradan Beach Jetty. They're like water taxis, ready to take you to places like Hat Chao Mai National Park with its mangrove-rich coastline.

Venture further to Koh Lanta or Koh Lipe from the jetty. From vibrant night scenes to waiting-to-be-explored stunning coral reefs, these neighboring islands offer their own charm.

Koh Libong, another nearby gem, presents a quieter escape. Immerse yourself in local culture and laid-back vibes as you journey beyond the jetty's horizon.

Emerald Cave, a mesmerizing sea cave nearby, beckons the adventurous souls. Explore its emerald-hued waters and discover a hidden world of wonder beneath the limestone cliffs.

Kradan Beach Resort, situated near the jetty, provides a range of lodging for every traveler. Tailored to your desires, your stay on Koh Kradan ranges from cozy bungalows to sea-view suites. Don't miss the chance to explore the vibrant coral reefs beneath the Andaman Sea. Snorkel or dive and witness the kaleidoscope of marine life that calls these reefs home.

The shimmering waters of the Andaman Sea are an invitation for island hopping. Koh Kradan Beach Jetty makes it easy to island-hop to Koh Lipe, known for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere.

Looking for a laid-back atmosphere? Seas Resort, located conveniently near the jetty, offers a cozy retreat where you can unwind in the lap of nature.


Koh Kradan is Located in Paradise: Nestled in the embrace of the Andaman Sea, Koh Kradan sits at the crossroads of beauty and tranquility. Its strategic location makes the Koh Kradan Beach Jetty the perfect starting point for your island escapade.

Visit Koh Kradan - A Must-Experience: If you're seeking a slice of heaven on earth, look no further than Koh Kradan. The Koh Kradan Beach Jetty invites you to start a journey filled with memorable moments, pristine shores, and blue waters. Visit Koh Kradan, and let its natural allure leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Welcome to Koh Kradan's Beauty: The jetty isn't just where you arrive; it's your invitation to the wonders of Koh Kradan. As you step onto this spot, you're setting foot on the most stunning beach on earth. It's a place teeming with marine life and blessed with sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and gold.

A Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Your visit to Koh Kradan is a journey into the extraordinary. You'll discover Sunset Beach, Paradise Beach, and venture to nearby islands like Koh Ngai and Koh Lipe on the east coast.

Discover the Coral Kingdom: Beneath the gentle waves along Koh Kradan's shores lies a hidden world of coral reefs. Dive into the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea to witness the vibrant marine life that resides among these reefs.

Planning Your Visit: Planning to visit Koh Kradan? The Koh Kradan Beach Jetty is your compass. Arrive via the nearby Trang Airport, and let the jetty welcome you into its tranquil embrace. From there, you're just a boat ride away from the island's stunning vistas and laid-back atmosphere.

Going Beyond: The Koh Kradan Beach Jetty isn't just a starting point; it's a connection that leads you to neighboring islands like Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta is famous for its diverse landscapes and lively culture.Explore beyond borders, and create a tapestry of memories.

Kradan Beach Resort - Your Island Home: Regarding lodging, Koh Kradan provides a variety of options to accommodate the preferences of every traveler. Situated conveniently close to the jetty, Kradan Beach Resort presents a diverse range of choices to guarantee an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Preserving Paradise: As you visit Koh Kradan, remember that its natural beauty is delicate. Take care to respect the island's ecosystems, from its coral reefs to its pristine beaches. Leave only footprints and carry back memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit Koh Kradan - Where Memories Begin: In the heart of the Andaman Sea, Koh Kradan beckons you with open arms. Let the Koh Kradan Beach Jetty lead the way, offering you the chance to explore, relax, and make memories that will always be remembered.


Within the embrace of Koh Kradan Beach Jetty, a world of both adventure and tranquility awaits. As you discover the island, from coral reefs to Sunset Beach's golden sands, remember that each moment is a precious treasure.

Things to Know:

Resort Splendors: Indulge in the luxury of Reef Resort and Seas Resort, both within easy reach of the jetty. Enjoy comfort and ocean views as you relax in style.

A Diver's Paradise: Koh Kradan's coral reefs are a haven for divers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, the underwater world here is sure to captivate you.

Local Delights: Explore beyond the jetty to savor local flavors at beachside eateries. Taste the essence of Thai cuisine as you dine with the sand beneath your toes.

Respect Nature: While enjoying the beauty of Koh Kradan, remember to respect its fragile ecosystems. Follow eco-friendly practices to ensure the island's natural wonders endure.

Island Hopping Tips: Planning to visit Koh Ngai, Koh Lanta, or Koh Lipe? Check boat schedules and explore these neighboring islands for unique experiences that complement your Koh Kradan adventure.