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Koh Tarutao Pier Information

Koh Tarutao Pier

Koh Tarutao Pier: Your Portal to Koh Tarutao's Beauty


Step into the enchanting world of Koh Tarutao Pier, your doorway to the wonders of Tarutao Island. Bask in the crystal-clear waters, lush landscapes, and captivating history of this tropical haven. Your adventure begins here.

At the heart of Tarutao Island lies Koh Tarutao Pier, your starting point for exploration and relaxation. Feel the gentle sea breeze as you disembark, ready to experience the allure of this unspoiled paradise.

Koh Tarutao is charming with its clear beaches, thick forests, and lively marine life. As you stand on the pier, you're at the threshold of an island brimming with natural treasures.

Exciting Adventures: If you like fun, there's a lot to enjoy. Snorkel by vibrant coral reefs, ride jungle trails on mountain bikes, and discover hidden coves on classic long-tail boats. Koh Tarutao Pier is your doorway to this.

If serenity is what you seek, find solace on tranquil shores beneath swaying palm trees. Koh Tarutao Pier is more than a pier; it's your passage to the ultimate tropical getaway.

Mapping your journey is effortless with Explore our suggested destinations from Koh Tarutao Pier, such as the captivating Diamond Cave or the breathtaking Mo Lae Bay. Let us guide you toward experiences that reveal the island's essence.


Hello to Koh Tarutao Pier: Your first look at the island's beauty starts here—a beginning to an amazing adventure.

Koh Tarutao Unveiled: An oasis of diverse wildlife, from crab-eating macaques to elusive mouse deer, awaits your discovery.

Learn Island's History: See the old political prison from World War II and know how things were before.

Tranquil Mo Lae Bay: Visit Mo Lae Bay, where pristine beaches and azure waters create a postcard-perfect scene.

Koh Lipe Excursion: Extend your adventure to the nearby paradise of Ko Lipe, a haven for beach enthusiasts and snorkelers.

Nature's Sanctuary: Koh Tarutao is part of the Tarutao National Park, safeguarding its natural wonders and unique diversity.

Exploring Ao Son: Navigate the captivating mangrove forest of Ao Son, an ecosystem teeming with life, by kayak.

Pak Bara Port: Journey to Koh Tarutao Pier via Pak Bara, a bustling gateway on the Strait of Malacca.

Enchanting Koh Lipe: Discover the allure of Koh Lipe's sandy beaches, vivid marine life, and vibrant nightlife.

Charming Ao Phante: Relax at Ao Phante, where tranquility and stunning sunsets paint an idyllic backdrop.

Southern Thailand's Gem: Koh Tarutao exemplifies the natural beauty of Southern Thailand, an escape from urban life.

Tarutao National Park: Embrace the wonders of the Tarutao National Park, a sanctuary for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Long-Tail Boat Excursions: Embark on a long-tail boat to explore the coast's hidden corners and secluded beaches.

Mountain Biking Adventures: Traverse the island's rugged terrain on mountain bikes, uncovering its secrets at every turn.

Tarutao National Marine Park: Dive into the underwater world surrounding the island, teeming with vibrant marine ecosystems.

A Gem of Satun Province: Koh Tarutao nestles within this province renowned for its natural splendor.

Long and 11 km: Stretching across 11 km, Koh Tarutao boasts a long coastline adorned with breathtaking beaches.


As you say goodbye to Koh Tarutao Pier, take with you the memories. It will be Crab-eating macaques, Mo Lae Bay, or the island's rich history? Let your adventure honor Tarutao Island's untouched beauty.

Things to Know:

Remember to keep a respectful distance from the island's wildlife, including the charismatic crab-eating macaques and elusive mouse deer.

Delight in the vibrant coral reefs that fringe the island, a paradise for snorkelers and divers. Visiting the old prison, a strong memory of the island's history in World War II.

Discover the diverse marine life that inhabits the clear waters surrounding Koh Tarutao. Stay curious and open to the island's rich cultural and historical tapestry.

Address : Tarutao National Park, Tambon Koh Tarutao, Amphoe Mueang Satun, Satun Province, 91000 Thailand