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Phuket to Phuket

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- Phuket, Phuket International Airport






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- Phuket, Rawai - Naiharn


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Trip Information

Start Your Thai Adventure at Phuket International Airport


Welcome to Phuket International Airport HKT! As the busiest airport in Thailand, we connect you to the beauty and excitement of Phuket Province. Whether you're flying Thai AirAsia, Thai Airways, or another airline, your great adventure starts here.


When you land, you'll notice two main areas: the international terminal and the domestic terminal. Both terminals provide a smooth entry into Phuket.

Arriving at Phuket Airport is more than just a landing; it's the kickoff to a memorable journey. The Andaman Sea, renowned for its lush marine life and crystal-clear waters, is incredibly close by. It beckons you to don a snorkel or scuba gear and delve into its vibrant underwater realms.

From coral reefs teeming with exotic fish to underwater caves, your aquatic adventure starts the moment you step off the plane. So prepare to dive in and explore a world of marine wonders as you begin your Phuket escapade.

Patong Beach is a popular resort destination, and it's just a quick ride from the airport. Famous for its vibrant nightlife and shopping, you can't visit Phuket and miss out on Patong.

The Phi Phi Islands are more than just a destination; they are a tropical paradise that fulfills every beach lover's dream. With powdery white sand, crystal-clear waters, and towering limestone cliffs, the islands are nothing short of spectacular. Easily reachable through ferry services provided by, getting there is a breeze.

Whether you're interested in snorkeling, sunbathing, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, the Phi Phi Islands have something for everyone. Don't miss the chance to visit this stunning islands; it's the epitome of tropical bliss that you've always envisioned.

Phang Nga Bay is another jewel you'll want to explore while you're in the Phuket area. Known for its awe-inspiring limestone cliffs that dramatically jut out of the emerald-green waters. This bay is a natural wonder that captures the heart of every visitor. The scenery is so unique it almost feels like stepping into a postcard.

Kayak through intricate caves or cruise around towering cliffs. Either way, Phang Nga Bay offers an experience you won't forget. It's a must-see visual feast. These are some of Thailand's most iconic landscapes, and they're waiting for you to explore.

International flights from around the world arrive at Phuket International Airport HKT daily. With millions of passengers a year, we are well-prepared to make your travel comfortable.

Traveling by Thai AirAsia or Thai Airways? Both airlines operate regularly, offering you more options to fly in and out of Phuket.

Looking to explore more of Thai culture? Visit Phuket Town. Admire its Sino-Portuguese architecture and take in the rich history of the area.

Looking for transportation options? Tuk tuks, car rentals, and the Phuket Smart Bus are readily available. Choose your mode of transport and hit the road!

Speaking of car rentals, it's one of the easiest ways to explore Phuket Province. Just rent a car right at the airport and start your adventure.

Don't worry about missing out on anything when you're at the airport. With plenty of shops and eateries, you'll get a taste of Thailand before you even leave the terminal.

The airport is part of the larger Phuket Province, connecting you not just to local destinations but also to the world.

Seeking a secluded beach for a peaceful experience? Consider destinations beyond Patong. Phuket has many secluded spots waiting for you to discover.

Families are more than welcome here. The airport has areas specifically designed for children to play and relax.


Phuket International Airport HKT is your gateway to a memorable Thai adventure. Both international and domestic terminals make travel easy and convenient for you.

We handle millions of passengers a year, making us the busiest airport in Thailand. Whether you're flying Thai AirAsia or Thai Airways, you're in good hands.

Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities. From tuk tuks to the Phuket Smart Bus and car rentals, your transport options are many.

The airport is not just a transit point; it's your introduction to everything that Phuket Province has to offer. From the Andaman Sea to the Sino-Portuguese culture of Phuket Town there is plenty to do.

Your adventure starts the moment you land. So make the most of it. Welcome to Phuket International Airport HKT, the beginning of your Thai story.

Things to Know:

Two main terminals: international and domestic.

Multiple airlines operate, including Thai AirAsia and Thai Airways.

Patong Beach, a popular resort, is just a short ride away.

Tuk tuks and Phuket Smart Bus offer easy local transportation.

Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Islands are must-visit destinations.

Private Minivan: Phuket International Airport - Rawai - Naiharn